b'A willingness to make changes has allowed Big Meadow to add amenities that help createmore memories for its campers. Be open to making changes in your make things up or complain becauseactivities and entertainment: While park rules involving speed limits andthe Johnsons have tried to enhance parking are actually enforced.theirbusinesswithsomeactivities, If I correct somebody, then Im asuchasicecreamsocials,chili Nazi or a control freak. But we enforcecookoffs, storytellers and live gospel our speed limit, he said, adding thatand bluegrass music, they found that he also insists that people park theirtheir guests did not respond as well. vehicles on campsite driveways andWhy?Becausetheyaremoreinter- not on the grass.ested in visiting Gatlinburg or Pigeon But while theres always an occa-Forgeorridingtheirmotorcycles sionalcamperwhowillcomplainthrough Great Smoky Mountains Na- about something for whatever reason,tional Park. most campers like what the JohnsonsThe Johnsons provide a full lineup of are doing. Their park has not only se-cable TV, but their Wi-Fi service gener- cured consistently high ratings fromates positive responses from campers. TripAdvisor,buttopratingsfromThe Johnsons guests also like potluck- GoodSam,whichratedtheparkstylefamilyThanksgivingdinners, 9.5/10/10 in its latest directory. WCMwhere the Johnsons prepare the turkeyand ham, and their guests bring theside dishes. This event is so popular Campground Overviewthat the Johnsons sell out their camp- Name:ground every Thanksgiving weekend. Big Meadow Family CampgroundGuestsalsoenjoythepancake Address: breakfasts that the local Kiwanis clubholds at the park for fundraising pur- 8215 Cedar Creek Rd., Townsend,poses. The park receives no proceeds Tenn., 37822from the breakfast. Physical Description:Reinvestprofitsbackintoyour Big Meadow Family Campground park:Sometimesweput$100,000 is a family and dog-friendly camp-back into the park (in a single year), ground in Townsend, Tennessee Barbara Johnson said. We have a list near the Great Smoky Mountainsof improvements we want to make. We National Park with easy access forhave always pushed to make ourselves campers and big rigs with pull-better, she said, adding that her fam- through concrete pads, patio sitesily is currently planning to double thesize of their campstore. and year-round RV storage.Despite trying to do everything they Season:can to please their guests, they some- Open year-roundtimes get a bad online review. The Website:good ones are good. The bad ones just www.bigmeadowcampground.comtearusupemotionally,Malcolm Contact:Johnsonsaid. Wetakethosecom-plaints personally. (865) 448-0625WCMBut sometimes, he said, people justStoring RVs has given Big Meadow an added source of income. WOODALLSCM.com April 2020-31'