b'BY JEFF CRIDERCreating Partnerships with LocalDealers Can Give an Added Boostto An Owners Marketing EffortsIndustryinsidersacknowledge He paid us a commission for sell-that most private park operators and ing trailers, Pam said, adding thatRV dealers do not do as much as they shealsopassedoutbrochurestocould to develop reciprocal market- markettheircampgroundtoing relationships. prospectivetrailerbuyersattheseButparkoperatorsanddealers shows.who take the time to cultivate such Over the years, Jims Trailer Salesrelationships can develop close ties has also provided the McCrearys withthat not only produce referrals for guidanceandinformationtohelpeach others businesses, but enhance their campground guests who haveguest experiences by making it easier trouble with their vehicles.for them to find dealerships, service We dont fix anything, but we canDeveloping relationships with local RV dealerships can be a win-win for both park owners centers and even other campgrounds troubleshoot problems, Pam said.and the dealerships. that meet their needs. And when a guest has a significantSome park operators have estab- repairneed,theMcCrearysreferlished relationships with dealers that them to Jims Trailer Sales knowingstretch back over decades. they will be well taken care of.Pam and Todd McCreary, who co- While the depth of individual rela-own and operate the Cleveland/San- tionships between dealers and camp-dusky Yogi BearsJellystoneParkCamp-Resort inNova, Ohio, are acaseinpoint.Theystartedde-veloping a rapportwith James Crow,ofJimsTrailerPam McCreary Sales inGrafton,Ohio,whentheybought a 23-foot Jayco hybrid traveltrailer with a slideout.That was probably 18 or 20 yearsago,beforeweboughtourcamp-ground, Pam recalled, adding, Bythe time we bought the campground, RV dealerships are finding that campingwe were still very tight with Jim, his guides can be good marketing tools.son, Jimmy, and his daughter whonow run the business. ground operators varies by park andIn fact, in their early days in the bydealership,manycampgroundscampgroundbusiness,beforethe use their guest guides to cross pro-McCrearys joined the Jellystone Park moteRVdealersandotherbusi-franchise network, they would invite nesses in their local areas.Jims Trailer Sales to bring a few units AthirdofthenationsprivatelytotheircampgroundoverFathers ownedcampgroundsuseguestDayweekendandhavewhat guides as a way of instantly connect-amounted to a mini RV show. ing their guests with RV dealers andTheydbringeverythingfrom other local businesses, according to asmall travel trailers to big units. Jim 2019 survey of 1,000 campgrounds,woulddoseminarsonsafetyand RV parks and re-maintenance, Pam recalled. sorts by Crowley,Jim even sold the McCrearys small Texas-based AGS.quantities of RV supplies and acces- A2019AGSsur-soriesthattheycouldsellintheir veyof10,000campground store. businesseswhoThen, during the winter months, advertise in guestwhen the campground was closed, guides also foundthe McCrearys would help Jim sell that 80% of themtrailers at RV shows.find it worthwhile Brian Schaefferto do so becauseof the high levels of business they re-Bill Plemmons brings a trailer with RV parts ceive from park guests who might notto a local park on weekends.otherwise connect with these busi-nesses, according to Brian Schaeffer,AGS president.One such reciprocal marketing re-lationshipfacilitatedbytheguestguides AGS produces involves Cross-Winds Family Campground in Lin-wood, N.C., and Bill Plemmons RVWorld, which has dealerships in theWinston-Salem and Raleigh markets.Bill Plemmons RV not only pays foradvertisingtohelpsupporttheCrossWindsguestguide,butalsobrings out a sales trailer to the parkon busy weekends.They approached us about coming32 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'