b'Dri-Dek offers 12 different colors that owners can choose from, and even provides custom while offering rigged plastic tiles for outdoor applications.coloring, but Dees said there are significant production requirements for custom colored tiles. Our indoor product is anti-microbial so that mold wont grow on it in wet areas, ChristensenThe company offers large sheets and rolls of interlocking tiles, which Dees said works great explained. Our outdoor products are built with strength in mind, so owners can place tablesif owners are looking to cover a pool deck or a large area. or chairs on them, or even drive vehicles over those tiles.The material that we use to create our product is long-lasting, he noted. If you use a high- Both the indoor and outdoor products come in a variety of colors.pressure washer on the top and bottom of it to clean it from time to time, it will keep it like new Everything is easy to install, Christensen said. We utilize a peg system that just snaps to-and serviceable for many years. gether and stays together. The tiles provide height, so campers are not standing in puddles, and(239) 643-0448www.dri-dek.com the tiles are manufactured to stay in place and not slide around.(800) 457-0174www.duragrid.comDuraGrids outdoor tiles can be used as a base DuraGrid tiles offer a dryer surface forfor splash pads. campers to walk on.DuraGridSalt Lake City, Utah-based DuraGrid manufactures safety matting and deck tiles that can beused in a variety of capacities, from bathhouses to pool decking, according to Lauren Christensen, account manager and marketing representative for the company.She told WCMthe company manufactures indoor matting constructed of flexible PVC plastic,Combining splash pad features with a pool is becoming a popular trend, according to Emerald FX.Emerald FXDeCaro told WCMthat Emerald FX continues to see its Drench Deckproduct sell well in theRV park and campground sectors. The Drench Deck is a complete splash pad unit that comes with water features and is de-signed to be easy to install, according to DeCaro. It is more economical as well, she explained. Owners can customize it however, they like.If they have a specific theme they are looking for, we can build that for them. All the parts arealso interchangeable, so if they see something down the road that catches their eye, they canswap a feature out without interrupting the basic flow of the system.Owners also have the option of using a concrete base to secure the system at the park, orEmerald FX also provides a tiled surface that can be used as the base as well.(419) 663-3279www.emeraldfx.comHammer Head vacuums are cordless and come in two different sizes.Hammer HeadAfter years of working as pool cleaners, Dean Dietrich, co-founder of Delray Beach, Fla.-based Hammer Head, said he and his older brother saw a niche for a pool vacuum product,hence the creation of the Hammer Head.In business for the past 20 years, the Hammer Head is a manually operated pool vacuumwhich functions independently of a pools filtration system, according to Dietrich.The operator can quickly set it up and start cleaning without any kind of necessary filtrationvalve change, electrical power, water pressure, or anything like that, he explained. For resorts,hotels, condos, and campgrounds, where theyve got a pool that theyve got to keep clean, thismakes the process a lot easier and quicker. It only takes minutes to vacuum the pool, and noneof the debris goes into the filter system.The company offers two vacuum sizes, according to Dietrich, with one that has a larger headand cleaning path.Both vacuums use compatible parts so that they can be swapped back and forth, he said.Really, it is one machine in a couple of different configurations.24 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'