b'KOA Names Chris Rademacher New Franchise Development ManagerChris Rademacher, the current Rademacherswere award-winning KOA sys- the Des Moines West KOA HolidayowneroftheDesMoinesWest abletoquadruplein- tem. is currently listed for sale.KampgroundsofAmerica (KOA) comeattheDes Since joining the KOA We are so thrilled to be addingHoliday in Adel, Iowa, will be join- Moines West KOA Holi- systemasafranchise Chris to our KOA system develop-ingKampgroundsofAmerica dayinthenineyears owner, Rademacher has ment team, said KOA Director ofInc.s system development staff as theyhaveownedthe servedonnumerous FranchiseDevelopmentLarrythenewfranchisedevelopment park. leadershipcommittees, Brownfield. He brings a wealth ofmanager,accordingtoKOAoffi- Webenefitted includingKOAsFran- campgroundoperationalknowl-cials. greatly by being able to chiseeAdvisoryCom- edgeandisafantasticjudgeofRademacher and his wife, Jamie, learn from the best of mittee. both properties and people. I knowpurchasedtheDesMoinesWest thebestintheKOA Inhisnewrole, ChriswillaidusimmenselyinKOA Holiday in 2011 and turned family,Rademacher Rademacherwillwork bringing the right parks with thethe park into one of the top award- said. We truly believe directlywithindepend- right owners into the KOA system.winning campgrounds in the 524- its the knowledge, pas- ent campground owners RademacherwillbebasedinlocationKOAsysteminNorth sion and drive present whochoosetojointhe Maryville, Tenn. Other KOA systemAmerica, according to a press re- at KOA that helped us to succeed, KOA system, and owners working development staff include Brown-lease. and Im looking forward to helping to construct new campgrounds. field, as well as Franchise Develop-Leveraging KOAs brand, proce- independent campground owners Rademacher, who began his new mentManagerNicholePoisson.duresandpractices,the integratetheirparksintothe duties with KOA Inc. on Feb. 1, said WCMMid-Atlantic Conference, March 16-18, to Feature Seminars, Trade ShowCampgroundownersandmanagers DelVescio has gathered a variety of indus-along the Mid-Atlantic Coastal states re- try speakers for educational seminars thatgion can TEE UP 2020 when they attend will help campground owners have a suc-the29thAnnualMid-AtlanticCoastal cessful 2020 season.States Campground Conference and Trade Dave Basler, vice president of member-Show (MAC), March 16-18 in Dover, Del., ship and marketing at the National Associa-according to Joann DelVescio, executive tionofRVParksandCampgrounds,willdirector of the New Jersey Campground speak at the opening session about industryOwners Association (NJCOA), which or- trends and insights.ganizes the event. A representative from Google will speakThe three-day conference will feature about how to reach customers online withkeynote luncheon speakers, 10 educational Googletools.seminars, and over 30 exhibitors at the in- The trade show, featuring companies anddustry-specific trade show. products for campground and RV park own-Weinviteallcampgroundowners ers, will be held on March 17. That evening theand managers from New York, Pennsyl- annual banquet and auction also will be held.vania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, This is an enjoyable evening where every-and Virginia to attend this informative and one, including the exhibitors, are invited to so-excitingconference,saidDelVescio. cialize, share stories, reconnect with old friendsThe MAC Conference and Trade Show and make new ones, DelVescio remarked.is a great option for campground owners Ifyouareinterestedinattendingorwho may not be able to attend the larger, would like more information, please contact Mid-Atlantic Conference attendees will have a chance to order new products during the trade show. more distant conferences. MAC is a local DelVescioat(609)545-0145orand affordable option. NJCOA@CampNJ.com. WCMCampCalNOWEstablishing YoungProfessionals Group, to Host EventThe CampCalNOW RV Parks andCampgroundsAlliance (CampCal-NOW) is establishing the CampCal-NOW (CCN)YoungProfessionalsgroup, according to company officials.The purpose of CCN Young Profes-sionals is to create a network of youngprofessionals within the outdoor hos-pitality industry and empower mem-berswithleadershipopportunities,education, and community awareness.CampCalNOWofficialssaiditwould be inclusive of owners, man-agers, and team members up to age 40fromcampgrounds,suppliers,ven-dors, and other related companies and CCN YoungProfessionalswillbeorganizations. hosting a networking event during theWeunderstandthatindustry upcoming CampCalNow Educationalknowledge crosses state lines, so CCN Summit& TradeShow,settotakewill also be encouraging group mem- place from April 1-2, when the groupbers to participate in the National As- will officially launch.sociationofRVParksand IfyouareinterestedinlearningCampgrounds (ARVC) Young Profes- more about the CCN Young Profes-sionalsFacebookGroup,added sionals or adopting a leadership posi-CampCalNOWofficials.Thereyou tion to help the group grow, pleasewill be able to attend live sessions and contact Rachel Burkett, from Camp-seek advice from other young profes- CalNOW, at (530) 885-1624 or email atsionals all over the country, as well as rachel@campcalnow.com,orBrianstay up to date on all the latest industry Searl,frommarketingfirmInsidernews. Perks Inc.,at (216) 232-3132. WCM6 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'