b'turings bread and butter, but the company also produces campfire rings and benches. Bear-proof containers also are a popular product for the com-Smith told WCM that sales remained steady in 2019. He said that the company has kept the pany.same product catalog for several years and that there are no plans to change it in the near future.Depending on where campgrounds are located, the govern-(800) 732-4602www.chadwickmfg.com ment has issued orders that say campgrounds have to providebear-proof containers, said Shoemaker. We are located right byCommercial Recreation Specialists the Smoky Mountains, so campgrounds around here all want theRon Romens, founder and president of Commer- containers.cial Recreation Specialists (CRS), told WCMthat he In business for 38 years, Shoemaker said Frostys products arehas noticed more campground owners using the designed to be durable.furniture his company sells to create a waterfront We have a base of customers that we have carried for severalarea where campers can relax and enjoy active years, he said. We build durable steel products and our customers like the quality we provide.recreation.(800) 376-7897www.parkequipment.comThe company has noticed more owners buying Great American DirectAdirondack-style chairs in numerous colors. We also are now selling Aquabanas, which are Williamsburg, Va.-based Great American Directfloating cabanas that owners can rent out to their offers a wide-range of outdoor furniture, includingcampers, he explained.tables, chairs and umbrellas along with mattresses.The Aquabanas offer campers a way to relax, Donna Foutssaid she was introduced to sellingwith shade, lighting and even coolers, while also mattresses by accident when she met a mattressproviding access to the water. Parks can rent the designer who offered to create a mattress specifi-smaller units for $80 a day and up to $120 a day for cally for her beds at the campground. larger units, explained Romens.He designed it, and I bought some. People likedWe are also seeing campground owners cre- them and I started selling them to some of my KOAate segmented areas on their beaches that contain chairs, shade and more, that they rent out to friends, she said.campers, he said. It provides a chance for campers to ensure they have their own space on Everything the company sells has been tested atthe beach. Fouts KOA park, and she notes that when she goes(877) 896-8442www.crs4rec.com to show off the companys products at shows, thepieces she brings are from the park.Doty & Sons Concrete Products Inc. We bring furniture that we actually use so thatSam Doty, the owner of Sycamore, Ill.-based people can see the stability of it and the longevity,Doty & Sons Concrete Products Inc., told WCMthat she explained.the firm provides outdoor tables, benches, and re- Some of the companys newer products includecycling and litter containers, among other products, a king-sized bed meant to fit perfectly in coveredto campground owners.wagons, along with a new line of hammocks that are made from materials resistant to mold,The companys tables come in either a round or mildew and UV damage.square shape.Im telling people to go and lie down on your beds and see if they are comfortable, FoutsWe also have tables that are designed like picnic tables, offering long explained. Because more than anything else at your park, if you have an accommodation unit,seats with long tabletops, all made from concrete, said Doty. campers spend seven to eight hours in that bed.Tables are available with stainless steel couplers that allow for um- Everything needs to be tested at the comfort level, she added. Its not about how thingsbrellas to be used with the table. look; its about the seating of it or the comfort of the mattress or the sofa bed.The tables are available in different finishes and are designed to last (757) 229-0567www.greatamericandirect.comfor many years, explained Doty. Jamestown Advanced Products Corp.Some of the companys tables also come with concrete leg bases anda wood top. Jamestown, N.Y.-based Jamestown Ad-If a campground owner wanted to buy just the legs from us and install vanced Products Corp. continues to seehis own wood on top, we have those types of legs as well, said Doty. year-over-yeargrowth,accordingtoBenches can come with a cement backing, or owners can choose to place wood or recycled Spencer Santilli, a marketing associate forlumber on the back. the company. The company offers an arrayWe design our cement legs at a certain pitch so that the benches are comfortable to sit on, of site furnishings, including picnic tables,noted Doty. fire rings, and grills.The company also can design bike racks, planters, and other items. Right now, we are seeing an increase inOur signpost blocks are popular with owners, Doty explained. orders for our portable dog park equipment(800) 233-3907www.dotyconcrete.com as many campgrounds look to add a dogpark, he explained. Additionally, we stillFireside Lodge Furniture Company see consistent growth in sales for our stan-Furniture designed out of cedar logs is some of dard picnic tables, as well as the metal decorative perforated tables that are being used poolside,the most popular furniture Fireside Lodge is selling in pavilions, at group gathering areas and many more locations around a campground.in the campground sector, according to Trosvig. Jamestown also is seeing an increased interest in recycled plastic tables made with galva-We have a couple of other products aimed to- nized frames.wards campgrounds that have more of a mission- This combination of materials is extremely durable and long-lasting, while also being an at-styleorreclaimed-woodlook,saidTrosvig. tractive option, Santilli said. Additionally, there has been a significant uptick in interest aroundThough we are seeing good responses from those our recycled plastic slatted trash receptacles which are now available with a liner and the optionlines, nothing is beating cedar right now. of either a flat or domed recycled plastic lid.Designed to be easy to assemble, Fireside Lodges prod- Santilli said the company expects to see even more growth in the years to come.ucts are also meant to be durable, according to Trosvig. With the growth we have seen over the last few years, our new products, a revamped cat-Parks have a lot of guests coming through, and so the alog, our enthusiastic sales staff and a dedicated production team, we certainly believe that busi-furniture they place in their units needs to be durable, he ex- ness will continue to trend upwards through 2020 and beyond, he explained.plained. (800) 452-0639www.jamestownadvanced.comThe wood furniture also is designed to be relativelyeasy Kay Park Recreationto maintain. For Kay Park Recreation, picnic tables and grillsWe offer furniture unfinished or finished, Trosvig said. are the No. 1 sellers in the campground and RV parkIf its unfinished, obviously owners will finish it on-site if they sectors, according to Marilee Gray, marketing di-so choose. Then its dependent on what type of finish they rector for the Janesville, Iowa-based company.use. With our finish, we use a clear-coat catalyzed lacquer. Kay Park also sells benches, umbrellas, solarIt has good durability, but over time with wear and tear, every charging stations and message centers, amongfew years, they might have to reapply some finish. For the most part, its pretty maintenance-free, other products. as far any commercial furniture goes, especially natural wood. The solar charging stations are designed to sit(218) 568-6188www.firesidelodgefurniture.com on a table and allow campers to connect their elec-Frostys Park Equipment tronic devices and charge them while they are out-sideatacampground.PoweredthroughsolarNot much has changed at Morristown, Tenn.-based technology, owners wont need to provide electric-Frostys Park Equipment, according to owner Eric ity to the units. Shoemaker. The company keeps its catalog small and Parents can sit under the shade of an umbrellabuilds everything in-house. and charge their devices while their kids play at aOur adjustable grills continue to be our top sell- nearby park, Gray noted. Somebody could be uti-ers, Shoemaker explained. lizing their laptop at a table with one of those unitsWOODALLSCM.com April 2020-19'