b'SMART OPERATIONSA Small Business Short-Term Survival Guide to Help Overcome COVID-19of their impacts upon larger numbers $10,000 non-taxable, forgivable loan help you to keep as many employeesof people; however, there are some 45 payment. It is essentially a grant that as possible on your payroll for eightmillion small businesses in the United will be issued directly by the SBA and weeks, even if they are unable to per-PeterStates today, ranging from sole propri- deposited directly into your bank ac- formtheirusualresponsibilities.etorships with a single employee to count, designed to help your small TheseloanswillbedistributedPelland somewhatlargerbusinesseswith business to weather the storm and be through the SBA through local banks.fewerthan500employees.Family ready to welcome guests again when Applicationscanbefoundhere:campgrounds, as well as the vast ma- all of this is behind us. It is important www.sba.gov/funding-programs/jority of suppliers to the industry, fall for your business to survive and to re- loans/paycheck-protection-program. This morning, as the sun rose on a into this small business, mom and turn to its role as a productive compo- In the meantime, contact the banknew day, outside my window I could popcategory.Ifyourunacamp- nent of our countrys economy, and (credit union, or other lending institu-hear birds singing and see trees bud- ground, albeit on a smaller scale, you these funds are intended to help to tion) where you conduct your usualding. We are just short of seeing the are hurting just as badly as the air- make that happen. Go here to apply business, to determine whether or notfirstbloomsofspringbreaking lines, hotels and cruise ship compa- now: https:covid19relief.sba.gov/#/it will be participating in this program.through the ground that was covered nies. Nobody needs to tell you that Thesecondcomponentthatdi- (It is likely that it will be participatingby a fresh blanket of snow just a week your phone is not ringing off the hook rectly applies to your business is the since it will earn fees for processingago.Outsideofhumanityslimited with reservation requests. Paycheck Protection Program. This these loans.) You will otherwise be di-perspective, life is going on as usual. Absolutelynobodyaskedforthe applies to you even if you are the only rected to another nearby bank.For those of us who are sheltering in COVID-19 pandemic, but we are all employee at your campground, but itplace and seeing our livelihoods dis- beingimpacted.Asyouprobably isparticularlyhelpfulforcamp- The Bottom Lineappear like a magicians grand illu- know,theUnitedStatesCongress grounds with a number of employees, As we have heard it said from thesion, life is anything but normal. None passedtheCoronavirusAid,Relief, particularly full-time year-round em- many recent White House briefings,of us can predict where we will be a and Economic Security (CARES) Act in ployees who are essential to the oper- Americawantstoreturntowork.month from now or beyond. Will we late March. Several of the provisions of ation of your business. I understand The only way for this to happen is ifhave personally contracted the coro- this economic stimulus package are that many mid-sized and larger camp- businesses, both large and small, cannavirus, and if so will we be added to designed specifically to provide assis- grounds have put their hiring of sea- survive this current crisis and be readythe numbers of survivors or the grow- tancetobusinesseslikeyours. You sonalemployeesonhold,butyou to open their doors to their customersing numbers of victims? About all we simply need to file the applications cannot be expected to find, hire, and once again. There was a fight to in-candoisprayforthebestanddo andtofilethemquickly.AsIhave train replacements for your manage- cludesmallbusinessassistanceineverything possible to ensure our per- mentioned, there are some 45 million ment and supervisory staff at a mo- what could have otherwise been noth-sonal survival. This includes the sur- smallbusinessesinAmerica,and mentsnotice.Youneedtodo ing more than a massive corporatevival of your small business. probably 99% of them have been seri- everything possible to keep these peo- bail-out. It is your responsibility toWe hear the news reports each day ouslyimpacted.Butthefundsthat ple on your payroll (and off of your apply to receive your fair share of as-about the massive layoffs of employ- have been allocated under this mas- states unemployment compensation sistance.Thefederalgovernmentees in the hotel, restaurant, airline, sive stimulus package will only cover rolls.) wants you to return to being a produc-and retail service industries. Massive approximately one million claims. The Paycheck Protection Program tive taxpayer, your state wants you toretailers such as Macys, Kohls, Best consists of calculated loans that will keep employees on your payroll andBuy,JCPenney,andGaphavefur- You Are Entitled to Assistance be forgiven and converted to non-tax- off the unemployment lines, and yourloughedhundredsofthousandsof Thefirstcomponentthatisnow able grants as long as the funds are campers are eagerly waiting for theemployees. When shopping malls and available is the COVID-19 Economic used as intended. The amount of the time when you can welcome them toretail stores are closed, it is difficult to Injury Disaster Loan assistance pro- loanisdeterminedbyyourdocu- a fully operational park.keep sales associates on the payroll. gram that is administered by the U.S. mented payroll expenses (includingSmallBusinessAdministration independent contractors who are pro- PeterPellandistheCEOof Your Small Business (SBA). This program involves a simple, vided with 1099s rather than W-2s) Pelland Advertising, a company thatThe big companies and the big in- five-page online application that will andasimpleformula.Thegeneral he founded in 1980 that has beendustries dominate the news because entitleyoutoreceiveaone-time idea is for these funds to be used to serving the family camping industryfor nearly 40 years. His company spe-cializes in building fully responsivewebsites, along with producing a fullrange of four-color process print ad-vertising,forclients.LearnmoreaboutPellandAdvertisingathttps://pelland.com/ or see its ad inthis issue. WCM8 -May 2020Woodalls Campground Management'