b'Those of us with special needs chil- Battle Born Gives $10,000 to Care Campsdren dont take our kids lots of placesbecause of their unpredictable behav- Care Camps has scored another hit have the chance to attend special in-iors,explainedMachelle.Weget for kids with cancer with the addition person and virtual oncology camps,stares and glares which are uncomfort- of a new partner, Battle Born Batter- where they can experience the healingable. Weneverknowifourkidsare ies, owned by Dragonfly Energy, ac- nature of the outdoors and find the joygoing to run away, throw things or have cording to a press release. that comes from time building friend-a tantrum. We have chosen to have a Based in Sparks, Nev., the technol- ships and having fun, explained the re-familycampgroundtowelcomeall ogycompanyprovideslithium-ion lease. The camps are provided at nochildrenandtoencouragespecial batteries and energy storage products. cost to the family and involve speciallyneeds kids to come out and join us at These batteries are used in RVs and trainedcounselorsandhealthcarecampfires. We want to embrace those boats, and even by homeowners look- professionals. families.Down the road, she hopes to ing to go off the grid.Having Battle Born Batteries joinbe able to build a sensory friendly play- BattleBornBatteriesfounders capacity to help those in need, ex- our team at Care Camps means thatground where kids of all abilities can Denis Phares and Sean Nichols are plained Phares. We are inspired by the more kids with cancer and their fami-play together. passionate advocates for green energy work that Care Camps does for chil- lies will have the chance to find hope,And good newsAJ has kept his job! storage and they display equal passion dren and are thrilled to become a part- healing, and fun again, said Jenniferwhentalkingabouthelpingkids, ner in such a worthy cause.Mercer, Care Camps director of devel-Sue Bray is well known in the RV noted the release. Care Camps is a great organization opment. Denis and Sean have createdcommunity,primarilyduetoher After learning about the mission of and they create avenues for these kids a cutting-edge company that makesworkasexecutivedirectorofthe Care Camps at a trade event, the Battle with cancer and their families to expe- the lives of folks who love the outdoorsGood Sam Club. In 2009, she was in- Born founders recently signed on as riencesomehealingandfunwhen easier, and we are thrilled to have theirducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame. CareCampsnewestpartnerwitha they most need it, noted Nichols.support. Thanks to partners like BattleWhen she retired in 2012, she started $10,000 gift.Care Camps is a non-profit organi- Born, more kids will have the chanceherownconsultingbusiness;visit Since the formation of Battle Born zation that raises funds to help ensure to do some healing outside of a hospi-www.suebray.com. WCM Batteries, we have aspired to have the kidswithcancerandtheirfamilies tal and find their smile again. WCMMARKETPLACEWOODALLSCM.com June 2020-29'