b'RVIAs RV Technical Institute Welcomes Inaugural Class in Elkhart, Ind. Forthefirsttime,studentscon- fromdealershipsacrossthecountryverged on Elkhart, Ind., in early January that have shown their commitment toat the new RV Technical Institute (RVTI) addressing repair event cycle time andwhere they began an eight-week long providing a high level of service to cus-coursecoveringthenewLevel1RV tomers by sending technicians to taketechnician curriculum and a pilot of the part in this class.Level 2 curriculum. This is an exciting week for every-The RV Industry Associations News one who has been involved in taking& Insights reported the class of 25 stu- the RV Technical Institute from a con-dents is made up of a diverse mix of cept to reality, said RVTI Senior Direc-current RV technicians looking to be- torofEducationSharonneLee,come certified, as well as people new to especially for those who have been in-the RV industry in search of better ca- volved in developing the new curricu-reer opportunities. Participants range lum. This is the first time the new Levelfrom those just entering the workforce 2 curriculum has been delivered in ato a couple of retirees looking to fill the RVIA welcomed a diverse bunch of students at its inaugural class at the RV Training Institute. consecutiveeight-weeksession.Weneed for technicians who can repair look forward to what we will learn fromRVs in campgrounds.this group of students as we finalize theThe program is rounded out by a It is very rewarding to be hosting possible. Particularly, the manufactur- curriculum.number of femalesincluding a new our first class, said RVTI Executive Di- ers and suppliers who provided prod- A cornerstone of the new RVTI cur-motherwho are taking advantage of rector Curt Hemmeler. The entire RV ucts for the hands-on training and the riculum is its hands-on training. In justthe opportunity to expand their skills industry deserves a lot of credit for the dealers who sent their staff to take part the first two days of Level 1, studentsand job prospects through the training supporttheyhaveshowntotheRV in this pilot class. learned the basics of propane and elec-program. Technical Institute, which made this Abouthalfofthestudentscome trical. WCMKOAs ORourke to Speak at RV Industry Event in May 45,000 Copies of 20 Illinois Camping Guide Set to Be DistributedKampgroundsof (RVDA) President Phil Ingrassiaand spe- The Illinois Go Camp- a grid that allows consumersAmerica Inc.s CEO cial presentations by new RV Industry ing 2020 RV & Camping to quickly see which camp-and President Toby Association(RVIA) President Craig Kirby Guide is now available in groundsoffer26differentORourke issetto and ORourke, the chief executives of printedanddigitalfor- types of amenities and serv-speak at the 2020 RV AmericasthreehighestvolumeRV mats through the Illinois ices,fromtentcampingtoIndustryPower builders will sit down for a moderated CampgroundAssocia- rentalaccommodationstoBreakfast,anan- forum to discuss an array of topics.tion (ICA), according to cable TV and Wi-Fi, as well asnual rite of spring for On stage for this unique RV Executive ICA officials.other characteristics of inter-the U.S. RV arena.SummitwillbeThorIndustriesInc. Itsabeautiful,yet est to camping and RVing en-Theeventis President and CEO Bob Martin, Forest practical guide. We think thusiasts.scheduledforMay River Inc. President and CEO Pete Liegl consumersaregoingto ICA worked with Crowley,14, in the RV/MH Hall of Fames Ingram and Winnebago Industries Inc.President loveit,saidICAPresi- Texas-based Texas Advertis-Hall on the northeast side of the RV- and CEO Mike Happe. dentWalterFreemen, ing to produce the Illinois Gobuilding center in Elkhart, Ind., according Also on the anticipated agenda for who also co-owns and operates the Camping 2020 RV & Camping Guideto an ad hoc committee that oversees the thisyearsbreakfastwillbevideo BentonKampgroundsofAmerica andtodesignitsmobiledevicebreakfast that is facilitated by RVBusi- greetingsfromU.S.Rep.Jackie (KOA) Journey in Benton.friendlywebsiteatwww.IlinoisGo-ness magazine,sisterpublicationto Walorski, R-Ind., plus a special tele- He said ICA printed 45,000 copies Camping.com. Woodalls Campground Management. conference chat with U.S. Sen. Mike of the guide this year. For more information on Texas Ad-Followingopeningcommentsby Braun, R-Ind., who was first elected to The guide features write-ups on 40 vertising and its work to promote camp-Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association the Senate in 2018.WCM campgroundsandincludesatwo- grounds in Illinois and other states, visitpage travel planning map, as well as www.TexasAdvertising.net. WCMPilot Rock Introduces NewSnow-Load Rated Fire RingPilot Rock has introduced a new snow-load rated campfire ring, according to com-pany officials.A division of Cherokee, Iowa-based R.J.Thomas Manufacturing Co. Inc., Pilot Rockdesigned the campfire ring specifically for theU.S. Forest Service(USFS) and is now offer-ing it to private park owners.This new campfire ring is designed for lo-cations where snow load can damage thecooking grate. The Model FSW/SL-30 fire ringwill support 569 pounds per square foot onthe grate without failure, exceeding the USFSspecification, noted company officials. The swivel grate can be used on 7-inch, 9-inch and 11-inch tall fire rings. When it is in-cluded on taller 18-inch rings you have anAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA) com-pliant campfire ring.For more information visit their website atwww.pilotrock.com. WCM6 -February 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'