b'Attracting Employeesfrom page 24 campground environment. Inaddition,KOA-affiliatedworkNationis a recruitment resource that is campers tend to have a great attitude asa significant advantage to being affili- they are mixing the joy of the lifestyleated with KOA because many of the withtheworkathand,Wathenex-workers in the system are already vetted plained. and need little training to work in the Hecht advises owners to take advan-tage of local assets. Whether its posting in a church orschool bulletin, newspaper, website orgoing to a local chamber of commercemeetinginyourareaandusingtheopen mic time to make an announce-ment, local assets like that can pay off,she explained. Offering experienced staff members incentives to come back the following year can helpManytimes,localmovietheaters alleviate the need to hire and train workers as a new season approaches. have ads before the feature show thatarea companies can use to advertiseopenings as well, Hecht noted.and an enhanced package for the next are their desires? What are they going toseason. do when theyre not working with you?Keeping Good People OnceShe said since most of her properties If they are in Florida in the winter andYouve Employed Them operate April to October, some workers then they are in Ohio in the summer,The experts agreed that keeping good return as early as February and stay as talk to them while they are in Florida.people once they are hired is as much of late as December. SendthemChristmasorbirthdaya continuous process as attracting them. Really, when we look at seasonality, cards.The bulk of our staff is seasonal, for the people who are making these Werenotperfect,saidChurch.said Church. Creating that healthy cul- full-time efforts, we extend the season Sometimes we take a chance on some-ture is one of the ways we get people as long as we can, Church explained. body and it works in our favor. Othercoming back season after season. We sit An affiliation with other businesses times it doesnt.down and do a mini-performance eval- that need part-time help in the offsea- From a seasonal perspective, Churchuation and talk about their desires for son also keeps these seasonal workers looksforsomebodywithdriveandnext season. Seasonal employees who in a position to return. commitment.you want to return should walk away at What I always say is while they are We try to be as transparent as pos-the end of the season with a solid offer with you, assess the temperature, create sible and lay everything out from theanenvironmentthatpeoplewould get-go, said Church. That way some-want to return to, and then give them an one can walk in with a clear idea ofincentive to want to return, said Hecht.what theyre doing and when theyreShe recommends tactics to keep peo- doing it, and if theyre still excited afterple engaged and loyal that are simply weve laid it all on the table, a lot ofbased on kindness and extend a family times thats the deciding factor to bringattitude. In many ways, employees are a them back.part of your family, Hecht said.We dont like to dangle unrealisticThere are a lot of owners who will carrots to people about potentially be-givebonusestopeopleiftheystay coming full-time or anything like that,through the season, she explained. If she added. We put our cards on thetheycomebackthefollowingyear, table, and if they reciprocate, then wetheyll make it a bit more aggressive appreciate the work.eachtime. Theycontinuallykeepin Hecht concluded, Keeping a workingcontact with these employees through- relationship is like any other relation-Offering employees support and training out the off-season, and they develop a ship. The more that you stay in positivecan alleviate on-the-job stress.relationship thats talking to somebody contact with your people, the better offabout their lifenot the weather. What you are at keeping them.WCMCampCalNOW Hosting Active ShooterDemo at Summit, Session on VouchersThe CampCalNOW RV Park and Camp-ground Alliance(CampCalNOW) is set to hostan active-shooter live demo during its Educa-tionalSummit&TradeShow atLaunchPointe RV Parkon Lake Elsinore April 1-2, ac-cording to CampCalNOW officials.The live demo will be presented by PatrickHardy, CEO of Hytropy Reverse Disaster, afirm that helps businesses prepare for disas-ters. Benefits of a discount voucher programIn todays environment, the threat of an administered through CampCalNOW include:active shooter is an unfortunate yet very realA custom website that CampCalNOW ad-possibility, noted CampCalNOW officials. It ministers for park owners. This allows ownersis important for you and your staff to know to offer their own discount programs withhow to manage park guests, media inquiries, their parks rates, photos, content and policiesand emergency personnel. that can be modified.Hardys last interactive live demo was heldVouchers are purchased and valid for anduring a previous CampCalNOW event hosted extended travel period, encouraging plan-atPechangaRVResort andsimulateda ahead travel.propane tank explosion. Local emergencyAll revenue is deposited into a parksservices also participated in the drill, which bank account immediately upon voucher pur-allowed both local officials and the attendees chase to increase an owners cash flow.to test their preparedness.Refunds are made available for a periodCampCalNOW is also set to host a session predetermined by a parks owner.on its new voucher program during the con-Administration fees are less than mostference. Through the custom voucher pro- third-party discount travel sites, according togram guests can view a parks discount offers CampCalNOW officials.and then buy the vouchers with a locked-in To learn more about CampCalNows sum-rate to be redeemed at a later date. mit, head to campcalnow.org. WCM32 -April 2020Woodalls Campground Management'