b'BY BEN QUIGGLE Campgrounds, like the Jellystone Park at Shangri-La, have had toimplement new check-in procedures.then we got the news that we could open onMay 1 and of course the phone started goingcrazy immediately and we began prepping toopen on May 1 instead.Small numbers of campers are slowly returning to Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle One of the normal rituals at any JellystoneBeach, S.C. Normally, the park would be filled with thousands of campers during this time of year. Park is waking Yogi and Boo Boo from theirhibernation, something Schulz had alreadyplanned to do Mothers Day weekend.Pa., S.C. Park Owners Open their Doors as RVers Typically, we would do it during our firstweekend open for the season, but since weAdjust to Camping During the COVID-19 Crisis already told people we were doing it MothersDay weekend, we set up an area where peo-ple could walk by and see the bears sleepingFor some park owners the wait to reopen ders to slowly reopen their economies. an environment that is entirely new to every- and leave them a note, she explained.ended at the beginning of May, with states Forthecampgroundownerswhoare one. Changes abound at the park as most ac-such as South Carolina and Pennsylvania al- being allowed to reopen it is a sign that hope- Usually, most Northern tier parks in the tivities are closed.lowing private parks to reopen their doors to fully the worst of the COVID-19 crisis is be- U.S. have opened their doors and are now We have our store open for business butcampers. Throughout the country state and hind them, but the future is also filled with housing returning seasonal and weekend closed to most entry, Schulz explained. Inlocal officials are evaluating stay at home or- question marks as they operate their parks in campers as they prepare to be packed during other words, unless they have to come inthesummermonths,beginningtypically were asking them not to, and if they do comearound Memorial Day. in, were asking them to wear a mask per theBut, while in some places campgrounds governors order about face-to-face contact.arestartingtoreopen,theactivitiesand We are keeping one bathhouse openamenities that many campgrounds offer are during the day, but that is only for emergen-still closed, including pools, jumping pads, cies, she added. Were asking all camperscampstores and playground equipment. to be self-contained, so were not renting anyCamping looks different this year, ex- tent sites and were not renting any of theplained Lisa Shadron, owner of the 600-site primitive cabins.Goddard Park VacationLand Campgroundin Recreational hotspots like playgrounds,Sandy Lake, Pa. Our bathhouses are closed, pavilions and other common areas are allas is our office and campstore, and we are closed. Housekeeping staff at the park isdoing curbside check-in. Our campers can cleaning the open bathhouse and laundry fa-come shelter-in-place at the campground cilities hourly and are filling out logs thatand enjoy some different scenery. They can show when they cleaned those areas.walk around, but they cant socialize and go We are leaving 72 hours between cabinonto other campers sites. rentals for the cabins that are open, SchulzGolf carts also fell victim under new re- explained. We have our maintenance crewstrictions put in place to protect campers. after every checkout going through RV sitesThat was kind of like taking their kid- and wiping down the pedestals, the waterneys, Shadron told Woodalls Campground hookups and the picnic tables. Right now,Management(WCM). were lucky because the park hasnt been full.In Milton, Pa., the Yogi Bears Jellystone Were able to switch picnic tables out to onesPark Camp-Resort at Shangri-La was also that havent been used.preparing to open its doors on May 1. With Instructional signage is helping to ensure191 sites, Desiree Schulz, manager of the campers understand the importance of main-park, told WCM that the park had about 83 taining social distancing.sites filled during the weekend. In Myrtle Beach, S.C., Ocean Lakes FamilyWe were planning to open on May 8 for Campgroundwas also preparing for openingMothers Day Weekend, she explained. But day on May 1. The campground handlesThe Goddard Park VacationLand Campground has placed signs throughout its park to remindcampers about closings and social distancing. 12 -June 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'