b'Ohio Bill That Provides LiabilityProtection Passes Through HouseThe Ohio House of Representa- testifiedbeforetives has passed a bill that provides thecommittee,qualified immunity for Ohio camp- sayingthebillgroundowners.Ithadpreviously will provide clar-passed out of committee. ity for our mem-The bill, House Bill 355, specifi- bersandourcally would ensure campground op- campers.eratorsare Smith said thatimmune from li- theOCOAability if an injury strongly supports Chip Hanawaltorharmoccurs thislegislationfrom risk inher- and has been working behind theent to camping, scenes on campground liability leg- ARVCs National School of RV Park & Campground Management features industryexplainedKristy islation for over two years. experts that teach on a variety of subjects. Smith,executive TheOhioSenatewillnowcon-Kristy Smith directorofthe sider the bill. ARVC Foundation Awards Six withOhioCampground TheNationalOwnersAssocia- AssociationofRVtion (OCOA). Those risks are speci- ParksandCamp- Scholarships to Management Schoolfied in the legislation to include such grounds Seniorthingsasfeaturesofthenatural DirectorofState The National Association of RV Parks and their Outdoor Hospitality Professional(OHP)world, campfires, etc. Mud, plants, Relationsand Campgrounds (ARVC)Foundation has certificate.roots, uneven or unpredictable ter- ProgramAdvo- awarded six scholarships to students in its Na- TheARVCFoundationofferstuitionrain, and the weather are all things a cacy Jeff Sims was tional School of RV Park & Campground Man- scholarships to a select number of studentscamper or visitor can reasonably ex- influential in get- agement, which is set to be held Feb. 24-27who are interested in completing the first orpect to encounter during their stay. tingthislegisla- Jeff Sims in Myrtle Beach, S.C., according to ARVC offi- second year of the program.The bill requires owners to post tionpassedin cials. The following students were awardedsignsatentrancestotheircamp- Wisconsinandisworkingclosely In year one of the program, students scholarships:grounds, stating the operator isnt li- with Ohio and 10 other states in get- learn about trends in the industry, manage- Year One:ableforharmresultingfrom ting similar legislation passed. mentprinciples,andmoretoearntheirValerieandGeraldKook,Pinelandinherent risks. Recreational activities Are you interested in getting sim- OutdoorHospitalityManagement (OHM) Camping Park, Arkdale, Wisc.that are within the operators control ilar legislation passed in your state? certificate. Students who return for year twoBillie McNamara, Loons Haven Familyare not considered a risk inherent to Contact Sims at jeff.sims@arvc.org focus on deepening their understanding of Campground, Naples, Mainecamping. or (303) 681-0401 ext. 110.Ben the industry through critical analysis and theMichelle Pugh, Emberglow Outdoor Chip Hanawalt, OCOAs president, QuiggleWCM application of best practices as they earn ARVC Foundationcontinued on page 18Outdoor Foundation Study Says Camping is 5th Most Popular Outdoor ActivityAbout half the U.S. population par-ticipated in outdoor recreation at leastonce in 2018, including hunting, hiking,camping, fishing, canoeing and biking,among many more outdoor activities,according to the Outdoor ParticipationReport released Jan. 29 by the OutdoorFoundation, the philanthropic arm of RVIA Reportsthe Outdoor Industry Association (OIA).The report, which surveyed 20,069 PMRV Shipmentspeople ages six and older, highlightedthe fact that just under half the U.S. Up 18.5% in Dec.population does not participate in out-door recreation at all. TheRVIndustryAssociationsThe report also noted the following (RVIA) December survey of manu-trends: facturers reported that park model Less than 20% of Americans recre- RVs finished the month up 18.5%ated outside at least once a week. compared to December 2018, withAmericanswentononebillion 243 wholesale shipments.fewer outdoor outings in 2018 than they Park model RV shipments endeddid in 2008. The Outdoor Foundations study indicates that Americans are spending less time outdoors, 2019 up 16.1% from 2018, with 4,213 Kids went on 15% fewer annual out- but camping remains a popular activity.shipments for the year.ings in 2018 than they did in 2012. TotalRVshipmentsendedDe-Of note, campingwhich included they did just five years ago. also increases academic outcomes and cember with 27,516 wholesale ship-car camping, backyard camping, back- Interestingly, there is a definite trend community connections. But unfortu- ments, a decrease of 3% from thepacking and RVingwas cited by re- toward close-to-home recreation. The nately, the barriers to getting outside 28,363 units shipped in Decemberspondentsasthefifthmostpopular report indicates that of the people who aregreaterforAmericanslivingin 2018.form of outdoor activity, with 13.9% of report participation in outdoor activi- cities or areas with fewer transporta- TowableRVs,ledbyconven-Americans, or 41.7 million participants. ties, 63% report they go outside within tion options, said Lise Aangeenbrug, tional travel trailers, totaled 24,649The top four activities were: running 10 miles of their home. executivedirectorattheOutdoor units for the month, a decrease of(19.2%, 57.8 million participants); fish- Some bright spots from the report Foundation. This is why the Outdoor 2.2% compared to December 2018sing (16.4%, 49.4 million); biking (15.9%, showed that female outdoor participa- Foundation, along with OIA and other total of 25,207 units. Motorhomes47.9 million); and hiking (15.9%, 47.9 tion increased by an average of 1.7% like-minded organizations, is working finished the month with 2,887 units,million). over the last three years, and Hispanic to reach new populations of Americans down9.2%comparedtotheDe-Additionally, the report shows a con- participation in the outdoors was the who dont get outdoors often or at all or cember 2018 total of 3,156 units.tinued gap between the diversity of out- strongest among ethnic groups. dont see themselves in the outdoors For the full year, RV shipmentsdoor participants and the diversity of We know from study after study and encouraging them to getand reached406,070unitsfor2019,the U.S. population, specifically where that recreating outside, even at mini- thriveoutside. down 16% from the 483,672 units innon-Caucasian ethnic groups reported mal levels, greatly benefits an individ- Toreadthefullreport,goto 2018. WCMgoing on far fewer outings in 2018 than uals physical and mental health, and www.outdoorindustry.org. WCMWOODALLSCM.com March 2020-3'