b'EDITORS NOTES By Ben QuiggleExploring Data to Improve Your ParkRemember when you could sit down to watch a baseball game and theonly numbers you had to worry about were balls, strikes and outs? That isnt the case anymore. Between pitch counts, walks and hits perinning pitched (WHIP), wins above replacement (WAR) and dozens ofother statistics, you almost need an advanced math degree to understandwhat TV analysts are talking about. The business world, too, has fallen in love with numbers. Many com-pany executives keep a close eye on analytics that detail how each segmentof their business is performing. They make decisions based on what thenumbers are telling them. But until recently, the RV park and campground sectors were workingoff anecdotal information. While many in the outdoor hospitality industryknew the number of campsites was growing, there were no hard numbers to support that assumption. Park owners had no real data to help them make smarter business decisions and understand thetrends that were happening in their regions of operation. That changed partly in 2014 when Kampgrounds of America Inc.(KOA) first released its North Amer-ican Camping Report. The 6th annual edition of the report is set to be released this Spring, and over theyears it has become a must-read for every RV park and campground owner. Detailing trends in camper behavior, it was the first study that highlighted the growth in glampingand the surge in interest in cabins and park model RVs. It helped developers understand opportunitiesin the campground and RV park arena and spurred development efforts. Still, from a business perspective, there was a ton of data left uncovered. That is where the NationalAssociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds(ARVC) recently released 2019 Industry Trends and InsightsReportsteps in. (See page 16 for related coverage.)Paul Bambei, CEO and president of ARVC, said the report is designed to be a business tool and itlooks as though it hits the nail on the head. The study takes a look at trends in park operations, includingpark ownership structures, activities and services offered, accommodation types, site rates and more. It also explores infrastructure improvements and expansion rates, noting the tens of thousands ofsite expansions that are planned in the next few years, thus putting hard numbers to what had previouslybeen anecdotal information. Not only that, but in a majority of cases the data is detailed regionally. So,while a certain accommodation may be in high demand in the Midwest, an East Coast park owner cansee whether something else may be trending in their neck of the woods. The best part? Both of these studies are in easy-to-read formats. You dont need an advanced mathdegree to understand the numbers. Combined, both the KOA and ARVC studies give park owners a tremendous toolbox of informationif they are willing to take the time and give the studies the attention they deserve. WCMwww.woodallscm.comMarch2020 Vol. 51No. 3G & M E D I A LLC Publisher: Sherman GoldenbergGROUP Editorial Director: Gary GerardContact Information: EditorialSherman Goldenberg, Publisher Rick Kessler, Managing Editorsgoldenberg@g-gmediagroup.com rkessler@g-gmediagroup.comOffice: (574) 457-3370 (734) 777-6830Mobile: (574) 457-6637 Jeff Crider, Senior EditorFax: (574) 457-8295 campinginfosource@gmail.comBen Quiggle, Editor (760) 469-5905bquiggle@g-gmediagroup.com Bob Ashley, Editor at LargeMobile: (574) 306-7781 Writer892@aol.comFax: (574) 266-7984 (765) 675-4106Advertising:Ally Kollat, Account Chris Lang, MarketPlace & Executive, National Ad Sales Campground Investment Salesakollat@g-gmediagroup.com clang@g-gmediagroup.comOffice: (574) 266-7980 Office: (574) 266-7980or (800) 831-1076 ext. 11 or (800) 831-1076 ext. 10Wendy Thorne, AccountExecutive, National Ad Sales Art Direction:wthorne@g-gmediagroup.com Trina Nissley, Art DirectorOffice (574) 266-7980 tnissley@rvbusiness.comor (800) 831-1076 ext. 14All general correspondence, circulation and display and classifiedsales inquiries may be directed to the following:Woodalls Campground Management, C/O G&G Media Group LLC, 2901 E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514Owners, managers or marketing directors of privately held U.S. campgroundsmay receive a free subscription upon request to Woodalls CampgroundManagementone free subscription per campground. Others may purchasesubscriptions at these rates: $24.95 per year U.S. or $35.95 per year inCanada. Contact Chris Lang at Woodalls Campground Management, C/O G&G Media Group LLC, 2901 E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514.Email: clang@g-gmediagroup.com.Woodalls Campground Management is published monthly by G&G MediaGroup LLC at the above address.2 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'