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This is the want to pay an attorney tens of thou- New Douglas, Ill.difference between someone saying: sands of dollars over a bad review?Deborah Potter, North Pole Resorts,Christinethe owners of this campground are You might pay more for the chance to Wilmington, N.Y.Taylor mean and unwelcoming versus this win a lawsuit than you would possi- The ARVC Foundation is proud to becampgroundcontinuestooperate bly lose in business over the bad re- able to present tuition scholarships to appli-without a license. view. cants eager to attend the National School ofWhatcompensationmightbe Ultimately it is better to address RVPark&Camp-Slander, Libel, Defamationthree available?Alibellawsuitcanseek the review with facts and levelhead- ground Management,words you hear people throw around monetary damages for harm that was edness.Further,encourageyour saidCyndyZbierski,everytimetheyhearsomething caused by the libel. 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The United States ChristineTaylor,agraduateof asmuchaspossibleor damage to the character of the per- CommunicationsDecencyAct pre- UCLA School of Law, is an associate at about our great industry always amazes theson it is about, and slander and libel vents lawsuits against websites for Towne, Ryan and Partners, P.C., a law Foundation Scholarship Committee. Choos-are types of defamation. Libel is an publishing third party contentin- firm with attorneys licensed in New ing the award winners is not an easy task,untrue defamatory statement made cluding that unsavory review. As long York, Connecticut, Vermont, Massa- but once completed, the foundation trusteesin writing, while slander is spoken. In as the website did not alter the mean- chusetts and Washington D.C. Taylor are always thrilled to make the announce-thecaseofonlinereviews,weare ing of the postthey are immune has grown up in the camping indus- ments to the deserving candidates.WCMlooking at libel. from any lawsuit. try; her family has owned three camp-Most campground owners at this If you find yourself with a bad re- grounds in both the Kampgrounds ofpoint have received an online review, viewdont retaliate with possible America Inc. (KOA) and Yogi Bearswhethersolicitedfromtheirown defaming material. An example is a JellystoneParkCamp-Resortfran-website or found on a secondary site contractor who filed a lawsuit against chise systems. WCMlike Trip Advisor or Google Reviews. ahomeownerwhocriticizedhisIt may be accurate and glowing or work. The homeowner had accusedterrible and full of liesbut it is now thecontractorofdamagingherout there for everyone to see and its home, billing incorrectly and stealing RVB& Cavco Sees Increaseattached to your businesses name.fromher. ThislookslikeaperfectAs we know, many consumers pick case of defamation and the contrac-their products, vacations and accom- tor sued for lost business. However,modations by what others have said the contractor himself retaliated by WCM in Both Revenue and so when a false bad review comes in posting negative remarks about howcan you sue the author? sheneverpaidandactuallystoleUnfortunately,mostreviewsare from him. Although the jury found Income in Third QuarterprotectedundertheFirstAmend- that she had defamed the contractor Stay abreast of everything happeningmentthe one that gives you freethey in turn found that the contrac- in the RV and campground arenas! Cavco Industries Inc. announcedspeech. A court can, however, find a torhadalsodefamedherand in a press release Jan. 30 that net rev-reviewer guilty of defaming a busi- awardednodamages.Retaliating www.rvbusiness.com enue was up 17.1% for the third quar-ness if they post factually incorrect cost the contractor what could have www.woodallscm.com ter of fiscal year 2020.accusationswhich you can prove. been a winning lawsuit. Net revenue for the third quarter offiscal year 2020 was $273.7 million, up17.1% from $233.7 million for the thirdquarter of fiscal year 2019. Companyofficials said the increase was fromimprovedhomesalesvolume,changes in product mix, and higherhome selling prices compared to theprior year.Netrevenueforthefirstninemonths of fiscal year 2020 was $806.4million, an 11.8% increase from $721.6million in the comparable prior-yearperiod.Income from operations increased26.4% to $23 million for the third quar-ter of fiscal year 2020 compared to$18.2 million in the same quarter lastyear.Thereleasenotedthatfactory-builthousingshipmentshavein-creased in recent months, helping tobring elevated sales order backlogsdown to approximately six weeks ofproduction,or$115million.Thisiscomparedtoapproximatelysevenweeks, or $137 million, at the end ofthe most recent quarter on Sept. 28,anddownfromapproximately10weeks of production, or $166 million,on Dec. 29, 2018.Atsixweeksofproduction,thecompany views the current backlogto be healthy and still above ideal lev-els, according to the release. WCM18 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'