b'So far, Adams has integrated a number of trol of coordinating who ResNexus is building a Google Ads featurefeatures into the software including a reser- getswhichsite,pay- into its system. The company is planning tovations grid, an interactive map, a point-of- ments, etc.roll out a lock site feature this summer. sale program, an add-on feature, automated Basically, an owner (385) 218-2637emails and recurring payments.blocks out a section of www.resnexus.comIt is designed to handle long-term reser- sites and then gives ac-vations really well, he explained.cess to an exclusive on-www.fireflyreservations.com line booking engine to Nathan Mayfieldthe coordinator, May-field noted. Then they can email that out toall of their family and friends and can pickwhich sites/cabins they want, and they arethe ones who are coordinating and reservingtheir own spot.He explained that ResNexus has thoughtof all the little nuances, like if a group doesntfill all the sites. Then you can set those sites to expirewithin a certain time period, Mayfield noted. The company also revamped its house-keeping module, making it very visual and a RMSDigital Rez better indicator of how well staff are perform- Galbraith said RMS customers like theDigital Rezprovides reservation manage- NewBook ing, he explained.depth of its software, The Hospitality Cloud. ment software under the RezExpertmoniker, As a new entrant to the U.S. market in late ResNexus also introduced a text-market- Our attribute correspondence feature isa system it has been distributing since 1993, 2018, Illich noted that NewBookdoesnt have ing feature that allows owners to text infor- one that our customers really like, he ex-accordingtoThom the same cult following as some other mationtocampers.Theprogramalso plained. It gives them the ability to type aGibb,chairmanofthe reservation/management providers.supports multi-media messaging as well.form letter and send it out as a text messageboard at Digital Rez.We have been working to ensure every Lookingtothefuture,Mayfieldsaid or an email. I think a lot of our customers like2019wasagreat new client has the best possible experienceyear, and we added a to become our NewBook ambassadors, hebunch of new modules noted. Signing some major RV park groupsthat we feel can really has been a great endorsement and we nowhelp our clients, he ex- have parks online in almost every state in theplained.Thom Gibb U.S.Gibb noted that the company was working The company is launching NewBook Self-on some free modules to help park owners Service Kiosks, which feature 32-inch verti-better operate their parks during the coron- cal touch screens and integrated credit cardavirus crisis.terminals.We are upgrading our online booking de- Our self-service kiosks are going to rev-vices because campgrounds can be com- olutionize the way campgrounds operate, Il-plex, he explained. Our Client Relationship lichexplained.GuestscancompletelyManagement tool allows owners to commu- self-manage their reservations, make walk-nicate directly with campers through the soft- in bookings, payments, access property in-ware. formation/maps,checkin,checkout,The company has also introduced a Sur- purchase add-ons and so much more.vey Module that asks for camper feedback They also feature compatibility with RFIDafter they check-out. wristbands, meaning guests can open gatesThatgoesalongwithourautomated and doors with their wristbands and alsoemail system, Gibb noted.make purchases throughout the park, de-RezExpert also features a panel that al- creasing costs and increasing an ownerslows owners to see all of the deposits they revenue opportunities, he added. have on hold. NewBookisalsoreleasingfullyauto-(800) 811-5988 mated cloud-based key dispensers. Thesewww.digitalrez.com; www.rezexpert.com dispensers will store keys, wristbands andcards. Once guests are provided with a codevia email or SMS, they can use that code toretrieve their keys as well as return their keysto check-out.Within NewBook, we have a dedicatedpage where clients can suggest new fea-tures that would make running their businesseasier, and other clients can vote thumbs upor down for them, Illich noted. If sugges-tions get enough votes, our team will developthe capability and release it in our regularfeature updates.(310) 855-3773www.NewBook.cloudFireflyBradly Adams, founder of Firefly, said hestarted the company with his brother afteropening a campground and not being satis-fied with the reservation platform they wereusing. With a background in software engineer- ResNexusing, Adams said he decided to create his own Salem, Utah-based ResNexushas seen aplatform, launching Firefly at the beginning of ton of growth over the past year, according2020.to Nathan Mayfield, president of the com-I would get frustrated trying to record pany.payments on utilities for monthly campers, We have introduced quite a few new up-Adams said of his former system. When I dates to our software, he explained. designed Firefly, I made sure everything was Some of the new features include a mod-automated. ule that allows group organizers to take con-WOODALLSCM.com May 2020-33'