b'Some park owners are concerned about even more staff shortages this fall as kids go back toschool. Photo credit: Shelby/Mansfield KOAStafford also mentioned that his park has increased wages in some areas to at-tract workers, while listing jobs on Monster and other jobs sites. The park hasalso built relationships with local schools and colleges that have begun to paydividends. We try to focus on the fact that we are a training facility, he mentioned. Isee us as a teaching park, where were teaching other life and job skills as theymove into the real workplace. We always try to keep that in mind as we coachand train our employees. And that seems to go well with the students that areyoung men and women that are high school or college aged. I hear complaints about Millennial workers, but we dont have any issues atour park, Stafford added. I think part of the problem is people just are not prop-erly training them. They dont show up and know how to do certain things, youhave to train them properly.At the Palmer Gulch KOA, Johnson said the park has established itself as thefun place for a summer job. We do job fairs and we use recruiting websites, he noted. It takes a villageto run this campground, and so we utilize every resource we can to bring in em-ployees. We have a lot of returning staff, and its a desirable location, and so tra-ditionally, staffing is a long process, but we usually dont have much of an issue.Atkinson noted that he has tried a number of different approaches but thatnothing seems to be working. Even though there are people that I know dont have jobs, theyre not lookingfor them because theyre making more money by not working, he explained.Even though weve opened back up in Kansas and this area has completelyopened back up, and business is starting to reflect that, theyre still offering toomuch for unemployment.Everybodys situation is different, Bell said. Everybodys situation is a littlebit up in the air. Childcare certainly puts people in a challenging spot.Some people, he added, are earning more money in unemployment than theydo when they work, so they are staying home instead of working. We did notforecast that we would be competing with unemployment for good employees,Bell said.At the same time, the pandemic has put millions of Americans out of work andgiven some park operators more qualified job applicants than they typically see.Some of the people who have been furloughed have been looking for work,Bell said. We have seen some really qualified applications for the job postingsweve put up for specific skillsets.But there are uncertainties, he said, about how long some of the more qualifiedapplicants will stay.The company they (normally) work for may or may not be able to reopen,Bell said. It hasnt been hard to find people, but challenging to find people likelyto stay. We dont know when they are going to leave. Were preparing for a littlemore flexibility in the marketplace.Keeping Employees SafeAll of the individuals WCMspoke with noted that they are following social dis-tancing and Centers for Disease Control(CDC) guidelines as they work to ensuretheir employees are safe while at work. We have shields on all of our counters, and I provide masks for staff, notedSpencer. If theyre uncomfortable cleaning something because of COVID, I dontmake them do it. We make sure everyone is comfortable with where theyre atand make sure that we provide them with the proper cleaning supplies and pro-cedures to keep them safe.Stafford noted that if an employee feels sick, they tell them to stay home. We had an employee who went to a manager and said that they had beenaround a friend that may have been exposed, he explained. We obviously toldthat employee to stay home until their results came back on the COVID test.Peck noted that they do wellness checks when an employee comes in to work,along with temperature checks. The CDC has questions for employees. Do you have a fever? How do you feeltoday? Have you been in contact with someone? We go through that list. Beforethey start work, they have to go to our ranger station, talk to a manager, and gettheir wellness check, and then they can start if they pass, she explained. WCM16 -August 2020Woodalls Campground Management'