b'Affinity RV has hosted RV shows atlocal parks for years. Setting up booths at RV dealer shows can help parks gain exposure. out on weekends, said park co-owner parks, so he knows firsthand what kind patingparksarelistedonasingleGlenda Morrison, noting that the mo- of activities and amenities they provide. coupon. Dealers cover the cost of print-bileunithaseverythingfromsewer He also stays at different parks from ing the coupons, as well as the cost ofhoses and plumbing parts and many time to time to fully experience what posters that are used to promote theother RV accessories. Its like walking they have to offer. He then uses this night of free camping at participatinginto their accessory shop. knowledge and experience when his campgrounds.Other RV dealers have seen the ben- dealership customers ask him and his Quigley said a single coupon pro-efits not only of advertising in camp- staff for recommendations on places to videsmorethan$500worthoffreegroundguestguides,butofvisiting camp. camping. The coupons also encourageparksandusingthemasstaging In effect, Affinity RV has developed consumers to visit the different partic-grounds for mini-RV shows that high- its own list of parks that it has pre- ipating campgrounds in western Penn-light their businesses. screened for its customers, much like sylvania, which include the JellystonePrescott,Ariz.-basedAffinityRV campgrounds and RV parks pre-screen Parks in Harrisville and Mill Run, theService, Sales & Rentals is an example the RV dealers they work with or use for KOA campgrounds in Meadville andof a dealer that is cultivating relation- guest referrals. Connellsville,KalyumetCamping&ships with campground operators in a Been, in fact, said he and his staff Cabinsin Lucinda, and Rose Point Parkbig way. regularly help snowbirds find places to Cabins&Camping inNewCastle, Games at RV dealer shows give buyers aThe 23-year-old dealership, with lo- stay during the winter months, when among others. taste of what to expect while camping.cations in Prescott, Prescott Valley and many Arizona parks are sold out. They Having so much park participationDewey, not only advertises in 22 camp- do the same thing during the winter in this promotion is also enticing for RV opportunities with dealers eight yearsground guest guides produced by AGS months, when parks in the high eleva- dealers, about eight or nine of whom ago at the Madison RV Show, said Loriand other companies, but it regularly tions of northern Arizona are filled up support the cross-marketing program, Severson, WACOs executive director.providescampgroundswithpromo- with people trying to escape the desert some of which include Campers Inn We sat down with the dealers to de-tional inserts, about the size of rack heat in the southern part of the state. RV in Ellwood City, Boyer RV Centerin termine what they felt might be lackingcards, which highlight promotional dis- Weknowexactlywheretosend Erie, B & R Camper Salesin Butler, and in their show and what we could bringcounts on parts, service and rentals. them, Been said, adding that develop- Brooks Camper Salesin Connellsville. to the table, Severson recalled. One ofParks may display these inserts in their ing firsthand knowledge of Arizonas Quigley said some park operators re- the things they wanted more of waslobbiesorpassthemouttoguests campgrounds has helped him help his sisted the idea of giving away a night of low- or no-cost entertainment and ex-along with their guest guides. campingcustomerswhentheyare free camping. But he looks at this as a citement to bring additional people toAffinity RV holds two weekend RV looking for great places to camp at any strategic investment that pays big divi- theshow. WeprovidedsevenSupershows a year at different campgrounds time of year. dends in the long run. Bowlticketsanda$5,000campingacross Arizona in which it showcases Been advised dealers to get to know I know if I get package where you could camp at anythe latest RVs, parts and accessories the campground and RV parks in the them in once, well WACO campground, and that startedthat are available at the dealership. The markets they serve. Youve got to get get them back, he the ball rolling. Today, we have controldealership also provides educational out and go walk the parks, get out and said,addingthat over where our members are placedseminars on different topics at these meet people, he said. hetypicallysees and have reduced fees from $650 toshows. Campgroundoperators,fortheir about 85 to 90 new $325 for WACO members. We have ourpart, need to take the initiative to reach campers coming to ownlemonadestandthatproducesout to dealers, he said. It can be as easy his park using the about $2,500, so we are able to offer ouras having someone from park manage- coupons each year, members a discount on their drinksment make a phone call to the dealer- manyofwhom Lori Severson and raise money for our WACO charity,ship and follow it up with a face-to-face windupcamping The Gilbert Brown Foundation. visit. at his park whenever they go camping.WehavecreatedstationsfortheI visit all the parks, Been said. Park operators and their associations campers that show the fun and energyMany park operators, of course, have also are finding opportunities to pro- you can see at a WACO campground,alsofounditworthwhiletoprovide moteeachothersbusinessesatRV like color me T-shirts, spin T-shirts,dealers with free camping or discount shows. spin-to-win games, and whack-a-mole,camping coupons as a way to promote TheWisconsinAssociationof just to name a few, she added. We as-their parks to consumers who purchase CampgroundOperators (WACO) sist in things like getting campers tonew or used RVs, while also familiariz- started developing cross-promotional Partnershipscontinued on page 34ing dealers with parks in their marketarea. Boyer RV takes part in a cross-marketing program that gives new buyers free nightsDenny Quigley, who co-owns and of camping at local parks. operates the Yogi Bears Jellystone ParkThe Quigley family helped create a coupon Camp-Resort in Harrisville, Penn., hasbook for new RV buyers. significantly expanded on this concept.While Quigley initially offered areaArizona parks that have hosted Affin- dealers coupons for one night of freeity RV shows over the years include the camping to give to people who pur-FlagstaffKampgroundsofAmerica chased new or used vehicles, he later(KOA, Horsepitality RV Parkin Wicken- recruited about 20 other campgroundsburg,DistantDrumsRVResort in withina150-mileradiusinwesternCampVerde,VerdeValleyRVand Pennsylvania to do the same thing. ThisCamping Resort in Cottonwood, and gives dealers a powerful promotionalPage Springs RV Resort in Cornville, tool to introduce their RV buyers to dif-among others. ferent types of campgrounds in theirBobBeen,AffinityRVspresident market area. and general manager, said he person- But instead of handing consumersallyvisitstheseandotherArizona 20 different coupons, all of the partici-WOODALLSCM.com March 2020-33'