b'Registration Softwarefrom page 12 Thegoalwasto confirm a reservation or cancel and changecreate a very simplistic a reservation.Bonfire systemthatoffered McGee said that while a lot of campersLabeled a very simple reservation man- users a ton of features may make a reservation online, the centeragementsoftware,Dallas,Texas-based to make things more ef- will get calls from individuals who might haveBonfire provides tools for managing reserva- ficient, King explained. put a wrong date in by accident or want totions, as well as an owners guest book, ac- We include a calendar confirm they reserved their site correctly. cordingtoJerryKing,founderofthe representationofan Jerry King (605) 574-3405company.owners reservations, aThe cloud-based software also includes a daily dashboard with core industry reporting, Campspotdedicated online booking page for each park. and an amenity feature that allows owners to Cochran said Campspot has been veryadd discounts or additional charges. busy onboarding 350 to 400 new parks overthe past nine months. We have seen some pretty good growthand there are still around 150 parks looking togo live here soon, he noted. Over the past year, the company has beenCampLife focused on integrating a slew of new fea-For some, CampLife may seem like a new tures to the system including split invoicing,addition to the reservation and management recurring billing, automated payments, ACHsoftware landscape, but really it is a rebrand payments and more.of Campground Automation Systems and its It has allowed us to add a ton of seasonalsoftware, Sunrise, which has been servicing parks to our system because we added thosecampgrounds for the last 13 years.features, Cochran said. We are still in that transition phase, but Campspot also continues to push its dy-our customers have responded well to the namic pricing tool, which allows owners tonew branding and are excited about the new charge more or less for a site depending onlook, explained the companys Marketing Di- demand. The company is also working on au-rector Emily Halvorsen. tomating its AB Conversion Testing.The past year was a Essentially what happens is you send outThesoftwarealsoincludesintegrated record-settingonefor pricing at $58 for a site to online guests, whilepayment processing, which allows owners to us in terms of the num- some guests see $75, Cochran said. Twotake deposits from guests and see the money berofnewparkswe different people, two different areas, they seehit their accounts in as little as 24 hours.brought on. The camp- two different prices. Then we give you report-(877) 377-9682 ing industry continues ing that notes the conversion rate. If yourewww.letsbonfire.com to be equally strong and converting the same number of sites at $75weareexcitedabout Emily Halvorsen as you are at $58, thats going to give you theCamper Reservation Center the potential for even more growth. confidence to say, hey, this site should be atBased out of Rapid City, S.D., the Camper She explained that park owners are look- $75.Reservation Center serves Kampgrounds of ing more for a product that can be tailored to (616) 226-5514America Inc. (KOA) parks by answering over- their park.www.campspot.comflow calls for park owners and even as a cen- They want a system that is easy to use,tral forwarding number for parks that are but very robust, Halvorsen explained. Weclosed during the winter, according to Jessi really build the software around what theyMcGee, manager of the need and then they are getting trained as wellcenter.sotheywillfeelempoweredtomakeEach park has its changes once the product is live. own unique number, so She also pointed out that CampLife offers,when a call comes in, and will always offer, free support. our specialists see all We are always striving to build depend-of that information pop able relationships, dependable software andup,sheexplained. a team that you can count on, HalvorsenThey answer the call Jessi McGee added.CampWorkslike they are from that park and they can ei- (877) 783-2367 Keith Johnson, founder of Hutchinson,ther make a reservation, check availability, www.getcamplife.com Minn.-based CampWorks, has been spend-ing a lot of his time overthe past year travelingthecountryinhisRVvisiting clients. CampWorksisaWindows-based reser-vationmanagementsystem that is designedto meet the needs of an Keith Johnsonowner without being cumbersome or com-plicated, he noted. We believe we have a superior approachcompared to a purely cloud-based system, heexplained. There is so much more capabilitywe can put into our system compared to aweb-based approach, and it is all local, fast,and they have more reliable access to it.Johnson said the company could set upremote solutions for owners who want ac-cess to the system from anywhere. We offer really the best of both worlds,he added. We have the capability to providemaps,grids,PCIcompliance,integratedcreditcardprocessing,aPOSsystem,monthly billing and we integrate with Quick-Books, among other options. Johnson is also rolling out CampWorksConnect, which is a smartphone app thatpark owners can brand with their parks ownname. (320) 300-4157www.viswrks.com/CampWorks/32 -May 2020Woodalls Campground Management'