b'Jamestown Advanced ProductsDog-ON-It-ParksUltraSite BarkPark by PlayCoreDog park product suppliers have been noticing sales increasing as more park owners lookto add amenities that cater to furry campers. BY RON BARGERMore Pets are Tagging Along, Meaning Park Owners Needto Be Ready to Cater to These Furry Family MembersThere is no doubt that pets are a Dog parks have cate our customers. munities and park owners look to addlarge part of the camping community.becomeadesired Dogparksarenot pet products. Based on a Go RVing survey, the RV additiontomany one-size-fits-all,so The BarkPark line has become theIndustry Association (RVIA) reported campgrounds, said the company youre fastest growing product category, saidthat 25 million-plus people hit the road BobHanson,ac- purchasingfrom StephanieDevine,vicepresidentofin 2019, and a majority of them had a count and market- shouldnt be either. marketing and brand strategy for thepet tag along. ing manager for Pet Dogparkshave company.More than 65% bring a pet on their Bob Hanson andPlayground somespecialcon- The excitement has also expandedRVexcursions,thesurveystated. Products,amanu- siderationsand into campground sector tradeshows,Dogs dominate at 93% with cats next facturer based in Eclectic, Ala.owners want to look with the National Association of RVat 8%. The 101% total means that some Weve seen a lot of change in the for a company that Park and Campgrounds (ARVC) andRV owners bring both cats and dogs on dogparkindustryoverthepast12 offersalevelofNora VandenBerghe Jamestown Advanced Products part-the road.years, said Nora VandenBerghe, sales expertise and serv- nering to offer a Paws for a BreakThat means it is imperative for park and marketing manager for Dog-ON- ice. area that replicated a campgroundsowners to not only cater to humans, It-Parks. There are more companies Located in Red Bud, Ill., UltraSite, a dog park area at ARVCs Outdoor Hos-but also the furry critters they are bring- offering dog park products than ever PlayCore company, has seen more in- pitality Conference & Expo this pasting with them. before and it is important that we edu- terest in its BarkParkline as more com- November in Knoxville, Tenn. The self-serve dog wash business With a $15 per wash projection, a $9,000 investmentcanbeveryprofitableforcamp- would pay off in 600 dog washes. grounds, explained Caldwell. Some We set campground owners up with the unit theycampgrounds have a cost-per-use need depending on use and volume, he concluded. Ifapplication for the dog wash, where they know or can estimate how many dogs they had lastthe camper pays each time they use year, we can create the best user payment plan andthe self-serve facility, he said. Oth- equipment return on investment for the campground.ers have an added daily rate for dog Keith Caldwell Most pay off in 12 to 14 months. owners to use all the faculties at the www.allpawspetwash.comcampground, including the dog wash. Instead of $15per wash for the use of the dog wash, these camp- DOGIPOT grounds have an additional $5 per day that includes With a tag line of Theeverything. SmartSolutiontoDogIn this scenario, 100 campers paying the daily deluxe Pollution DOGIPOT hasdoggie rate of $5 could bank the owner a clean $500 per offered its pet stations,day. He said this unlimited use model has the additional completewithpick-upAll Paws Pet Washbenefits of a simpler station with fewer moving parts, bags and trash recepta-Its been a crazy ride with the growth of dog washes such as a timer or bill deposit. cles, to campground andin campgrounds, said Keith Caldwell, president of All The hottest selling unit is the APW Option A and C RVparkownerssincePaws Pet Wash. We started making kiosk modular series designed for seasonal use. The company sells di- 1994. buildings hooked up to existing utilities, typically in a rectly to campgrounds, but also has franchise opportu- Ourproductshaveparking lot. We now sell eight different models and have nities.DependingonhowwellequippedtheAPW helped inspire responsi-grown into 600 locations across the country.Option A and C is, it ranges from $7,500 to $18,000.bledogownership16 -June 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'