b'Adventure Golf Services tures but also land-based activi-Adventure Golf Services (AGS) continues to tout its Modular Advantageminiature golf sets ties like miniature golf and play-as an alternative to a concrete course. sets.It offers a similar look and feel, but it isnt permanent, said Lundmark. They take less time Buildingtheserecreationto install and maintain, and they zones allows owners to createcan be relocated if an owner de- gatheringspacesthatpullcideshewantstomovethe camperstogether,heex-course to a new location. plained.CreatingafocusedIn 2019, the company also in- area for activity as opposed totroduced its RollOut Mini Golf having things spread out all overset, which is another portable the campground.miniature golf product. A distributor of Prime Karts, CRS is seeing more parks integrate recreation zones, someOften, we are contacted by which are pedal carts, Romens of which feature miniature golf courses.owners with existing miniature said the company has been en-golf courses that need improve- couraging owners to create pedal cart tracks or another specific place for campers to use thements, such as new turf, brick carts.edging, or perhaps a few props Adventure Golf can customize layouts to fit a parks layout.Pedal carts have been around for a long time, but it seems as though they are regainingand/or obstacles, Lundmark ex- some popularity, he explained. We also had a record year on the miniature golf side, becauseplained. In addition to working with several theme/prop suppliers, AGS has its own line of its an activity that a wide range of campers can enjoy.heavy-duty aluminum specialty props such as a loop-de-loop, pachinko, vortex, and more. Faux (877) 896-8442www.crs4rec.comlumber geometric shapes are another option used on golf holes to add interest and challenge. AGS also sells game courts for shuffleboard, croquet, bocce ball and more. Doty & Sons Concrete Products Inc. (888) 725-4386www.adventureandfun.com Sam Doty, the owner of Sycamore, Ill.-based Doty & Sons Concrete Products Inc., told WCMthat the company added a concrete foosball table to its line of concrete game tables in 2019.Coach Cliffs GaGa Ball Pits The rods we use for the table areGaga ball is a game that has grown in popularity at schools and camp- stainless steel, and we paint the play-grounds around the country, according to Cliff Silverman, owner of ing field green, like a regular foosballWaukegan, Ill.-based Coach Cliffs GaGa Ball Pits. table, Doty explained.Coach Cliff sells the brackets and hardware to construct a gaga ball The company also produces corn-pit and can even add logos to the metal brackets if a campground owner hole and ladder ball sets, ping pong ta-wants a unique look. Typically built with treated or untreated wood planks bles, and checkerboard tables. All ofthat are purchased by the customer at their local hardware store, Coach thecompanysproductsarecon-Cliff sells composite lumber planks in a variety of colors as well. structed from pigmented ultra-high-In 2019, Coach Cliff began selling a Universal Quick Connect System performanceconcreteandsteel,that makes the gaga ball pit easier to assemble and offers more porta- according to Doty.Cliff Silverman bility. They are fastened to the ground,In the event a gaga ball pit needs to be moved around or set up indoors Doty & Sons added a concrete foosball table to its lineup. and they are designed to remain infor various activities/events, the place, he explained.Universal Quick Connect System Doty said for the ladder ball or cornhole sets, owners can have campers bring their ownmakes it easier to take the pit bags or balls, or provide them.down and (set it up again), Sil- (800) 233-3907www.dotyconcrete.comverman explained.CoachCliffhasalsoex- Freestyle Slides Inc.panded into the gardening seg- Freestyle Slides Sales Director Phil Smithiessaid the companys large, inflatable slides arement,offeringaGardenBed meant to turn heads and that demand for the companys slides has increased.System forparkownerswho Theslidesarebuiltfrommay want to add a garden at durable materials and come withtheir campground. constant air technology, mean-Youcanevencreatea Coach Cliff offers a quick connect system ing the slides will stay inflatedhorseshoe pit out of this system, that makes gaga ball pit setup easier. throughoutanentireday,ac-said Silverman. cordingtoSmithies.Heex-(877) 266-8426www.gagaballpits.com plained that the slides take about15-20 minutes to inflate and de-Cold River Mining flate. The company sells a vari-Houchens said that Cold River Mining offers a variety of different gemstone mining sluices, etyofdifferentslides,fromfrom smaller units that are 8 feet long, all the way up to larger units that can reach 12 feet long. one-laneslidestofour-laneThe company even offers a barrel sluice, which is made from bourbon barrels. units. The slides sell under a va- Freestyles inflatable slides are engineeredIts a two-person sluice and we are offering that to owners this year for $995, he explained. riety of different monikers, in- with durability and fun in mind.So, they could be in the sluicing business for less than a grand. cludingtheHybrid,Hipster,The gemstone mining sluices are designed to look like real mining sluices and allow campers Trippo, Hippo, Hipster XL, and Hippo H2. a chance to purchase bags or We dont just build inflatables, said Smithies. All of our slides are highly engineered.evenbucketsofgemstones He explained that maintenance on the slides is minimal, with most owners just having toburied in sand that they wash keep the units clean and stored away safely during the offseason.throughthewaterflowing They will want to do a daily inspection and make sure there are no rips and tears, explainedthrough the mining sluice. Smithies.Park owners make an initial (866) 694-4776www.freestyleslides.cominvestmentinpurchasingthesluice and then continually pur- Kangaroo Jumper Inc.chase product that they sell in A manufacturer of jumping pillows, Kangaroo Jumper is a familiar name in the RV park andtheir camp stores. campground sector but is now under new ownership. Arlington, Texas-based EPA Holdings Inc.We offer a variety of prod- recently acquired the Kangarooucts, everywhere from an entry Jumper from Jumping PillowsMining sluices can become a revenue profit center for parks.level bag thats just a regular USA,accordingtoCourtneygemstone bag to our two-and-a- Childress, general manager ofhalf-gallon bonanza bucket, said Houchens. Those buckets sell for $26 to the owners, but the Kangaroo Jumper.campers are buying them in the camp stores for $50. DemandhasincreasedforWe have had a lot of owners tell us that people wont buy those large buckets, but they do, the Kangaroo Jumper as morehe continued. We ran out of them four times last year and had to keep producing them. park owners look to add activeAs for maintenance, owners would need to refill the sluice with water and clean out sand recreation amenities, accordingfrom the unit. to Childress. The company cus-These sluices are designed to last a long time, Houchens said. We ensure that water tomizesitsjumpingpillowsdoesnt touch any of the wood features, and that helps with the units longevity. Kangaroo Jumpers jumping pillows come in a variety of sizes based on what a customer is(216) 466-2968www.coldrivermining.com and can be custom colored. looking for and offers a variety ofsizes.Commercial Recreation Specialist Kangaroo Jumper can also print logos or other designs onto the surface of the KangarooCommercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) offers products ranging from large water-based Jumper, noted Childress.obstacle courses to playgrounds and miniature golf courses, according to Romens. We have some folks who use our jumping pillows as a workout, she said. We have alsoRomens said the company helps design activity zones that not only incorporate water fea- Park and Recreationcontinued on page 28WOODALLSCM.com March 2020-11'