b'State Associationsfrom page 23 providing positive statements, articles andages in Colorado, South Dakota and Kansas. photos on the GoCampingNJ.com website CAMPGROUNDand Facebook page.Arlington said she worked early to ensure DelVescio has also been working withcampgrounds in the three states could con- medical personnel who are relocating to Newtinue to serve RVers. Jersey to help in the states hardest-hit areasMymembersare by placing them in campgrounds close to thehearingfrommefar hospitals where they are working. Woodalls 4 Starmorefrequentlythan She is also working with state campgroundtheyre accustomed to, association managers in Pennsylvania and Approx. 4.5 Acres RV Park & Campgroundshe said. Colorado has New York on language to send to their respec- For Sale By Owner - $575,000hadthemostchal- tive governors and state legislators regardinglenges, so those mem- the reopening times for campgrounds.27 RV Sites with Water/Sewer/Mary Arlington bers have been hearing Of course, not every state faces the same Elec. (20/30/50 amp)from me on nearly a daily basis since this restrictions.WIFI & Cable to All Sites began unfolding. Arizonas privately owned campgroundsIf you asked me what Ive done, Id say its and RV parks faced no restrictions in their op-Located in the Lower Appalachianeducating people, Arlington continued. Ive erations other than to comply with social dis- Mountains of North Carolinaeducated governing authorities on the nature tancingguidelinesissuedbytheCDC.of RVers and this industry. Ive educated mem- Additionally,onApril3,ArizonaGovernorBetween Atlanta and Ashevillebers on ideas on how to navigate through Doug Ducey included campgrounds and RVLarge Pavilion with Fireplace these times. Ive covered some best practices parks as essential businesses.involving such topics as cancellation policies, Everybodys open,Bathrooms with Showersprovided links to fiscal relief programs and we- saidJoAnneMickel-Mountain Viewswith Creekbinars, as well as insights into what Im doing. son, Arizona AssociationIvealsolistenedtothreegovernorsad- of RV Parks and Camp-Beautifully Landscapeddresses daily, sat in on webinars by certified groundsco-executiveAdditional 2+ Acres Availablepublic accountants, ARVC and fellow associ- director. The only busi-ation managers, and attended numerous on- nesses that have closed for Purchaseline meetings with three state tourism offices, are bars and gymnasi-as well as many county and city meetings. ums.Restaurantscan Jo Anne Mickelson Email: bobnnancync@gmail.comOntheEastCoast, stay open so long as they only provide food to Or828-421-1709JoannDelVescio has go.also been working long Lookingtothefuture,however,somehoursonCOVID-19 campground association officials see glim-communication, both in mers of hope.her role as president of Many RV parks are reporting that their fallCAMP, but also as pres- 2020 and winter 2021 reservations are lookingident and executive di- good, and some are reporting increases inJoann DelVescio rectoroftheNew reservations, said Cornwell, adding, We areJersey Campground Owners and Lodgingvery optimistic that the popularity of RVing andAssociation. camping in Florida will continue to increaseHer frequent communication with New as more and more people realize that RVingJersey park operators has included updates and camping provide unique and inherenton legislation that is being passed and signed safety advantages that no other form of travelby the governor as it relates to the camping or vacation accommodations offer. The RVerand tourism industry and providing links to can safely reside in their own space, use theirpertinent webinars that are taking place with restroom, and cook in their kitchen, all whilepartner associations across New Jersey. having the freedom to travel and go when andDelVescio has also been continually pro- where they want. Social distancing and expo-viding updates on her members Facebook sure to unsafe facilities is never an issuegroup, hosting webinars for members on mar- when youre camping in your RV, and camp-keting and other activities that they need to be grounds offer the perfect environment forthinking about now and when they open and their guests to safely recreate. WCMADVERTISERS INDEXAdvertiser Page # Advertiser Page #Applebrook RV Parks8 Pacific Yurts.6B&B Electrical.26 Pelland Advertising.23Building Pro8 Phelps Honey Wagon.24CheckBox Systems.20 Pilot Rock/RJ Thomas Mfg. Co12Commercial Recreation Specialists.28 RezExpert9Delta Treatment Systems.4 RMS.21Dish Network.15 Skyweb Networks.19Dri-Dek18 Southeast Publications10Eaton Corp23 Staylist.11Great American Direct.22 Tengo Internet2 RVB&WCMHialeah Meter2 Tower Company.18Jamestown Advanced Products13 Trumbull Recreation24Kay Park Recreation.27 Utility Supply Group Inc.5 & 32Kampgrounds of America/KOA.7 Woodford Mfg. Co.14 Stay abreast of everything happeningLancaster Log Cabins.24 Workamper News.26Mini Golf Inc.10 YESYour Electrical Solutions.28 in the RV and campground arenas!Montana Canvas.25 www.rvbusiness.com www.woodallscm.com30 -June 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'