b'founder and owner of USG, who is also ourchannelpart- which are pedestals that look similar to more for newer digital meters withouta member of the National Fire Protec- ners free electrical other pedestals but hold a fire extin- access to the meters the company ac-tion Agencys(NFPA) NEC Panel 7, said designservices, guisher and feature an alarm and strobewould cost park owners thousands of substations, panel- light, he explained.dollars.boards,andof As the electric vehicle trend contin-Throughout 2019, many park owners course,power ues to grow, Eaton has also designed aandtheNationalAssociationofRV pedestals,heex- newelectricvehiclechargingpost,Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) sent plained.Wealso which is set to be released this year. letters and fought to keep that require- offercommunica- Solar power is also something Eatonmentoutofthe2020NECupdate. tionoptions,like iskeepinganeyeon,accordingtoCroteau said that Elliott had been suc- TV, cable and Inter- Weeks. The company currently offers acessful at keeping the requirement out netconnection number of different-sized inverters. in 2020 and the focus is now on the 2023 points. (757) 258-6324 Hialeah Meter refurbishes meters. code cycle, since the NEC updates every Weekssaidthat www.eaton.comthree years.some of the popu- quires from utility companies and refur-It is important for park owners to be lar options include Hialeah Meter bishes as a way to recycle them.vigilant and ensure that their existing lightedpedestals, After a few years of struggling to get The company has been supplying20-amp GFCIs are in place and working metered pedestals, used electrical meters from utility com- electric meters to campground and RVcorrectly,heexplained.Becauseif and even pedestals panies, Senior told WCMthat the com- park owners since the 1950s, accordingsomeone has an issue and gets electro- thatofferwater pany was able to get large shipments to Senior. cuted or shocked, NEC Panel 7 wants to connections.during 2019 and that the company is Hialeah Meter also repairs and cali-make sure the proper safeguards are in Eaton Powerslide Weoffersome well stocked for 2020 and beyond. brates existing meters that park ownersplace.pedestal firehouse pedestals, Owners were looking at having to pay Electrical Equipmentcontinued on page 32Terry Linnell said she fielded somequestionsfromparkownersontheGFCI issue, but that it hasnt become ahuge issue yet. It would be crippling to a lot of parkownersifGFCIrequirementswereadded to 30- and 50-amp pedestal cir-cuits, she noted. WCM spokewithkeyelectricalequipment suppliers in the RV park andcampground sectors. Below is the infor-mationwegatheredonsomeoftheproducts they are offering in 2020. B&B ElectricalTerry Linnell highlighted the com-panysgrowingselectionofsolar-poweredlights, which shetoldWCM arebecomingmorepopularwithpark owners. They want tobegreenerandenergy efficient,sheexplained.Our solar pow-ered lights are allr e a s o n a b l ypriced.B&B solar lighting.Thecom-panyselectricallayout services also are extremely pop-ular, according to Linnell. We help park owners or developerslay out where their parks pedestals willsit and on issues such as wire distribu-tion, she said. We can do anythingfrom new park layouts to expansions orupgrades at existing parks.In 2019, the company unveiled a newwebsite, which Linnell said has reallyimproved access to information on thehundreds of products the company of-fers. B&B Electrical still does not take or-ders online, however, preferring to takethem over the phone to ensure cus-tomers get the right products. (888) 391-3802www.bbelec.com Eaton CorporationCory Weeks,productmanagerforEaton Corporations Marina Power &Cory Weeks Lighting/RVParkHookups division,saidthecompanyoffersbasicallytheentire package whenitcomestoaparkownerselectricalneeds. We provide all ofWOODALLSCM.com February 2020-29'