b'ARVC Moving OHCE to Virtual Format, Excited About Educational Possibilities After a number of surveys to gauge the interestin hosting its traditional in-person Outdoor Hos-pitality Conference & Expo (OHCE), the NationalAssociationofRVParksandCampgrounds(ARVC) decided in early July to move its confer-ence to a virtual format in 2020 due to the currentCOVID crisis. Originally planned to be held Nov. 2-5 in Day-tona Beach, Fla., the virtual event will be held onthe same datesOHCE is typically a four-dayevent, including more than 40 educational semi-nars, a trade show with more than 120 vendors,tours of local campgrounds, ARVCs Awards of Ex-cellence program and more. Paul Bambei, president and CEO of ARVC, toldWoodalls Campground Management (WCM) thatthe decision to move the conference was not takenlightly. We anticipated that a virtual conference couldbe a possibility as far out as two months ago, The virtual capacity offers our attendees the the educational sessions. noted Bambei. The board de- ability to access every single educational session, On the vendor side, David Basler, vice presidentcided in June that this was the she noted. They can stay for ofmembershipandmarketingforARVC,tolddirection we needed to take. thewholesessionandcatch WCMthat the features that will be available are ex-ARVC has decided to work the recorded session of every citing and one of the reasonswithConferenceDirect,a single other one thats offered, ARVCdecidedtoworkwithcompany that has helped or- and so their decision-making Conference Direct. ganizeandstageprevious in the moment is not as pres- When we are ready to an-OHCEs, to bring the new vir- sure-filled as it might be on- nounce those, they are going totual conference concept to life.site.be innovative and theyre goingThere have been some vir- Ontopofthat,Horwitz to be groundbreaking in termsPaul Bambei tual conferences out there, but highlighted the fact that every of what people are used to see-the more weve explored and seen whats available Paula Horwitz educationalsessionwillbe ing at a virtual conference andout there, I guess were really excited that we can recorded and loaded onto ARVCs site for ARVC exhibit hall, he said. do it in a different way and a better way than any- members to watch at their leisure, even after the Moredetailsontheevent David Baslerthing weve seen before, said Bambei.event has concluded. Another benefit is that the will be announced soon, including instructionsPaula Horwitz, ARVCs executive director of ed- educationalbenefitsoftheOHCEarenotjust on how to register. If you had previously regis-ucation and events, noted to WCMthat on the ed- going to be limited to the few members of a camp- tered for the in-person event, please contact theucational side, a virtual event gives ARVC a real groundthatcancometoanin-personevent; ARVC events department at (303) 681-0401. chance to expand its offerings.everyone from a particular park will benefit from Ben Quiggle WCMKOA to Host Virtual Convention Instead of Planned Las Vegas Event Kampgrounds of America Inc.(KOA) The virtual convention will still in-is set to host a KOA Virtual Convention The expo floor at KOAs 2019 International Convention in Savannah, Ga., was busy. This clude keynote speakers and importantin lieu of its planned 2020 International year, vendors and attendees will be chatting through a computer due to the COVID crisis. presentations on the future of KOA andConvention in Las Vegas, Nev., due to camping by KOA President and CEOlogistical uncertainties imposed by the Toby ORourke and her managementCOVID-19 pandemic, according to KOA team. KOA will also celebrate its 10-officials. year, 20-year. 30-The convention usually draws nearly year, 40-year and800 KOA owners, managers and staff 50-year partner-members, which made planning for the shipswithfran-traditional in-person event nearly im- chisees, as wellpossible. The virtual convention will still as announce thebe held on the same dates: Nov. 16-19.winnersoftheWhile were obviously disappointed KOAPresidentsthat we wont be able to gather the KOA Awards and KOAfamily into one place as we have done F o u n d e rs Toby ORourkefor the past 55-plus years, the safety of Awards. our owners, their employees and our The event will also feature the an-employees are of the utmost impor- nouncement of the KOA Rising Star andtance, said KOAs Vice President of KOA Campground of the Year for 2021.FranchiseServicesDarinUselman. TheannualKOAVendorExpo,aWe are excited in November. Currently, there are more cover the cost for a campgrounds entire mainstay of the KOA International Con-bytheeduca- than30differentworkshopsessions staff, noted KOA officials.vention, will also be virtual this yeartional opportuni- planned. Being able to share the valuable in- during the November event. tiesavirtual We are in the very early stages of formation from our workshops directly Thedetailsarecomingtogethereventprovides making this virtual event a reality, Usel- with the staff who are on the ground at andweareconfidentthatourKOAus, and we plan man said. We are dedicated to ensuring KOA parks is a huge plus, Uselman said. owners and managers will be able totocapitalizeon that the virtual convention will be well We think everyone will come away from shop our virtual expo and not have anythat aspect. worth the time were asking KOA owners, thevirtualconventionbetterinformed issuesprocuringwhattheircamp-Oneofthose managers and staff to invest. than ever before. grounds will need for next year, Usel-Darin Uselman benefits will be a A second benefit of the virtual conven- While some of the regular features of man said.large increase in tion is that there will be no limit on the a KOA convention cant be replicated vir- More information for expo vendorsthenumberofeducationalsessions number of campground staff members tually, there are many popular features willbesharedduringthecomingheld during the KOA Virtual Convention who can attend. A single nominal fee will and events that can. weeks. WCMWOODALLSCM.com August 2020-3'