b'MODERN MARKETINGUse of Video Platforms in Marketing Continues to TransformgramsIGTVallowsuserstopost anInternettrendreportbysome ment of both time and money andlong-form video. The jury is still out heavyhitterscaughtmyeye.Notthen craft a detailed plan of actionon the immediate marketing value of because of the well-presented data and a set of objectives. EvanneIGTV but its certainly one to keep an but because of a fun-fact section at Bytodaysstandardswiththeeye on.the end of its findings. According to technology in our pockets and theSchmarder The new kid on the block, short- Digital 2020, Google Trends research ease of using the most popular plat-form video, is on the rise. And when I shows that people are searching for forms (which you are probably al-sayshort,Imeanvideoanywhere dogs twice as frequently as cats. ready employing)video should befrom six seconds to a maximum 60 The report writers found similar stats part of your marketing arsenal. Videoisubiquitous.Whether seconds.Agreatexampleofthese when looking into Twitter and Insta- After all, everyones watching.youre 16 or 65, chances are youve platforms is Tik Tok. What started out gramhashtags.Thisisactionablewatched a video on a desktop, laptop seemingly silly, with a predominantly news for parks that allow dogs and Want to know more about mar-or mobile device in the recent past. Gen-Z audience, has recently begun have pet runs or other like facilities.keting your RV park or campgroundAnd thats not a surprise; video statis- to expand its demographics. Is it time online? Evanne Schmarder, princi-tics continue to boggle the mind. For for you to hip-hop on Tik Tok? Maybe Is Video for You? pal and founder of the RV industry-example, a Statista study found that not quite yet, but its one to add to If youve read my work over the specificdigitalmarketingfirm85% of Internet users consumed on- your watch file.years, you know that Im a huge pro- Roadabode Production, has a newline video content each month, and Another contender to keep tabs on ponentofmasteringtwo,maybe book to help you do just that. Mar-54% of them want to see more video in this genre is Byte, the successor to three platforms before incorporating keting YourRVPark/Campgroundfrombrandsandbusinessesthey Vine, acquired by Twitterin 2013 and others. As a smart modern marketer, Online is available as an ebook atsupport,accordingtoHubspot. shut down in 2016 (in hindsight, re- you must determine where you will your favorite online bookseller or inForbes discovered that video keeps grettable). Six-second no-frills video get the most return on your invest- print at Amazon.com. WCMwebsite visitors engaged and on a site loops combined with a way to mone-88% longer than those without video. tize viewership might be a winningVideoand in turn, video market- formula for this reboot. inghas been a rising star for quite Not to be ignored, Google just re-some time and its showing no sign of leased a short-form platform calledabating. From episodic videos to six- Tangi,promisingone-minutesecondmasterpiecestolong-form DIY/How-Toclips.Keepaneyetutorials, theres a synergy between peeled,thiscouldbecomeagreatentertainingandpromotingyour way to promote family camping viabusiness that you must incorporate crafts and outdoor education.into your digital mix. Like any effec-tive piece of your program, it takes Video Production Trendsplanning, know-how, and commit- Regardless of the video platform inment. When done well, video market- whichyouchoosetoparticipate,inghasthepotentialtospark thereareafewtrendstokeepinimaginations and propel viewers to mind.take action. LikeyourfavoritemoviesorTVshows, your video content should tellPlatform Performers a story. It might be the story of yourThegranddaddyofthemall, founding, families that have campedYouTube isconstantlylookingfor with you for a decade, how to makeways to keep its position as the top the most of a tent site, what to look forvideo platform. From multiple (and in an RV, cooking on a campfire, etc. sometimes high-profile) changes to Yourstoriesmightbeasingle If Indiana establishes an outdoor rec office, they will join 17 other states with similar offices. its creator program to the advent of episode or a series. They might be hu-YouTube Premium, a paid member- morous, instructional, relational orship, YouTube doesnt take anything practical.Regardless,itsalways Indiana Legislature May Soon for granted. Google-owned and con- about the story.sideredtheworldssecondlargest Inthepast,videoplatformsre- Establish Outdoor Recreation Officesearch engine, its no surprise that quiredhorizontal-orientedvideo.taking the time to develop a crack Thats no longer the case. Finally wis- Indiana is working to become the recreation.video SEO plan can pay off in spades.ing up to the devices used to shoot nextstatetoestablishanOutdoor RepublicanYet, as synonymous as YouTube is and view videos, vertical video is be- Recreation Office, according to the RV Gov.EricHol-with video, Facebook is the top plat- coming a thing. Check with the plat- Industry Associations (RVIA) News & comb created theform for consumers to watch videos formyoureusingtomakesure Insights. IDDCinOctoberfrom brands. As youd expect, Face- vertical video is acceptable and begin Indiana Sen. Blake Doriot, R-Bristol, 2019 to enhancebookprioritizes nativevideos shooting accordingly.has introduced a resolution to urge the economicdevel-videos that are uploaded directly to Keep it entertaining, to the point, establishment of an Indiana Office of opment,attractFacebookover those shared from and as short as you can. Between at- Outdoor Recreation Development(Sen- new talent to In-another source, YouTube for example. tention spans, busy lives, and con- ateConcurrentResolutionNo.15) dianaswork-The benefits of native posting are in- sumer expectations, shorter is better. within the Indiana Destination Devel- force, and boost Gov. Eric Holcombcredible, boasting 478% more shares That said, make sure you take enough opment Corporation (IDDC). the states profilethanvideosfromoutsidesources. timetotellyourstoryandhold On Jan. 30, this resolution was ap- as an excellent destination for visitors.From standard videos to Facebook viewer attention. provedunanimouslybytheIndiana The IDDC is led by Elaine Bedel, theLive to Stories, theres never been a SenateCommitteeonNaturalRe- previous president of the Indiana Eco-better time to market on Facebook Video Content Trends sources and will next go to the states nomic Development Corp., the stateswith moving pictures.When we talk about trends, were Senate floor for a vote. If the Indiana lead economic development agency.Instagram, still the darling of Mil- really talking about whats important State Senate passes this resolution and Having worked with Elaine on sev-lennials, has staked its claim to video to our audience. In last months Mod- IDDC creates the office, Indiana will eral RV industry initiatives in the past,with short, ephemeral Stories. These ern Marketing we reviewed trend re- join 17 other states that have estab- including the creation of the RV Tech-collections of 15-second clips, which portsfromFacebook,Twitter,and lished offices of outdoor recreation. nical Institute, I know that her expertisecanbestrungtogethertocreate Pinterest. Balance/well-being, eco- The newly introduced resolution out- in both public and private sector poli-longerstories,disappearafter24 friendly practices, and rewilding were linestheprioritiesfortheoutdoor cymaking will be extremely valuable tohours. Users can create a mishmash three that most likely apply to your recreation office, including increasing the success of this office in growing theof still images, videos, GIFs, etc., add outdoor hospitality customer. Make outdoorrecreation-basedeconomic outdoor recreation economy in Indi-stickers,geotagging,hashtags,and note of how your business addresses development, tourism, and ecotourism; ana, said RVIAs Director of Govern-commentary, and connect them to these trends and how you can create promoting the growth of the outdoor mentAffairsMikeOchs.Welooktheir Facebook page if they wish. The video stories to communicate this to recreation economy; and promoting the forward to continuing to work togetheraccount owner can save stories and your prospects and customers.health and social benefits of outdoor on this new initiative. WCMplace them under an IG profile. Insta- Coming across my screen recently,8 -March 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'