b'ARVC, with Industry Partners, Releases Free Toolkit for Park OwnersThe National Association of RV Parks and guide, including suggested new proceduresCampgrounds (ARVC) has launched a com- and best practices for specific park areas,prehensive toolkit that gives owners and op- check-in, store, bathhouses and restrooms.erators in the U.S. and Canada the tools they Advice for RV sites and other accommoda-need to reopen their RV park or campground tions, recreation and activities is included, aswhile focusing on the safety of their guests well as answers to frequently asked ques-and employees, according to ARVC officials. tions.The toolkit, available for anyone to down- For campground owners who dont haveload for free, includes a three-phased ap- the time or ability to create custom signage,proachforreopening,aguidecalled marketing assets or update policies and pro-Reopening RV Parks and Campgrounds: A cedures, the toolkit also offers checklists, sim-Guide for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry, a ple templates and other resources to make itQuick Guidefor easy reference, and a myriad easy.of policy and signage templates, marketing The guide is intended to provide recom-assets and other resources. mendations for general informational pur-The content for the toolkit was an industry- poses only and should not be accepted aswide effort. ARVC collaborated with Kamp- legal or government-mandated advice. To en-grounds of America Inc. (KOA), the Outdoor sure reopening efforts align with state andRecreation Roundtable (ORR), the Canadian local mandates, it is recommended each parkRV Association (CRVA), Marshall & Sterling or campground owner/operator contact theirInsurance, state associations and many other state, county and city governments, as well asindustry partners to produce the content. theirlocalhealthdepartmentforofficialFor parks in states that arent open yet, the guidance.toolkit offers a suggested three-phased ap- As each park is unique, the guide is alsoproach for safely reopening. This approach not intended to be exhaustive but will pro-can be used as-is or can be customized to a vide the tools and guidelines needed for eachspecific state or park and can be used both as parktoresponsiblycreateitsoperationalpart of a parks plan and as a tool to advocate policies and procedures that comply with allfor RV parks and campgrounds to open in federal, state and local requirements, and anyPhase 1 of a states reopening plan. additional precautions appropriate for theARVCs government affairs team has been circumstances of the park. ARVC will con-working diligently making the Phase 1 argu- tinue to update the toolkit as new informa-ment to many states across the country and tion becomes available and as the pandemicwill be using this phased approach recovery develops.to reopening, in addition to other The complete toolkit is available for free atelementsofthetoolkit,assup- arvc.org/reopen-toolkit.porting documentation in these If you have a question or concern, con-continued discussions. nect with ARVC at info@arvc.org or (303)Thetoolkitisastep-by-step 681-0401. WCMKOA Reimburses $5.2M in Deposit,Cancellation Fees to FranchiseesKampgroundsofAmericaInc.(KOA) gave out $5.2 million in reim-bursements to its franchisees for de-posit and cancellation fees that parkownerswererefundingtocampersduringMarchandAprilduetotheCOVID-19crisis,accordingtoKOAPresident and CEO Toby ORourke.ShetoldWoodallsCampgroundManagement (WCM) that it was im-portant for the company to providethose reimbursements to keep cancel- It was a way we could help providelation policies consistent throughout owners with their cash flow before gov-the entire system. ernment assistance was kicking in,Ithelpedmakethosedecisions she added. That was before any ofeasier for our park owners, ORourke these loans or programs were passedexplained.Ourcompany-owned and I think its made an impact. Weveproperties are not factored into that had positive feedback from the system$5.2 million, but if you factored those about that and I know it helped out ain that would add another $1.2 million. lot of park owners. WCMNCA to Host Great Escape inMassachusetts Sept. 15-16The Northeast Campground Asso- on CampNCA.org ciation(NCA)andtheMassachu- Fornow,NCAsettsCampgroundOwners wantstomakeAssociation(MACO)havean- sure this impor-nounced a save the date for the 2020 tantannualNCA Great Escape to Massachusetts, campground-according to a press release.centered event isThis years host campground will on the calendars of all NCA camp-be Cape Cod RV Resort in East Fal- grounds,businessmembersandmouth, Mass., on Sept. 15 and 16. friends of NCA across the country.Details will be shared this summer WCM4 -June 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'