b'elers planning to do the same thing.few months, including the work statusWhen you have almost 20% of gen- andfinancesofpotentialcampers.eral leisure travelers saying camping is Thirty-threepercentofcampersandgoing to be the first thing they do when 19% of non-campers said that work sta-restrictions are lifted, I think that is really tuscouldbeabarrier,while26%ofpositive for our industry, ORourke said.campers and 20% of non-campers stateThe report also indicates that camp- finances could be a barrier. ing ranks as the safest form of travel, Unemployment levels are the high-aheadofoff-the-gridcabins,staying est since the Great Depression, so, ofwith friends/relatives, resort vacations course,thatwillhaveanimpactonand more. Fifty percent of campers, 40% everything we do, explained ORourke.of non-campers and 45% of leisure trav- But in many regards camping is an af-elers indicated they felt camping was fordable activity and I think it can be anthe safest form of travel.affordableoptionforpeopleversusThis is one of the most important other types of vacations.pieces of data in the report, ORourke Campers are also interested in tryingexplained. We asked about a ton of dif- different types of camping, with nearlyferent things, and we are never going to one-third of prospective campers inter-be able to guaranteed complete safety estedintryingglamping.Withsomeat a campground, but to see camping states still placing restrictions on tentranked so high I think it is positive as in- camping, ORourke noted that it may en-dividuals begin to look at traveling again couragepeopletotryotherformsofas restrictions are lifted.camping. Camping, glamping and road trips are Accordingtothereport,56%ofalso poised to replace other types of campers in general are tenters, with half mentioned ORourke. What I think this thesefactorscoulddefinitelyallowtrips in 2020 as people cancel cruises of all first-time campers in 2019 utilizing crisis could do is spike interest in renting them to extend their camping season orandoverseastrips,notesthereport. tents. Twenty-seven percent of first-time a cabin with a bathroom or in potentially camp more often. This increases to 45%Forty-seven percent of campers plan to campers were in RVs with 31% using renting or even purchasing an RV. for campers with children in the house-replace a canceled trip with a camping cabins.Increased interest in RV ownership. hold.trip, while 30% of leisure travelers plan I think those cabin and RV numbers The health and safety concerns spiking COVID-19 has increased the impor-to do the same.are pretty interesting given that those from COVID-19 are also driving an in- tance of spending time outdoors. TheRoad trips are also poised to spike as twocategoriessecuredone-thirdof creasedinterestinRVownership. pandemic has impacted travelers views28% of campers and 30% of leisure trav- first-time campers, ORourke said. It Twenty-nine and 23% of campers say toward nature and experiencing the out-elers plan to replace a cancelled trip could potentially grow through this crisis they are much more likely or somewhat doors43%ofleisuretravelerssaywith a road trip in 2020. because people may still want to get morelikely,respectively,toconsider spending time outdoors is now more im-It is interesting to see the interest outdoors,butmaybetheycanttent purchasing an RV. Interest is highest portantasaresultofthepandemic.from non-campers in taking a road trip, camp,soitdoespushthemtowards amongGenX(41%)andMillennials Travelers (60%) also feel it is more im-ORourke noted. We have been seeing those areas. (33%). portant than ever for kids to spend timeroad trips trending upwards over the Other key data points:Potentialtoextendthecamping outdoors (31% have always felt it is im-pastcoupleofyears.Dependingon Group sizes shifting down. Campers season.Dependingonthecircum- portant for children to spend time out-where your park is located and who you say they are likely going to camp with stances, including whether schools re- doors).are serving it does shift your marketing fewer people compared to last year, with main closed and/or people continue to Toaccessthefullreport,headto:message a bit. It depends on a persons 31% planning to camp with two people workremotely,38%ofcamperssay https://tinyurl.com/ycgwskkw WCMdefinition of a road trip. Our research (compared to 25% in 2019) and 36% plan-has shown that people tend to camp ning to camp with 3-5 people (comparedcloser to home50% within 200 miles of to 41% last year). homeso that definitely fits within that Camping closer to home and poten-framework of a road trip, where people tially at less crowded destinations. Sev-are looking for a place to stay. enty percent of campers say they plan toThe report also shows that campers camp closer to home than they did be-are eager to go camping, with one in five fore COVID-19. Campers (68%) also saycampers saying they would camp now if they are more willing to travel to lessable and 29% planning to go within the popular locations in order to avoid over-first month after restrictions are lifted. crowding such as national parks or na-The data shows that 45% of campers tional monuments.would go camping within the next month The bathroom factor. With concernsortwoifrestrictionswerelifted, over the safety of communal facilitiesORourke said. It is important to note spiking from COVID-19, the importancethat restrictions are going to lift at differ- of having a private bathroom in a cabinent times for different places. We cant or RV is now very important to camperspredict that number across the board, (63%ofcurrentcampersand44%ofbut its definitely encouraging to see that prospectivecampers).Abouthalfofwhenthoserestrictionslifthalfthe campers and prospective campers saycampers would be ready to go within the the availability of private bathrooms in anextonetotwomonths.Ithinkthat cabin or RV will influence where theyfeeds into the idea that we are going to stay.see a good spike in camping once peo- Bathhouses will always serve a roleple are able to go. at a campground and they consistentlyOf course, there are a number of po- rate as one of the most important ameni-tential barriers to camping in the next ties at a park when we do our report,WOODALLSCM.com June 2020-27'