b'COVID-19 CrisisARVC & State Associationsfrom page 20Bambeinotedthat1,700lettersfrom the RV park and campgroundsector had already been submitted bylate March, after only two days of theprogram becoming active.Weveworkedverycloselywithourstatepartners,heexplained.Again, whether theyre partnering ornon-partnering,itdoesntmatter.Some of them are in very sensitive sit-uations. Some have seen the politicalhorizon settle down and have gottenit where they want it, and they dont ARVC has been working with its partners in the RVwant a flood of letters and communi- industry to send letters about the impact COVID-19 cations coming in that could disrupt related park shutdowns are having on the RV parkwhat theyve already achieved. Thats and campground sectors.again something that smart organiza-tions do. They figure out where wecan be effective and where we need to hethinkstheRVparkandcamp- using all the funding and resources that throughanairport.AndIthinkitslay off, and thats how we designed ground sectors will return to a new are available through our three organ- going to be more amplified with thisthis letter campaign. kind of normalcy once the COVID-19 izations to send that unified message go-around, because those things I justARVCsBusinessForum,which virus begins to fade. out to anybody who will listen to it, he mentionedhotels, airports and air-consists of 20 leaders from different Im not a psychologist, but I just be- explained. The message says, Come planestheyre still going to be outorganizationsthroughouttheout- lieve that this is always going to float in toourcampgroundsandgetreac- there,butIthinkpeoplearehyperdoorhospitalityindustry,hasalso the back of peoples minds and mem- quainted with the outdoors. I think aware and wont want to use them iftaken a significant role in distributing ories, and I think that the good upshot more than anything, we will just hark they dont have to.letters to federal, state, and local offi- of it is that our campgrounds are going backonmaybethemesthatalways ARVC is also preparing to relaunchcials where needed. to be cleaner places, more hygienic worked for us in the past, whether it Go Camping America, a consumer-Bambei said that ARVC continues places to have families come and enjoy was the 9/11 situation in our country facing resource that provides infor-tofocusongettingRVparksand themselves, and thats always a good or the last recession, Bambei contin- mationonprivateRVparksandcampgrounds deemed as essential, thing, he explained. ued. Our industry always sustained campgrounds,withanewwebsitewhilealsoworkingtoensurethat Bambei said that he sees the out- and actually spiked during those times, and mobile app, but that has been de-campground owners and government door hospitality sector being an en- and it primarily was because people layed by the COVID-19 crisis.officials realize that the industry is gine for pent-up consumer demand felt the need to come to the outdoors Thats going to be a key aspect ofvery focused on following the Centers that is being created by COVID-19. and enjoy themselves and their fami- driving the American people who lovefor Disease Control and Prevention Collaborating with RVIA and RVDA, lies in a way that was affordable and to camp and RV and who have been(CDC) guidelines. we are having strategic conversations relativelyclosetohome,whereyou cooped up in their homes and want toLooking to the future, Bambei said topresentthatinaneffectiveway, didnt have to jump on a plane or walk get outdoors again, Bambei said.WCM22 -May 2020Woodalls Campground Management'