b'Electrical Equipmentfrom page 29 controlling costs, he said. (888) 696-3837have installed.www.thinkutilityservices.comIf a meter has been plugged in formore than 10 years in a single spot it Utility Supply Groupshould always be looked at to make sure Croteau said that USG offers a coupleit is still accurate, Senior explained. It differentoptionswhenitcomestois really important park owners keep up lighted pedestals, a product that theon their calibrations, especially at sites company is noticing more people arethathostlong-termseasonalcus- interested in. tomers.(800) 654-0821www.hialeahmeter.comJamestown Advanced ProductsShari Hallenbeck, campground salesmanagerforJamestown,N.Y.-basedJamestownAdvancedProducts,toldWCM that the company had anothergreat year in 2019. Due to both an influx of new cus-tomers, as well as plenty of repeat cus-tomers, she explained. Hallenbeck noted an increase in re-questsforthecompaniespowder-coatedpedestals,whichcomeinavariety of colors and offer a chance for USG Fault Locatorcustomerstopersonalizetheirunitswith logos.USG also offers a mixture of metallicItreallygivesparkownersthe and nonmetallic products, as well as achance to showcase the personality of ringless pedestal. their parks, she explained.Elliott, the companys founder, alsocreated RVPowerOutlet.comas a way tosell pedestals and boxes to RVers whowant a unit at home. Croteau explained that USG sells asite circuit tester, wire locator and a faultdetector, which are all valuable tools toownersmaintainingandupgradingtheir own electrical systems. They will help owners connect cir-cuits and find wires, he said. We get alot of positive reaction on those tools atJamestown pedestal at Missouris RV Self-Park. the shows we attend.In2018,thecompanyalsointro-Jamestown Advanced Products has duced a pad mount pedestal, which is anoticed an increase in expansion and unit that mounts directly to a cementnew build projects, according to Hallen- pad at a campsite. beck, something which has increased (800) 800-2811business. Metered pedestals are also a www.go-usg.comhot item at the moment. Moreownersarerecognizingthe Your Electrical Solutionsfact that by not transitioning to metered Maggie Linnell said a slow fall haspedestals they run the risk of having turned into a busy winter. theirprofitsminimized,Hallenbeck I cant get over the number of peopleexplained.whoarebuyingparksandreplacingIn 2020, the company is focused on pedestals rather than repairing, she ex-building its on-hand inventory.plained. They are buying large quanti-We want more products on hand ties of pedestalsand ready to ship because we anticipate at a time. That isincreased business over the next year why I have beenand into the future, said Hallenbeck.tellingmycus-(800) 452-0639 tomersthatifwww.jamestownadvanced.com they want some-thing, they needThink Utility Services togetitrightClearwater, Fla.-based Think Utility away.IfitisServices offers water submetering serv- somethinglikeices to the RV park and campground an electric meter,sectors,accordingtoDavidMas- Icangetthoseterangelo,thecompanysdirectorof prettyquickly,sales and marketing.butwhenitSubmetering involves the installation comestoof individual meters that monitor an in- Metered Surface Box pedestals or loaddividuals usage of water at a park.centers, there is aIt is all about finding ways to help three to four-week lead time.owners save money on utility costs, YES provides everything from electri-he explained. We have had parks that cal wiring to meters, pedestals and evencater to older, long-term campers, that water meters, Linnell said. have seen thousands of dollars worth For developers building new parksofsavingsbymeteringtheirwater and owners who are expanding, Linnellcosts. stresses the importance of planning. Think Utility Services charges a pro- The RVs are getting larger and it iscessing fee when a parks camper goes important to get the right layout so thatto pay for their bill, according to Mas- everything works the way it is supposedterangelo.to, she explained. Water costs are going to continue (855) 644-2400rising, and this is just another way of www.yourelectricalsolutions.net WCM32 -February 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'