b'well have it up and running campers.ning for the future and looking to do work thatby that same weekend, Gan- www.checkboxsystems.net would be completed for the 2021 season,ley noted.(866) 345-9434 said Wall. He said that it is important He has noticed more campgrounds adapt-for owners to understand that ing to the times. they need more access points Traditional parks are making the changesaround their parks as mobile because they are beginning to realize thattechnology is utilized by most campers will go elsewhere if a park doesntcampers.provide the type of Wi-Fi service they want,Werecommendhaving Wall explained. We have always been a paid system and access points set up so that Sigma Wi-Fi provides engineering and in-our attitude is that free systems generally youre no more than 100 to 125 stalls each Wi-Fi system. dont work very well and thats due to inher- feet from where you want to Everything is heat-mapped so we canent difficulties, as well as a lack of incentive provide service, Ganley ex- accurately see what the signal strength willto keep them functioning properly, he added. plained. The interesting thing GNS Wireless be throughout the campground, Wall said.Weve always had a paid system and weve is its not enough just to have an access point WhiletheCOVID-19crisisinitiallyim- And then we do the complete installation,been able to upgrade the system, add band- in an area. You should have an access point pacted GNS Wireless in a negative way, they set everything up on the back end and deliverwidth and add new frequencies. that can handle the capacity of devices in soon began to see business pick up as more a 100% complete product.www.camplink.net that area because each access point has a campground owners were seeing campers www.sigmawifi.com(877) 785-4657 finite load of data it can pass. If you have a come in looking for Wi-Fi (855) 87SIGMAcluster of two or three RVs, you could get service. away with a lower capacity access point. But We had a lot of camp-if in that same area you have 50 or 100 units, grounds that wanted to up-you need a much higher capacity access grade their speed, Giovellipoint or multiple access points. Its not just explained. Check Box Systems about distance, but its also about capacity of In the northeast portion Skyweb NetworksCheck Box Systems has inventory on hand the access points. of the U.S., GNS Wireless Skyweb Networks notes that its serviceand is shipping equipment to park owners Ganleyalsopointedoutthatowners will come out to a park and hashelpedtransformparksintobetterregularly.should be prepared to update their equip- installitssystem,butfor places. Park owners who are ordering equip- ment as technology changes to ensure they parksinotherareasthe We have exam-ment on Monday or Tuesday, realistically, are giving the best possible service to their company ships pre-config- plesofparksin-ured equipment.stallingourserviceA campground owner and seeing their rat-that is not very technically ings move up, or ofsavvy can basically open a park owners creatingbox where everything is labeled, plug it in, anotherrevenueand be up and running within the day, said stream from our serv-Giovelli.ice and being able toThe company also offers a cloud-man- selltheirparkforaged Wi-Fi service that provides owners with morebecauseofa hands-off approach.it,said Chahil. www.gnswifi.com The company uti-(516) 214-0321 lizes traffic shaping tohelp create a systemthat is going to work the best for campgroundowners, according to Chahil. The companyalso has experience working in rural areas. We have placed towers on a farmersland and have experience connecting ruralareastoInternet,headded.WehaveSigma Wi-Fi around 3,000 customers in rural MichiganSigmaWi-Fiiscurrentlytacklingnew right now.builds, upgrades, expansions and more as it www.skywebwifi.comsees customer interest growing.(855) 759-9434We are noticing that quite a few are plan-Tengo InternetTengo Internet has noted a 40% increasein demand for premium Internet service. We are seeing more of a priority on pro-viding that level of Wi-Fi service, said Stum-berg. With demand for Wi-Fi service at an all-time high, Stumberg told WCM that he hashad to hire more people to work on his instal-lationteamsthatgoaroundtoparksallacross North America and setup the Wi-Fisystems. Most of our customers might be able todo the installs themselves, but they dontwant to, he said. If you have an existingproperty, youre trying to get it up and run-ning as fast as you possibly can right nowto get the benefit or solve the customer painpoint.Stumberg told WCM that park owners likeTengo Internet because of the support theyreceive. We are going to be in that relationship forthe long haul, he explained. www.tengointernet.com(512) 469-7660WCM24 -August 2020Woodalls Campground Management'