b'ARVC to Host Virtual Workshop CALENDAR OF EVENTSJune 4 For Prospective Owners AUGUST Exposition for the Outdoor The National Association of RV Parks ground and the knowledge of how to suc- Hospitality Industryand Campgrounds (ARVC) has moved its cessfully build a business. 18-19: TACOs Meeting & Trade Show The Conference & Event Center prospective owners workshop to an online The workshop will also focus on the im- Lone Star Convention & Expo Center Niagara Fallsformat that will take place on June 4, ac- portance of building key relationships in Conroe, Texas Niagara Falls, N.Y.cording to ARVC officials. this industry, including relationships with Contact: (877) 518-1989 Contact: (800) 497-2669The workshop is designed for individuals vendors and fellow park members. It will SEPTEMBER NOVEMBERwho are considering owning or developing also cover the importance of building rela-theirowncampgrounds.Thisone-day tionships with local agencies or Authori-workshop will be fully interactive to allow ties Having Jurisdiction, the organizations 15-16: NCAs Great Escape to2-5: ARVCs Outdoor attendees to ask questions, share ideas, that write and enforce codes, to ensure Massachusetts Hospitality Conference & Expodiscuss topics, share screens and review your new park meets local requirements for Cape Cod RV ResortOcean Center Daytona Beachdocuments. water, electrical, site design and other fac- East Falmouth, Mass. Daytona Beach, Fla.We will have several excellent presen- tors. Contact: CampNCA.org Contact: (303) 681-0401 ext.120ters who are experts in the industry, includ- Converting this workshop into a one-day,ing many who have personal experience online event has made it possible for ARVC 22-23: VCAs Annual Meeting 8-12: Yogi Bears Jellystone building and managing parks, explained to reduce the cost from $499 to $299 for Wilderness Presidential Resort Park Camp-Resort Symposium Paula Horwitz, ARVCs executive director of ARVC members and $599 for non-members. Spotsylvania, Va. & Trade Showeducationandevents.Attendeeswill For more information and to register, visit Contact: (703) 291-0657 Hilton Knoxville, Knoxville, Tenn.leave the workshop with a strong under- arvc.org/Prospective-Campground- Contact: (513) 831-2100standing of what it takes to own a camp- Owners-Workshop. WCM 25-27: N.H. Campground Owners Associations Camping16-19: Kampgrounds of America& RV Show Inc.s 2019 International N.H. Sportsplex Convention & ExpoBedford, N.H. Southpoint Hotel & CasinoContact: (603) 736-5540 Las Vegas, Nev.Contact: shuck@koa.net29-30: CampCalNOW SummitLaunch Pointe at Lake Elsinore DECEMBERLake Elsinore, Calif.Contact: (530) 885-1624 7-8: Pennsylvania CampgroundOwners Association ConventionOCTOBER Penn Stater Conference Center HotelState College, Pa.,26-28: CONYs 57th AnnualContact: (610) 767-5026 WCMCampspot Launches New Express Check-In FeatureCampspot has made its expresscheck-infeaturefullyoperational,whichincludeselectronicsignaturecapabilities, according to a press re-lease.For Campspot customers, this willallowcampgroundstaffandtheircampers to take advantage of contact-less check-in during the COVID-19 pan-demic and beyond.Aside from giving guests the abilityto electronically sign documents, ex-press check-in allows for customizableand automated communications to be customers with the creation of a four-sent to guests before arrival. The timely part video tutorial series about commonrelease of this feature has many for- front desk tasks within the software,ward-looking benefits. such as making and editing reserva-Theabilityforourcustomersto tions, according to the release.haveeSignaturetechnologyattheir Both the webinar series and train-disposalthroughourplatformatno ing videos are designed to increasecost is a game-changer, said Casey customer comfort with our platform Cochran, director fromthebasicof business devel- functions to moreopmentat advancedfea-Campspot.The tures,saidMattlaunch of this fea- Christensen, oper-turewillgive ations manager atthoseinthe Campspot. TheseCampspot family a growing digital re-Casey Cochran great advantage. sources are an ex- Matt ChristensenInadditionto tensionofthethis feature release, Campspot hosted excellent hands-on support our cus-the first segment of its new webinar tomers receive when they call or emailtraining series, which had nearly 150 at- us, not a replacement.tendees. Campspots support team also To learn more about Campspot, headwent one step further in assisting its to Campspot.com. WCM32 -June 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'