b'COVID-19 CrisisSurviving COVID-19from page 21 ning to stay in April and helping themreschedule their trip for later in the sea-once this passes, people who have been son or the fall.cooped up for a while are going to beready to get out. I think we are going to Mitigating the Spread of the Virussee more local and regional business. While park owners around the coun-At Ocean City, Md.-based Blue Water try are still operating their parks duringHospitality, a development group that the COVID-19 crisis, many have alsoownsanumberof taken additional steps to protect theirKOAs and one non- employeesandcampers,helpingtoKOA-brandedpark, mitigate the spread of the virus. AshleyChurch,the Church noted that while most of Bluecompanyshuman Waters parks are not yet open, the com-resourcesmanager, pany still has employees onsite prepar-noted the company ing for when the parks do open. Ashley Church has no open parks at We are definitely taking the advicethe moment and that that the Centers for Disease Controlit has delayed the openings of its parks and Prevention (CDC) has provided byuntil the end of April.beefing up our cleaning procedures andBlue Waters newest park, the Outer protocols, she elaborated. The teamBanks West/Currituck Sound KOA, is has spent a lot of time procuring thestill set to open for its inaugural season right supplies and making sure the ma-on May 15.terials are on hand so that we can useWere really pleased with the num- them and use them as weve been in- Some park owners are spacing out RVs to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and follow socialber of advanced registrations this year, structed to do.distancing guidelines.andreallyeveryindicatoriskindof But because the bulk of our proper-leading toward just an absolutely won- ties are open air, thankfully, that savesderful season, explained Church. Ob- us a lot of additional work and respon- cabins open are spacing out how often stillexpectingagreatsummer,withviously, over the past couple of weeks sibility on the cleaning side of things, campers can rent them. maybe more fall traffic. we are seeing guests show a little more Church added. But in our bathhouses Jellystone Parks are also well known Americans are resilient. If we can putcautionabouttravelinginApriland and other similar features, we are defi- for attracting children. Hershenson said this virus behind us, well still be able toMay, but June is really holding strong, nitely taking the extra steps. the responsibility to ensure children are salvage a good summer, Lauland said.andJulyandAugustremainstrong. The Jellystone Park system has ad- following the proper social distancing Dealing with this virus has definitelyWeve really been focusing on the mes- vised its park owners to ensure they are guidelines mainly falls on parents, but been a learning experience for everyonesage of postponing your trip as opposed following social distancing guidelines that park owners are taking action if kids and now we have a game plan on howto canceling, she added. Weve taken and properly disinfecting every area of are not following guidelines. to adjust if we are faced with a similara really proactive approach with our their parks. Park owners have imple- Wearespacingcampersfurther incident in the future.customers. Were making a lot of out- mented more thorough cleaning proce- apart, but if particular campers arent WathennotedthatRACsreserva-bound calls to guests who were plan- dures,andparkownerswhohave following the rules, we are telling own- tions still look great for the summer. ers to tell those campers that they must I cant really comment one way orleave the property, he explained. another on what the impact will be, heCampgroundownersunderstand said. Yes, we have had some cancella-the larger issues at hand here and they tions, but everything looks good rightare doing all they can to keep everybody now. We are still in positive territory.safe and get through this as quickly as Churchhighlightedapotentialpossible, Hershenson added. strong fall season. Lauland feels RVC was already ahead The fall has become the new springof the game.in some ways, she explained. Last yearwe saw a really huge push in September,OctoberandevenearlyNovemberreservations. Halloween obviously is ahuge driver of campers in the campingindustry. I anticipate seeing a strongpush in the back half of the year for any-bodywhowasntabletodospringcamping. I know a lot of people whocamp in the spring like campgrounds tobe a little quieter, a little more easygo-ing, and so the fall is definitely a greattime for them to still get that same ex-perience.AtJellystone,Hershensonsharesmuch of the same sentiments about thefall. Fallhasreallybecomeasecondsummerforus,andwefeelthatcampers are going to be looking to staycloser to home and that they are goingto want to do more things as a family,he explained.A poster advocating social distancing.Hershensonsaidthecompanyishoping that after 6-8 weeks, the periodOur resorts have always been recog- of time the CDC had originally called fornizedforourhighcleanlinessstan- restrictions,theCOVID-19crisiswilldards, but we were quick to initiate the begin to fade and things will slowly turnCDC guidelines for disinfecting heavily towards a busy summer.utilized areas, he explained. Im en- Normally,25%to30%ofthecouraging our resorts to open up the campers who book our cabins do so lessdoors to our lodges, weather permitting, than a month in advance anyway, ex-so we can keep the lodges well venti- plained Hershenson. Around 50% oflated as suggested by the CDC. the people who book RV sites did it lessthan a month in advance, too. I thinkGood Times Around the Corner? those numbers will skyrocket becauseManyinthecampgroundandRV everyones just waiting to get out and dopark sectors that WCM spoke with are activities. WCM24 -May 2020Woodalls Campground Management'