b'on it and be able to enjoy the outdoors while doing some work. to throw away the entire chair, he noted.The companys message centers are weather-resistant and I can send them a component to fix it.allow for owners to post notices to their campers about events (608) 269-4315www.lynkris.comthat may be happening at the park. They can be pretty helpful at large parks where people might Pilot Rocknot want to walk up to the front office to see what activities are Pilot Rock continues to see picnic ta-being held on a particular day, Gray explained.bles, charcoal grills, campfire rings and(866) 284-1780www.kaypark.com benches in high demand, Thomas said.Lynkris Patio Furniture Inc. Other items Pilot Rock sells include lightpoles, bike racks, and various product ac-Sparta, Wis.-based Lynkris Patio Furniture supplies PVC furniture to the RV park and camp- cessories.ground sectors, according to Bruce Webster, the companys president. Thomas said that Pilot Rocks bench lineThe company sells chairs, tables, umbrellas, and shower benches. could be custom crafted by color and byWe make both a cushion and a sling line of fur- material. They can even add lettering toniture, but very few campgrounds do the cushion both benches and picnic tables.line, said Webster. Our adjustable beach lounge We focus on making higher qualitychair is one of our most popular sellers so far. products that are going to last customersThe company manufactures every product the alongtimeiftheymaintainthemcor-company sells, Webster explained. rectly, explained Thomas. We also workThat is what sets us apart, he said. to hit a price point that makes sense for ourThe company also sells a fiberglass rib umbrella, customers, while trying to help them un-which Webster said is a little more expensive, but ex- derstand that our products are of highertremely durable. quality than they may find in other places.We sell the majority of our products with the (800) 762-5002www.pilotrock.comwhite frames, he explained. The darker frames gethot in the sun, and they can be harder to clean. Polly ProductsEverything the company sells comes with a 10- Recycled plastic is the only thing thatyear frame warranty, and Webster said the company Mulliken, Mich.-based Polly Products usessellsthe components for all its products. when manufacturing their products, mak-If anything ever breaks, an owner doesnt have ing them a sustainable supplier, accord-ing to Anson.Wemanufacturepicnictables,benches, trash and recycling receptacles,signage and message centers, she said.Anson said that she has traveled to sev-eral trade shows throughout the U.S. andhas heard campground owners lament thefact that they have to paint their standardwood picnic tables every year.Its something you replace once, andyou dont have to worry about it again,Anson explained. You can wash it with abrush and a bucket of detergent water, andyoure done.Polly Products tables are built with re-cycled plastic boards that are an inch-and-a-half thick and created from #2 HDPE, thesame type of plastic that milk jugs aremade out of, according to Anson. All prod-ucts that Polly Products produces are alsobuilt with stainless steel fasteners, whichshe said will hold up longer than galva-nized steel.(877) 609-2243 www.pollyproducts.comWCMAngola/Hogback Lake KOA Open-ing Lazy River, 6 Deluxe CabinsCampers in Indiana will find two relaxingnewfeaturesattheAngola/HogbackLakeKampgrounds of America(KOA) Holidayin An-gola when the campground opens for the sea-son on March 31, according to park officials.Construction of the new Lazy Riverand poolcomplex was completed last fall and will beready for campers to enjoy during the 2020 sum-mer camping season. The Lazy River features ameandering stream that will gently propel swim-mers through several curves before arrivingback at the main pool.The campground also will have six newfarmhouse Deluxe Cabins. The cabins allhave a rustic farmhouse look on the outside withfront porches but will include all of the same fa-miliar amenities inside that campers have cometo expect with KOA Deluxe Cabins.WCM20 -April 2020Woodalls Campground Management'