b'it a revenue stream, where maybe they are selling a wristband for that area, or is it a program-ming tool where they are using the course for activities, events, birthday parties or a day campif they have that during the week? BY BEN QUIGGLECRS also sells splash pad units, which Romens said some campground owners are placingcloser to a beach area they may have.They are creating zones for toddlers and smaller kids, he noted.He told WCMthat Wibit recently came out with a line of inflatable water obstacles that aredesigned specifically for kids under seven.The actual inflatables are scaled-down, he explained. It is about trying to get everyoneinvolved, not just the adults or older kids.(877) 896-8442www.crs4rec.comProper maintenance and an eye on safety can ensure pools and water features remain a fun,safe amenity all season long.From Lifeguards to Water Chemistry:Keeping an Eye on a Parks Water Featuresis Key to Ensuring Campers Stay SafeCorcls are designed to be easy to use for younger kids. Editors Note: Readers will want to re-Corcl search what laws apply to their parks.Carter Brigham, the designer of the Corcl and State and local laws may differ from thoseits recently released sibling, the WGWAG, said governing the people interviewed for thisthe company didnt add any new products in 2019 story.as it continues to focus on getting their Corcl and Most RV park and campground ownersWGWAG boats into more campgrounds. havesometypeofwaterrecreationA Corcl is a small, kid-friendly round boat de- amenityeither a pool, pond, splash padsigned to be operated by a single person with a or some other featureknowing that theirkayak paddle. The WGWAG is a u-shaped boat campers will be looking for ways to beatthat targets the older teen market, according to the heat during long summer days.Brigham. A single operator stands on the boat While water recreation amenities canand moves through the water by shifting their add additional fun to any park, they alsoweight from side to side. can cause added stress, as owners haveWeve been trying to figure out the market, to maintain water-related attractions andas far as supporting parks that rent our boats, be- keep them safe and fun for campers.cause our products are completely novel, she Depending on the locality in which anoted. We came up with a video that plays on a park is located, rules and regulations canloop at the rental counter and a little PVC stand Teens are the target group for WGWAGs. change; meaning owners must remain vig-for the Corcls so that campers can get a look at ilant and implement a well-thought-outour boats before they rent them. preventative maintenance and accident-Brigham said so far she has been seeing more interest from parks that offer an all-inclusive response plan.package when it comes to providing amenities. Jim Button, owner of Evergreen Camp-It is a slam dunk for them, she noted. It depends on the owner in some regard, too. Most sites & Resort in Wild Rose, Wis., told Park owners want to make sure lifeguardsof the parks we find that are having success with our products have owners that promote and WoodallsCampgroundManagement are prepared to handle emergencies.support them. (WCM) that staying ahead of the game is(855) 932-6725 www.corcl.com key when it comes to ensuring pools re- lifeguardsisoneofthosethingsthatmain open and fully functional all season youve got to be on top of. If you need tolong. hire and train them, youve got to startHemaintainsan thinking about that in January to get thatadult pool with a swim- ball rolling.up bar, a kiddie pool, a At Ocean Lakes Family Campgroundin2,000-square-foot Myrtle Beach, S.C., Craig Culberth, thesplash pad and a multi- parks recreation direc-lane water slide. tor, is in charge of hir-ButtontoldWCM ingandtrainingthethat he is not required more than 70 lifeguardsJim Button tohavelifeguardsat the park will need dur-his pools, because they were built small ing its busy season.enough not to trigger that requirement OceanLakesmayunder Wisconsin state law. Instead, he uti- hostthousandsoflizes what he calls pool attendants, who campersoverabusy Craig Culberthmonitor his entire waterpark complex and summer weekend, and the park featuresensure it remains maintained and safe. an indoor pool, an Olympic-sized pool, aDri-Dek tiles are designed to keep bare feet off wet floors. Theyll do a walk-through at the start couple of smaller kid pools and a water-of their shifts to make sure that theres park, which includes two water slides, anothing sharp on the pool decks and to splash pad, tot pool and a lazy river.Dri-Dek make sure there is no glass, said Button. While they offer beach access to theLee Dees, president of Naples, Fla.-based Dri-Dek, said the company provides self-draining Theyre stopping people from bringing Atlantic Ocean, Culberth said county offi-floor surfaces, such as interlocking tiles, that are used on pool decks and in bathhouses. glass and breaking it on the concrete, and cials oversee the beach.If there is water and bare feet, then we feel it is probably a good place to have Dri-Dek, he theyre always visually watching the pools We recruit lifeguards from local hightold WCM. Weve served this market for 35 to 40 years. and watching the water slide. schools and colleges, he explained. AllDees said the companys business has increased as more owners add water amenities and Staffing lifeguards can be difficult, and the pools have different classifications,develop more bathhouses. it costs a lot of money, he added. Having Pool Safetycontinued on page 40We think the future looks good too, he explained.WOODALLSCM.com March 2020-23'