b'People dont want to camp next to rules or standard business practices. tionally, to listen anyway. Duringthesummer,heswimsinsomebody whos junky, Marsha said.Have a paper trail for every transac- Fly the airplane! In other words, Austin Lake. When the weather cools, heRV age restrictions also tend to en- tion: If somebody says, I think I al- Bill said, whatever distractions come swims at the local YMCA. courage seasonal campers to replace ready paid that electric bill, I can look it around, your sole job is to fly the air- Even though the Cables retired fromandupgradetheirRVsmoreoften, up on my computer and tell you exactly plane. Run the campground. Make your public school teaching nearly 10 yearswhich is a good thing, she said. what they owe, Marsha said. best attempt to take very good care of all ago, they are as busy as they have everMaintainaprofessionaldistance Always treat your guests and em- of the guests equally. been,astheycontinuetomakeim-withyourseasonalandovernight ployees with respect:Do not get into a Join business organizations and as- provements to their campground. Hav-campers: Do not party with them be- yelling match. If you need to talk with sociations: You need to belong to the ing the winters off from school has alsocause it sets you up for giving them spe- them, withdraw to another place where chamber of commerce and the state helped keep the Cables focused on thecial treatment, Bill advised. you can speak with them privately, Bill andnationalcampgroundorganiza- campground, Marsha said. tions, because you can talk to people As of September 2019 Bill said, theirBy attending conferences and listening to other owners, the Cables have learned what works whohavesimilarproblemsandget 220-site park already had 20 familiesat their park, like these cabins that are popular with campers. other peoples takes, Bill said, adding on its waiting list for seasonal sites inthat the Ohio Campground Owners As- 2020. WCMsociation(OCOA) has been particularlyhelpful.Campground OverviewWhile the Cables took classes pro- Name: Austin Lake RV Park & Cabinsvided by the National Association of RVParks and Campgrounds (ARVC), they Address: 1002 Township Road 285A,noted they could not take time away to Toronto, Ohio, 43964attend association meetings or conven- Physical Description: Located in thetions when they were working full time scenic hills of the Ohio River Valleyas teachers. But they do now and find near the Pennsylvania border, thisthe meetings, educational sessions and park features 250 campsites and nineconventionsexceedinglyhelpful,Bill rental cabins, and an 80-acre man-said.made lake with kayaks and pontoonSeek out mentors:When we first at-tended the OCOA meetings, Jim and boat rentals, and a Wibit, a floatingAliceEmmert,ofWildwoodAcres watersports park. The campgroundCampground,andBobRomney,of features dense stands of hickory, redMaple Lakes Campground, were espe- oak, white oak, maple and ash trees,cially kind and willing to help us with mixed with pines.Do not exchange work for work: Al- said. Donotmakeashowofit.In advice, Bill explained. It gave us some- Season: Austin Lake is open forways assign a monetary value to every- teaching, you dont reprimand students one to consult with who understood the camping from May 1 to mid- or late-thing that is exchanged between the in front of other students or other peo- campingindustry. Theywouldoften October. Water activities, boat rentalspark and the guest, Bill said. Otherwise, ple, because then other students will joke with us that we were just a hobby and the parks food concession standhe warns, it will come back to bite you. have an opportunity to chime in and campground, because we were teach- are open from Memorial Day toFor example, if a guest offers to move you are outnumbered. If a person is un- ers first and foremost. some dirt or handle other repairs or reasonable, dont reason with them be- Maintain your health:Do what you Labor Day weekend.maintenance, assign a value and pay for cause they arent going to listen anyway. need to do to maintain your health, Bill Website: www.austinlakepark.comit. Otherwise, the guest will invariably Disengageuntiltheyhavecalmed said. I am a distance swimmer and Contact: (740) 544-5253WCMask you for favors that infringe on park down. They are not in a situation, emo- swim five miles a week. WOODALLSCM.com March 2020-31'