b'Park and Recreationfrom page 11 Whencampgroundownersor operators are looking to installseen campers make up a variety of games, like volleyball, that they play on the jumping pillows. a miniature golf course, space isThe company provides installation and cost varies depending on what an owner is look- the first thing they need to looking for. at. Buckshon said that typically(865) 387-8706 www.kangaroojumper.com customersliketohavethecourse close to an office, so theyKay Park Recreation have an area to distribute theKay Park Recreation has been producing fur- clubs, balls, and scorecards, butniture and outdoor recreation products for RV that locating the course near a Mini-Golf custom manufactures its courses in Pennsylvania. parks and campgrounds since 1954, according to main road may be beneficial, too.MarileeGray,marketingdirectorforthe Most have space for a golf course, he said. All they need is a level area.Janesville, Iowa-based company. (570) 489-8623www.minigolfinc.comKay Park sells concrete cornhole, ladder ball,and ping pong tables, as well as basketball hoops. RCI Adventure ProductsThe company also sells a variety of pedal boats RCI Adventure Products offers a variety of activeand canoes. recreational products, including rope courses, which itWe are selling quite a few of our concrete calls rope attractions, mazes, climbing walls, andgame tables because campers are looking for even interconnected playsets, according to Kinnison.ways to entertain themselves when they go camp- We did start with tree-to-tree, basic ropes courses,ing, Gray told WCM. Our products hold up well, she explained. Since then, we have fully moved to steel-and they are designed to withstand the elements frame courses. So, they are not tree-to-tree anymore.and heavy use. They are large structures, and they are more durable.Ladderball is one of many concrete products The companys Nu-Canoe is wider than tradi- The attractions can be placed indoors or outdoors,Kay Park offers.tional canoes, according to Gray, which she said and RCI offers something for everyone with the introduc-helps to stabilize the boat. tion of its Sky Tykes attraction that is designed for kidsThe paddle boats are popular at RV parks and that might not be big enough for the larger courses.campgrounds too, and they are also a heavy-duty revenue generator, she noted. Owners can customize a set to fit the space they want(866) 284-1780www.kaypark.com to work in, according to Kinnison, and the attractions caneven be built over other amenities, like an arcade.Mini-Golf Inc. She explained that anyone who works on the attrac-Mini-Golf Inc. has been supplying miniature golf courses to RV parks and campgrounds since tions will need to be certified and that operators per-1981. Buckshon said the accessibility of the game is what has kept miniature golf so popular. form daily inspections of the units.Anyone can play, he said. Not everyone can kayak or zip line, but everyone can play We do provide yearly inspections that we can ei- RCI Adventure offers products for every age. miniature golf. It is a fun family activity, and most campgrounds have space for it. ther come and do, or the actual location can performWith small, medium, and large course options, Buckshon said that Mini-Golf can custom de- inspections that we authorize, Kinnison explained.sign a course to fit an owners specifications and that the company can also design features But regularly there is little to no maintenance because everything is pretty durable and long-lasting.and obstacles to go with a course. We are always available if clients need help.No two courses we have designed are alike, he said. (269) 673-0016www.rciadventure.comThe Jump PadSmyrna,Tenn.-basedTheJump Pad sells jumping pads,that Randy Jenkins, a sales rep-resentativeforthecompany,toldWCM aresaferthanajumping pillow.A campground owner him-self, Jenkins said he owns botha jumping pillow and a jump pad.Youcanhavemom,dad,The Jump Pad is designed to allow campers of all sizes and the kids all together on ato bounce together. jump pad and not have issueswiththesmallerkidsbeingthrown off the jump pad, he ex-plained.He attributes that to baffles that make up the inner part of The Jump Pad, versus a jumpingpillow that usually does not include the interior baffles.Another benefit, according to Jenkins, is that the product can easily be rolled up and storedwhen the off-season hits.The Jump Pad comes in a variety of sizes, and Jenkins mentioned that owners can cus-tomize The Jump Pads colors.(704) 902-1786 www.thejumppad.comPlaycorePlaycore offers a variety ofrecreational equipment throughseveral different names, includ-ing Play & Park Structures, Big-Toys, UltraPlay and FreenotesHarmonyPark,accordingtoMicheleChandler,thecom-panys director of marketing.Playcore has structures for arange of kids, with many options.Ownerswanttoconsiderthesitetheyaregoingtobeplacing the equipment on whendeciding what options work best Playcore offers hundreds of different products to fit any budget. for their park, she explained.Chandler said that currently, the most popular pieces of play equipment include spinningnets, net climbers, themed-play items, and customized play spaces.Outdoor music parks have become more popular as a way to engage people, as well asimprove the overall aesthetic of a park or community, she noted.The company also sells shade pieces, which provide relief from direct sunlight.Shade is becoming recognized as being increasingly important when installing any playstructure, Chandler explained.(877) 762-7563www.playcore.com28 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'