b'Wi-Fifrom page 18 Kerry Chahil, national analyst at SkywebNetworks, Saginaw, Mich., noted that mostyour limitations are, just be upfront about that. owners dont understand the importance ofutilizingtechnologytoensurethateveryThe Right Setup camper is getting the strength they need. Campground owners are known to do We utilize brand new traffic-mappingmost things themselves, which helps save technology that reads what a camper is doingmoney, but the Wi-Fi system providers WCM and puts them in a situation where theyrespoke with noted that not installing a Wi-Fi only using enough megabytes of Internet tosystem correctly could cost you more money perform that tasklike watching Netflix. Thatdown the road due to lost business or con- way it gives more megabytes that the rest ofstant frustration if it doesnt work properly.the park can use, noted Chahil. If you dontIt takes a while for people to realize over have that technology then what happens isthe years, after they talked to other owners, multiple people may be on the system andhow hard broadband is and how important it they may use all the bandwidth the park has.is to do it in sort of an enterprise-grade man- Thenothercustomerscantgetonandner where youre using proper equipment theyre complaining.that youve got proper engineers managing At GNS Wireless, Mike Giovelli, an engi-every day, Rout added. neer at the Bayport, N.Y.-based company, toldWCMthe company uses mapping technologyand satellite imagerytoensureitscus-tomers have accesspoints installed in thecorrect locations. We can almost tothe tee tell an ownerwheretoplaceanaccess point for bestcoverage,heex-plained.Wecon- Mike Giovellisider the placement of trees and buildingsinto our estimates.Camplinkalso offers installation servicesthat help owners ensure there is no gapwhen it comes to providing good Wi-Fi tocampers. We design the Wi-Fi networks and we in-stall them and if we determine that theres agap or another access point needed, thenProfessional installation can help make well make that change and do that upgrade,sure that a Wi-Fi system will work properly. noted Mike Burns, the companys founderPhoto credit: Skyweb and president. 22 -August 2020Woodalls Campground Management'