b'Fee or Free?Wi-Fi systems are not cheap to install, butmany in the outdoor hospitality industry canagree that it is a necessary service. Still, howdo campground owners manage the costs ofinstalling, maintaining and updating a Wi-Fisystem? For some the answer to that question in-volves charging campers for either Wi-Fiservice in general or for a more premium Wi-Fi experience, according to the Wi-Fi systemproviders WCMspoke with.Our 25mb bandwidth guarantee to everySkyweb has noticed more interest in its device that is connected to a Wi-Fi networkpay portal, where campers would be charged weinstallgivesownerspeaceofmind,a certain amount per day, week or month for noted Rout. The parks on our system area certain level of Wi-Fi service.able to place our logo on their webpage withWe also provide a 24-hour, 365-day-a- theguaranteeanditgivescamperstheyear customer service line that a camper can peace of mind they need to book with thatcall if they are having issues connecting de- park. We are seeing a lot of increased book-vices, Chalil noted.ings from that peace.Camplink noted that some owners will A new player in the outdoor hospitality in-offer free Wi-Fi at certain points around their dustry, Access Parks has been in businessparks, such as a community building, but for over 14 years but just recently started tar-charge for service throughout the park.geting the RV park and campground sectors. We have a variety of subscription plans We are getting the word out and peoplepeople can choose from and they can actu- are really excited when they hear about whatally take that subscription and use it at an- we offer, Routs explained. We are receivingother Camplink park as well, Burns noted.a ton of positive feedback from the ownersGiovelli said that he has noticed park own- we have worked with.ers will also just incorporate the cost into www.accessparks.comtheir campsite fees.(888) 507-1128Theyll just up the price of the campsitea couple of dollars to offset it instead of hav- Camplinking campers pay separately for the Wi-Fi, he Founded in 1986 by two graduates of MIT,explained.CamplinkstartedasanInternetserviceprovider and then moved to providing RV parkWi-Fi Vendor Spotlights:and campground Wi-Fi in 2004. Access Parks Basically, the plan for park owners is thatWith a background of setting up Wi-Fi in- we come in and we install the Wi-Fi network,stallationsonmilitarybasesaroundthe maintain and monitor it, noted Burns. We sup-world, Access Parks has experience getting port the customers directly, and then dependingWi-Fi signals to remote locations, according on the volumes of people using the system, theto Rout.parks owner can earn a commission.WOODALLSCM.com August 2020-23'