b'MODERN MARKETINGIts Critical to Understand Whos Using Social Media These Daysyou begin to think about what type of 85% of Facebook users watch videos number of channel subscribers, watchcontent to post, how frequently to post, with the sound off. Captioned video ads time, and viewer/channel relationshipetc. As always, savvy reviews of your can increase video view time by an av- all play a part in surfacing videos inEvanneplatforminsights,awrittencontent erage of 12%. YouTubes Watch Next. plan, and an automated posting tool are42% of customer service responses Interestingly*:Schmarder your greatest allies in this instance.happen during the first 60 minutes20% of users will leave a video if itIts likely your business participates hasnt hooked them in the first 10 sec-on one or more of the big three plat- Instagramonds.forms,Facebook,Instagram,and Started in 2010 as Burbn, a mobile75% of adults turn to YouTube forI cant decide if Im excited or an- YouTube. Review current U.S. statistics check-in app, the two young American nostalgia rather than tutorials or currentnoyed when a new social media plat- oftheseplatformsandaskyourself founders decided to pivot, taking the events.form appears on the scene. On the one how they relate to your intended audi- app in a different direction. The result?Millennials prefer YouTube 2 to 1hand, its shiny and new, usually hip, ence. Perhaps youll notice that things An easy to use photo-sharing app called over both broadcast and cable televisionand full of possibilities. Its future might havestayedrelativelystableoryou Instagram.Facebookpurchasedthebe bright. Its story is waiting to be writ- might discover changes that merit re- platformin2012(for$1billionplus A Marketing Necessity ten. evaluation. stock). Shamelessly, Facebook set about Paying attention to platform statisticsOn the other hand, probably like you, to copy/squash what it saw as one of itsas boring as it may beand adjustingit has taken me quite a bit of time, re- Facebook main competitors in ethereal content, your efforts accordingly can make thesearch, and experimentation to identify Not the first social media network Snapchat. Today, Instagram is a must- differencebetweenspinningyourand fine-tune the best performing plat- but arguably the most successful, Face- market platform for many industries.wheels and gaining social media trac-forms for my business. It seems as soon book began its rocket ship existence as Thirty-seven percent of U.S. adults tion. Like it or not, the legacy platformsas I get my chosen platforms humming a (kind of creepy) tool for college boys. use Instagram, with 60% of users on theFacebook, Instagram, and YouTube alongalmost on autopilottheres an Today, it is an $80 billion business that platform daily. There are twice as many will continue to change with the times.update that threatens to lay waste to my plays a part in nearly every area of our urban users (46%) as rural users (21%) The wise modern marketer keeps a tabhard work.lives,includingpoliticsandinterna- and a middling 35% are suburban users. on the shifts of these platforms and isSometimes, however, it isnt a new al- tional issues. Instagram tends to skew to a more afflu- cognizant of how they affect their onlinegorithmbutuserdemographicsthat In the U.S., 69% of adults use Face- ent audience. marketing plan.make it essential to adjust my digital book with 74% of users on the platform Online adults using Instagram: Trackthestealthmoversand/ormarketingprogram.Knowingthis,a daily. There are a nearly equal numbersWomen: 43% emerging platforms. Once youve mas-regular review of platforms and per- of urban, suburban, and rural users andMen: 31% tered the big three, begin reviewing oth-formance coupled with understanding a nearly equal base among all income Percentageofonlineagegroups ers user stats. Pinterest continues toexactly who the customer is, where they groups. using Instagram: holditsground.Ifyoubelievethegettheirinformation,andwhat Online adults using Facebook:18-29: 67% under-30 crowd has sway in whether orprompts them to make decisions is aWomen: 75%30-49: 47% not to visit your park, TikTokshould benecessary course of action. Men: 63%50-64: 23% on your radar.Percentageofonlineagegroups65-plus: 8% In ongoing analysis, the most impor-Are You Shouting into The Wind?using Facebook: In general, 77% of Instagram users tant question to keep top of mind is,Whenitcomestoeffectivesocial18-24 and 30-49: 79% view photos, 45% share content with are these social media users my cus-media marketing, the term shouting50-64: 68% everyone while 31% also share content tomers? Let your answer be your guide.into the wind has never been more rel-65-plus: 40% one-on-one, and 51% watch videos. *Interesting facts gathered from Om-evant, since 72% of Americans (of all In general, 65% of Facebook users Interestingly*: nicoreAgency.com.stripes) use social media. You must fig- view photos, 57% share content withPosts with a location get 79% moreure out on which platform your audi- everyone, while 43% also share content engagement. Want to know more about mar-ence gathers. Only once you determine one-on-one, and 46% watch videos. Photos with faces get 38% more keting your RV park or campgroundwhere they spend their time online can Interestingly*: likes. online? Evanne Schmarder, princi- Posts with at least one hashtag av- pal and founder of the RV industry-erage 12.6% more engagement specificdigitalmarketingfirmRoadabode Production, has a newYouTube book to help you do just that. Mar-Consideredtheworldssecond- keting YourRVPark/Campgroundlargest search engine, Googles video Online is available as an ebook atplatform YouTube is the worlds pre- your favorite online bookseller or ineminentonlinevideosource(even print at Amazon.com. WCMthough Facebook continues to try towrest it away). From an abundance ofvideo content ideas to the vast majorityof Americans with a video camera intheir pocket, marketing with video hasnever been more accessible or morecompetitive. Seventy-three percent of U.S. adultsuse YouTube, with 51% of users on theplatform daily. There is nearly an equalamount of urban (77%) and suburban(74%) of viewers with a close 64% ofviewers living in a rural location. It has a nearly equal base among allincome groups.Online adults using YouTube: Women: 68% Men: 78%Percentageofonlineagegroupsusing YouTube: 18-29: 91% 30-49: 87% 50-64: 70% 65-plus: 38%Seventypercentofthevideoswatched on YouTube are determined bythe platforms recommendation algo-rithm. The algorithm is complex but notincomprehensible. YouTube SEO, the10 -April 2020Woodalls Campground Management'