b'an interior designer at Gimbels depart- The Cables rely on local high schoolers to keep their other 100 golf cart owners here will bement store. But she quit that job when park running efficiently during the summer. appreciative of not having that cart inshe married Bill and moved to Ohio. the park.Later, she decided to pursue a career as Review your parks rules in detaila teacher, ultimately obtaining a second with your seasonal campers:We havebachelors degree from Kent State and a eight or 10 pages of rules, Marsha said.masters degree in education from the We ask them to check off each para-University of Dayton, Ohio. graph they read. ButwhiletheCableseventually The Cables rules prohibit campersworked as teachers for more than three from attaching buildings of any kind todecades, they also learned a great deal their RVs. about the campground business from We are very specific on decking andliving the life of campground operators. that kind of thing, she said.The Cables also used their teaching Makeyourselfvisiblethroughoutexperience to groom the high school the park: We make ourselves visiblestudents they employ each summer.throughout the park and try to take careI think (our teaching experience) of any problems we can right away, Billgives us more knowledge of what the Cable said.youngeremployeescomewithskills Theyseldomhaveproblemswithwise, Marsha said, adding, We try to people creating a disturbance, he noted. teach them skills as they are working. If we have a difficulty, Bill said, weDuring the summer months, the Ca- try to handle it on a one-on-one basis.bles employ a small army of about 40 If not, we contact the Jefferson Countyhigh school students. Many things have become apparent Cableshavelearnedthroughtheir Sheriffs Office. Many of the deputies areWe train the kids to do multiple jobs to the Cables in their decades in the decades in the campground business: my former students. They have com-at the park, she said, adding, Kids run campgroundbusiness,includingthe Enforce your parks rules and the mented that if Austin Lake calls, theythefrontgate,thewaterfrontboat benefits of hiring high school students written procedures identified in those know it is serious. rentals, give out life jackets to people whotakeadvancedplacement(AP) rules:Every time you deviate, it comes TheCablessaidtheyveryseldomrenting kayaks, paddleboards and pon- classes in preparation for college. back to bite you, Bill Cable said. On have to call 911, unless it is a medicaltoon boats, work as lifeguards on staff They pick things up faster and are the other hand, when you enforce park emergency.with our Wibits and other inflatables. more intuitive, Marsha said. They see rules, word spreads quickly in the park Communicate with messy seasonalThey also take reservations and take more of what needs to be done and they and you end up with fewer problems in campers right away:Bill is very good atpayments on electricity bills, among a are used to going the extra mile. They this regard, he explained.going quietly to a camper and saying,number of other things. are more ambitious in all aspects of Bill said that he recently had to en- You need to clean up your lot, MarshaBut like many park operators across their life. force his rule about golf carts needing to said.the country, the Cables face a particular Of course, there are also some down- be four-cycle vehicles that run on either Impose a 10-year age limit on RVschallenge with early school start dates, sidestohiringhigh-achievinghigh electricity or gasoline. A camper came belonging to seasonal campers:Whilenow in the middle or the third week of school students.in with a two-cycle junker golf cart its not necessary to impose RV age re-August for both high school and college They do volleyball and soccer, its a that made a lot of noise, according to strictionsonovernightcampers,itsstudents. As a result, the Cables hire nightmare scheduling them, Marsha Bill. He asked him to take it home, but important to have restrictions in placehomeschooledhighschoolstudents said. Especially when August comes the person got mad and left, telling him to maintain the quality and appear-who work more hours during the final around. he would never be back.ance of the campground, the Cablesweeks of summer. Here are some of the other things the I thought, fine, Cable said. The explained. 30 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'