b'Pool Safetyfrom page 23 ers service program through the American Our guards do catch some grief some- anchor.and there are different state laws and Red Cross. times, like when it comes to our rule on a Button also cleans off the junk on therulesabouthoweachpoolhastobe An American Red Cross representa- persons height to be able to use the wa- top layer of each pools sand filter everyguarded or if they have to be guarded. tive will come in the preseason and review terslides, he noted. Some people under- springandensureslightbulbsareOcean Lakes uses a lifeguard training all of our procedures, all of our equipment, stand and some dont. We have to explain changed before he fills a pool with water.program from the American Red Cross, where our lifeguard stands are and those to them that these rules are in place for It is challenging to change a light bulbaccording to Culberth, and all of the train- kinds of things, Culberth explained. They their safety and that we dont just pull after the pool has been filled, he said.ing is done in-house. will go through and make recommenda- them out of thin air for no reason. FloordrainsandweirbasketsalsoOur aquatic supervisor and all of our tions on how we could be doing things Culberth told WCMthat it is also essen- need to be inspected and changed if thereother supervisors are lifeguard instruc- better. They also come back twice during tial that lifeguards know that management are holes in them, according to Button.tors, he said. We will hire kids and then the season and do an unannounced audit. has their backs when problems do arise. In the event that you have to closetrain them. We pay for their certification, Theyll observe the lifeguards and what That is why there is always a security down a pool, it is advantageous to have athey do, and they videotape some of them. guard nearby, he explained. That way, roll of caution tape with some bollards.the lifeguard has help if they need it. Button explained.While it is important campers have fun, owners also need to ensure they are doing so in a safe, Along with having the right personnel He also keeps an extra pool pump onresponsible manner.in place, it is also important that owners handandhashispumpsrefurbishedensure everyone knows what they need to every year.do in an emergency and that emergency The last thing you want is to have thatresponse equipment is properly placed pumpgodown,andyoudonthaveaclose to any pool. backup, Button explained. In Wiscon-Button said his pools are required to sin, if you dont have a pump circulatinghaveanemergencyphonelocated your water, you cant operate your pool.nearby, and he performs mock calls to en- Button also continually monitors thesure the phone is working. He also has his condition of each pools water.staff trained in the parks emergency re- Testinggetsdonecontinuallyfromsponse plan. startup to shut down, he said. We areButton also said campground owners allautomatedhere,soitscontinuallyshould have an AED defibrillator at the checking the chlorine levels and every-main office and by the pool. thing else, but we still do our checks asIts crucial that the AED be right there well.and readily available, said Button, who is I would tell other owners that theyalso a local firefighter. In the case that a want to balance a pool from alkalinity oncamperneedsthat,youdontwanta up,Buttonadded.Andoneoftheand theyre on the clock when theyre get- minute to go by without it. money-saving ideas for balancing a poolting certified. So that gives us some feedback, too, and For owners who are looking for CPR is using psyllium bicarbonate, which isThe course involves a combination of thats just something extra we can do to certification courses, Button mentioned nothing more than baking soda, ratherbookwork and skill work, noted Culberth. kind of keep everybody on their toes. Its approaching a local fire department or than buying the expensive alkalinity in-Ocean Lakes has security guards on constructive, and it helps us improve too. emergency management agency, noting creaser or decreaser.hand who help monitor the water areas Culberth said it can be challenging to that frequently they offer classes at a dis- Button created a baking soda pump forand can assist lifeguards when needed. maintain a balance between allowing the counted rate. his splash pad, which cut his costs im-The park also uses an aquatic examin- campers to have fun and following the Culberth said all of their lifeguards are mensely.rules. trained on what to do when anaccident does occur.We have ways for everyoneto communicate and get help asquickly as possible when a situa-tion does arise, he explained.Our security staff also has anaccident report procedure thatthey follow so that we can docu-ment all of the details of whathappened immediately.Maintaining EquipmentButton told WCM that ownersneed to do their due diligencewhen there are lulls in the sea-son.In the spring, you want to in-spect your deck, he explained.You want to make sure theresno cracks or chips in the con-crete. If there are, you want tomakesureyougrindthosecracks and fill those chips withsome silicone. If you have a largegap, youre going to want to fillthat with some foam and then putsilicone over the top of it.Those gaps not only can cutpeoples toes and feet, but they Taking the time to properly maintain water features will payarealsotriphazards,Button off with less potential downtime during the busy season. added.The same goes for waterslides and I was going through so much chlorinepond inflatables. and acid in the splash pad, because itOwnerswanttomakesuretheir was always being emitted off into the air,slides dont have any sharp edges, But- he explained. I created a baking sodaton said. You want to go down that slide pump, and we now inject baking soda intoand put your hands all around it, make the water, and we have saved so muchsure you dont cut yourself. Make sure money by doing that.theres nothing at the bottom of the slide. Button said a pool should be crystalIf you have inflatables in the water, you clear.want to check your inflatables for sharp If you cant see the bottom of the pool,edges. You want to make sure that your thatisnotacleanpool,Buttonex-straps are secured. You want to make plained. If you can smell a lot of chlorinesure that the anchors at the bottom of the in the pool, thats not a clean pool. If yourlake or pond are low enough that if some- pool starts to look green, it needs atten-body dives off, theyre not going to hit that tion.WCM40 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'