b'SMART OPERATIONSCOVID-19 Pandemic: Comfort Zone? Twilight Zone? What Is Normal?conventional cultural expectations. Comfort Zone orTwilight Zone? As we exit from the current crisis,Current because what is normal The COVID-19 pandemic has cer- just as important as it is to outlinechanges over time, and cultural be- tainly thrown us all for a loop. Travel your expectations for your guestsPetercause what is normal varies among restrictions,socialdistancingand behavior, it is necessary for you todifferentsocialenvironments. the wearing of masks have certainly outline what you are doing to alterPelland Cricket is fairly unique to the British, erected barriers to normal social ex- your own business practices in thebullfighting is fairly unique to the periences. As we cautiously evolve interestofyourguestswellbeing.Spanish and football only begins to toward a state of normalcyeither These are the assurances that willmake sense to Americans, but they old or newcomfort zones will vary take those guestsboth new and re-Wehearalotoftalkaboutthe are all considered normal in their from one person to another. In the turningfrom their twilight zonesnew normal and a return to nor- own environments. opening narration of the first season intotheircomfortzones,helpingmal, but what exactly is normal? I In general, humans are not that of The Twilight Zone, host Rod Ser- your business to recover from whatwill admit to being a lover of lan- interested in what is average, more ling defined what he called that fifth hasmostassuredlybeenaneco-guage and linguistics. The dictionary likely considering it to be either bor- dimension: It is the middle ground nomic disaster.defines normal as conforming to a ing or mundane. What we want is between light and shadow, between Youwillwanttoreassessstan-standard;usual,typical,orex- something that appeals to us indi- science and superstition, and it lies dards in your shared facilities. Thispected. We can also get into some viduallyandthatfallswithinour between the pit of mans fears and might include spacing out seatingmore statistical definitions involving own comfort zones. That is part of the summit of his knowledge. We areas in pavilions, ensuring that sep-standard deviation from the mean, the big appeal of camping, and that are in that Twilight Zone right now! arateemployeesinyourstoreoralongwithmoretechnicaldefini- is the reason for such a wide range of For example, as I am writing in snack bar are handling food and fi-tionsinfieldssuchasgeometry, choiceswhenitcomestocamp- early June of 2020, there is no way nancial transactions, actively main-medicine and sociology.grounds.Unlessapersonsuffers that I am ready to sit in a movie the- taining a housekeeping checklist inAllow me to offer a general defini- from agoraphobia, there is a camp- ater, attend a music festival, sit in a your rental units and restrooms, in-tion for normalcy or normality (two ground and its accompanying social sportsstadium,joinapeaceful stalling soap dispensers and handsynonyms with identical meanings experience that represents a perfect demonstration, take a seat on an air- dryers if they are lacking in your rest-as the more awkward and far less fre- and easily accessible escape to the liner and even think about attending rooms, and installing and maintain-quently used word normalness) as comfort of what constitutes that per- a convention. I have written more inghandsanitizerstationsinaconditionthatmeetscurrently sons normal. than once in the past about my con- frequent use areas.cerns over the lack of sanitation and Youwillalsowanttoreassesscleanliness in hotels, and I am not some of your planned activities andyet assured that the hotel industry is events. This might not be the bestup to meeting the new challenges. I time to engage in shared food eventsalready had no intention of ever tak- such as potluck dinners, barbecuesingacruiseagaininmylifetime. ormake-your-ownsundaes.ItisMaybeIhavealwaysbeenmore probablyalsonotagoodtimetoaware of sanitary standards than the schedule events that involve closeaverage person, and a compromised personalcontactsuchasarm-immunesystemmakesmeever wrestlingcontestsorthree-leggedmore cautious; however, until each races. Yourplaygroundshouldbebusinesscategoryandindividual cleaned on a regular basis, and thebusinesses within each of those cat- clubsandballsonyourmini-golfegories can put me into my comfort course should be sanitized when re-zone, those businesses will remain turned at the end of a game. A lot ofin their own twilight zones. this can be thought of as more of theCampgrounds are in a much more newcommonsenseratherthanpersuasive position when it comes the new normal.to meeting people in their comfort Wewillgetoverthis.Thinkingzones, as well as not worrying about over the concept of what is normalcontributing toward a spike in infec- will help you to financially recover alltions. Once interstate travel restric- that much sooner.tions are eased, most people realizethat staying in their own RV is just as PeterPellandistheCEOof safeasstayingathome. Whether Pelland Advertising, a company thatunderstatemandateoranabun- he founded in 1980 that has beendance of precaution, it is up to indi- serving the family camping industryvidual campground owners to offer for nearly 40 years. His company spe-the assurances that they have imple- cializes in building fully responsivementedmeasurestoensurethe websites, along with producing a fullsafety of their guests and employees. range of four-color process print ad-Some things will need to change, at vertising,forclients.Learnmoreleast for the time being. aboutPellandAdvertisingatShared Facilities and Group Activities https://pelland.com/ or see its ad inthis issue. WCMIt is unfortunate that it sometimestakes a pandemic to open our eyes,butchangeisnothingnew,espe-cially when it comes to public healthconcerns. Two generations ago, whowouldhavethoughttwiceaboutpeople sitting around a swimmingpool or involved in a group activitywhilesmokingcigarettes?Evenadecadeago,nobodywouldhavegiven any thought to picking up theirdogs waste at the side of a roadwayortrail.Iamwillingtoventureaguessthatnobodyyearnsforthedays when they could take a leisurelywalk and accidentally step in a pileof dog waste.8 -July 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'