b'RV Park, Campground Sector Well Represented at Tampa SuperShowThe RV park and campground sector was well represented at the Florida RV Trade Associ-ations(FRVTA) 35th Annual Florida RV SuperShow, which took place Jan. 15-19 at the FloridaState Fairgroundsin Tampa. Scores of accessory suppliers and park operators, independents and groups, staffed indoorexhibits at the Tampa show, Americas largest annual retail RV exposition, which typically drawsin excess of 70,000 attendees to see exhibits occupying well over a million square feet. Also onhand, of course, were displays hosted by most every major RV manufacturer. And this yearsinitial consumer crowds, as underscored by photographer Shawn Spencesshots from the firstpublic day of this years show, sent an impressive initial signal regarding the potential strengthof the 2020 RV park and campground season. Among those featured in the photos is Don Bennett (upper right), president and CEO of theCampground Owners of New York (CONY). He and his wife, Lisa, also co-own AndersonsBrochure Distribution Service. Sherman Goldenberg WCMFARVC, Ala. ARVC Announce Theme of CampCalNOWPlanningSpringSpring Conference Set for May 13-15 Summit, Releases 2020 GuideThe Florida Associa- The CampCalNOW This has to be one oftionofRVParksand FARVCs spring conference will offer numerous educational sessions. RVParkandCamp- our best guides yet, saidCampgrounds (FARVC) ground Alliance(Cam- Kelley. We are putting aand the Alabama Asso- pCalNOW) will hold a lotofrichcontentintociation of RV Parks and Spring Summit, April 1- these guides so that theyCampgrounds helda 2,atLaunchPointe becomecollectorsedi-biannual board meeting Recreation Destination tions that people want toat the Florida RV Super- and RV Park in Lake keep and use for their va-Show in Tampa, Fla., ac- Elsinore, according to cationplanning.ThiscordingtoBobby association officials. years guide is much moreCornwell, president and The two-day event will feature educational thanacampgrounddirectorybecauseitCEO of the associations. seminars, a trade show, networking opportu- blends travel planning information with inter-The group also took nities and live entertainment. esting articles about the history of nearly athe opportunity to un- On April 1 well have an opening cere- dozen California ghost towns.veilthelocationand mony, a networking dinner, a musical per- The printed copies of the 2020 Camp-Cali-themeofthisyears formanceandacampfire,said forniasThecombinedspringcon- CampCalNOW President Dyana Kelley. CampersGuideference in May. The supplier trade show and educational to California, areThe theme for the conference last customers are expecting a full and en- seminars will take place April 2. availablefreeofyear marked the glamping trend in the compassing experience and they are Inadditiontohavinganewmember chargeatmem-outdoor hospitality sector. FARVC had willing to search for it, and once they workshop, tentative topics may include the ber campgrounds,panelists from national operators like find itpay for it. California Department of Housing and Com- CaliforniaWel-Westgate Resorts and Florida market Im also extremely excited to an- munity Development, work campers, regula- come Centersandleaders like Pat ONeill, whose outdoor nounce our new venue, the Doubletree tionsinvolvingextendedstayparks,the CampingWorldresortssuchasTwinLakes and Hilton Hotel at SeaWorld, he added. CampCalNOWvoucherprogram,howto Inc. locations.ACampGulfare experimenting with var- We outgrew our previous location due choose a reservation software system, and copy can be or-ious types of glamping accommoda- to record attendance last year, and it al- disaster preparedness, Kelley said. deredfor$5totions. ready looks like we are going to beat last Launch Pointe is located on Lake Elsinore. coverthepostagethroughCamp-Building on last years theme the as- years record. In fact, the demand by The newly designed venue will provide oppor- California.com.sociation has chosen The Connected speakers for an opportunity to speak in tunities for attendees to stay overnight and The Camp-Californias The Campers GuideCustomerExperienceasthisyears front of our members is so high that we enjoy a kayak, paddle boarding or boat ride on to Californiaincludes amenity grids for camp-theme. are thinking of adding an additional day the lake. grounds in each region of the state that high-If you attended our conference last to the conference next year. CampCalNOW has also released its 2020 light 17 different types of amenities such asyear, it was clear that in order to be suc- To learn more about the 2020 FARVC campingguide,Camp-CaliforniasThe swimming pools, laundry facilities, rental ac-cessful in this day and age, operators Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo Campers Guideto California. It is available in commodations and Wi-Fi service. Brief de-must go beyond the physical accom- at the Doubletree Hilton at Seaworld, both digital and printed formats.scriptive write-ups, locator maps, websites,modation whether it be an RV site or a taking place May 13-15, please contact This years guide includes information on telephone and contact information are alsoglamping unit, Cornwell said. Todays FARVC at bcornwell@farvc.org. WCM 11 different ghost towns across California.provided for each park. WCMWOODALLSCM.com February 2020-3'