b'Southeast Publications Reports Business is Booming Devine.She explained that UltraSite offers a wide selection of durable, made-in-theSoutheast Publications, a Deerfield, here,werebetter U.S., options for campgrounds to fit within any budget. Owners can choose fromFla.-based division of SEPI Marketingserv- thanwewerebe- standard pressure-treated wood site-amenities to extra durable thermoplasticing the RV and campground industries, an- fore.Southeast coated steel options.nouncedinlateAprilthatitsdigital Publications has al- More than half of all RV campers travel with their pet, she said. The BarkParkoperations,SEPIMedia,hasincreased ready begun creat- product line features commercial-grade agility-based products such as the King-website business by over 50% during the ing new websites for of-the-Hill climber, Stepping Paws and Hoop Jumps for dogs of all confidencecurrent pandemic shutdown. its sister companies, and skill levels.We were amazed that so many park SEPIMediaand She reported the line also features critical amenities such as pet waste stations,managers and owners were so proactive in Brian McGuinn MySites. Their web- doggie drinking fountains, rules signs and trash receptacles.getting themselves ready when the econ- sites are due to be New for 2020 are the pet waste station with hand sanitizer that features a lockomy reopens. It tells you a lot about the launched in May as well. box filled with 200 BarkPark waste bags, along with a full bottle of 28-ounce handAmerican spirit, said Brian McGuinn, di- In addition to web design, Southeast sanitizer, a clever sign and a trash receptacle. rector at SEPI Marketing. Publicationsalsoreportedgrowthwith In addition, a new, humorous Pug Shot photobooth frames dogs in a crimeAccordingtoMcGuinn,manycamp- MySites, a free reservation system that scene mug shot for a photo memory of the visit. ground owners are focusing on ways they aligns with Southeast Publications well- (877) 762-7563www.playcore.com www.playcore.com/solutions/dog-parkscan improve their digital reach and opera- known free guest guide service.tions. During the shutdown, we took on new Wildflower Meadows The logic is solid, we even took the time customers like never before, McGuinn Vancouver, Wash.-based Wildflower Meadows LLC sellsand reissued our website and social media said. Some owners understand that when a full line of campground products online and has beencreative work, he said. tough times come, there is an opportunitySoutheastPublicationslaunchedits to be more cost-effective and operationally doing business since 2009. The company sells the entirenew southeastpublications.com website to efficient. Were happy they choose us to line of Dogipot Pet Wastelet customers know that were not just help them reach those goals. WCM Systems with 36 SKUs tochoosefrom,downtowastebags,mountingposts,wastesbasketsRVIA: Wholesale Park Model and instructional signs. WesellalotoftheDogipotpetwastesta-RV Shipments Down 12.9% tions,saidKirstenDurham, sales represen-ParkModelRVsfinishedMarch of20.3% from the 38,015 units shipped Kirsten Durham tativeforWildflowerdown 12.9% compared to last March in March 2019. Meadows.Theyarewith 364 wholesale shipments, accord- TowableRVs,ledbyconventional availableineitheraing to the RV Industry Associations travel trailers, totaled 27,723 units for the rolled bag dispenser style or header bag dis-(RVIA) monthly 2020 survey of manu- month, a decrease of 17.9% compared to penser style, as different customers have differ-facturers last Marchs total of 33,754 units. Mo- ent preferences.To no ones surprise, the survey also torhomes finished the month with 2,565 She stated that it is critical for campgroundfound that total RV shipments ended units,down39.8%comparedtothe owners to supply both bags and waste contain-the month with 30,288 units, a decrease March 2019 total of 4,261 units.WCM ers, so people are more likely to pick up aftertheir pets.Parks will often charge a pet fee to subsi-dize the expense of providing the bags and petwaste stations to RVers and campers, Durhamexplained. RVers love their dogs and all patronsand campground owners love it when people pick up aftertheir dogs. (360) 989-0960www.rvparksupplies.comZero Waste USASan Diego, Calif.-based Zero Waste USA is one of thecountrys largest sellers of dog waste station productsforcampgrounds,aswellasproperty management, parks,municipalandhotelindus-tries, according to Tony Gillis,general manager of the com-pany.Thecompanyhasseveralbrands that it purveys to thecampground industry. WeareMuttMitt,ZeroWaste, Bow Wow Waste Prod-ucts andDog WasteDepot,saidGillis. Ourbusinessisstillgoinggood. We sell to a lot of non-tradi-tional markets but the campgroundindustry is one we are focused on.Zero Waste USA and our brandsarebyfarthelargestsupplierofcommercial dog waste products inthe industry, added Gillis. Therehasbeensteadygrowthinthecampgroundindustryforourbrands. AlltheZeroWastecompaniesoffer online shopping and product delivery. Some withfree delivery/shipping specials. (800)789.2563www.zerowasteusa.com(800) 697-6084www.muttmitt.com(877) 253-6449 www.bowwowwaste.com(800) 678-1612www.dogwastedepot.comWCM20 -June 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'