b'which has been a catalyst to play and agility equipment. thesignificantgrowthof Some campgrounds will also purchase a drinkingdog- friendly areas, said the water fountain, depending on how easy it is to get acompanys President David water supply line to the dog park, Sarver added. Canning.Sarver shared that Gyms For Dogs recently intro-DOGIPOTsellspetsta- duced a new product called Ellie Bears Play & Agilitytions,dispensers,DOG- Bench, which serves as both a sitting bench for peopleVALETS,trashlinerbags, and a play product for dogs themed as a giant doggielitterpick-upbagsand bone. DOGIPARK dog park agility It gives the park a nice dog-friendly look from afar,and amenity equipment. he said. The bench comes in a special Antique PolarOurDOGIPARKagility White color and is a free-standing product that can beequipment, like our DOGI- placed anywhere in or around the park.Tunnel, DOGI-Arch, DOGI- (800) 931-1562www.GymsForDogs.comHoop andfirehydrantallmake it fun for the dogs andaddcharactertothedogpark, Canning noted. Campground customers expectthese amenities at campgrounds now and they need tobe present to compete. (800) 364-7681www.dogipot.com Evolution Dog Wash Built to wash hundreds of dogs per month with min-imal maintenance, the all stainless-steel Evolution DogWash system generates ongoing revenue for camp-grounds while growing canine owner loyalty, accordingto Craig Stevensonof the Denver, Colo.-based firmThis premium amenity quickly becomes an assetthatstrengthensyourbrandandreputation,said Jamestown Advanced ProductsStevenson. Things have been good. We have a new de- Spencer Santilli, marketing asso-sign for the product and our sales volume is up about ciate for Jamestown Advanced Prod-30%.ucts, headquartered in Jamestown,The new wash system runs from $14,500 to $22,500 N.Y., shared that his company hasdepending on how it is equipped. been around since 1987. With our new pricing you can add various configu- Our newly revamped catalog forrations such as a credit card reader, coin operation, on 2020 is available online at our web-board water heater, and so on, Stevenson explained.site, he continued. We also sell RVDog-ON-It-Parks Campgrounds can choose from five models includ- power outlets, benches, tables, fire Spencer SantilliDog-ON-It-Parks presents itself as the first company ing the EZ, EZ+, PLC, PLC+ and the top of the line, rings,trashreceptacles,recyclingin the U.S. to specialize exclusively in dog parks and dog Touch. According to Stevenson, campgrounds are an containers and bear-proof containers, not to mentionpark products.importantbusinesssegmentbehindmulti-family our lines of mounted and portable aluminum dog parkWe have been in business since 2008 and are apartment buildings and car washes.equipment. based in the Pacific Northwest, explained Vanden- Campgrounds come in a strong third, he said. He said the portable aluminum agility equipmentBerghe. We like to say that we do things differently (They are) an important aspect of our business growth. can be easily assembledthan other companies. We design and manufacture Dog washes are becoming a significant amenity at withoutadditionalour products ourselves with no outsourcing. All of campgrounds. Especially those that offer flea and tick toolsandquicklydis-our agility equipment has a lifetime warranty against shampoo.mantles and stores forrust. Stevenson said Evolution stands behind its products seasonal operations. She said Dog-ON-It-Parks offers a wide range of pet- and quality.Allofourequip-friendly solutions for campgrounds and RV parks. From Our units are not painted steel but completely stain- ment,bothportabledogagilityequip- less steel, he explained. We have a two-year extended andmounted,isde-ment, to all stain- warranty for those who use our shampoo and condi- signed to meet Ameri-less steel pet wash tioner products that are supported by a full, online store can Kennel Club(AKC) regulations and can be adjustedstations (both tradi- on our website. This includes replacement parts as to heights that are suitable for the majority of dogs, hetionalbasinstyle well. said.andpedestalstyle (888) 303-0553www.evlolutiondogwash.com(800) 452-0639www.jamestownadvanced.comoptions),firehy-drants,petwastepick-upstationsandsitefurnish-ings.Ourgoalistomakethedesignandpurchasingprocess easy and cost effective for our customers, saidVandenBerghe. One benefit thats very popular withour customers is free customization on select agilitycomponents, which allows them to add their parksname. This is a great way to reinforce brand identity andset your business apart from the competition for a Gyms For Dogs nominal set-up fee.Gyms For Dogs is an Indianapolis, Ind.-based com-She shared that several agility lines for dogs, includ- pany that designs and supplies commercial dog parking the Canine Courtyard, which features components products for facilities all over the U.S. A majority of the Kay Park Recreationsuited for smaller spaces, were among the selection of products it makes are from recycled waste and sustain- For Janesville, Iowa-new products requested by customers.abledurableoutdoormaterials,accordingtoJohn based Kay Park Recre-Most recently the NatureDogline has been one of its Sarver, the companys director of design.ation,dogparktop sellers for the past several years. Gyms For Dogs not only offers doggie play and agility products have becomeAnd we recently upgraded our manufacturing ma- equipment,butalsodrinkingfountains,benches, quite popular, accord-terials again, VandenBerghe added. Dog park prod- shade structures, pet stations and a special dog fence ingtoMarileeGray,uctsshouldholduptoheavyuseinallweather system.marketing director forconditions and we found that we could make our logs, Our company focuses on making everything in the the company. boulders and stump jumps even more durable, yet U.S. and have been outfitting parks and facilities na- TheDoubleandlighter-weight with fiber reinforced concrete. This al- tionwide for over five years, said Sarver. We also assist Triple Hoop Jumps arelows them to ship affordably by FedEx Ground instead our customers with preliminary design and planning themostpopularof LTL freight, and makes them much easier to move services. among our customers,and store while parks are closed during the winter.The company also sells its own proprietary pet waste next to the whimsical(877) 348-3647www.dog-on-it-parks.com stations and recycled plastic benches, along with its firehydrant,sheWOODALLSCM.com June 2020-17'