b'MODERN MARKETINGKeeping Campers Happy with Care, Curiosity & Communication your guests? Did you leave lasting im- versation,assesssentiment,identify email marketing provider offers some-pressions? Have you thought about how evangelistsandinfluencersandun- thingalittledifferent.Forexample,your business can build on this emerg- cover trends.MailChimp offers a generous free planEvanneing market segment? What can you do Paying attention to whats being said for up to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000to stay top of mind? How best can you about your park also includes being on email sends per month but no segmen-Schmarder prepare for the upcoming shoulder and alert for when your business is men- tation until you subscribe to their paidsnowbird seasons? tioned on the (dreaded or desired) on- plans. Sendinblueallows unlimited sub-linereviewplatforms.Thesemight scribers and advanced segmentation butMore action requiredappear on RVParkReviews.com, Good restricts sending to 300 per day. They do,Its been frequent newsand I hope You wouldnt be faulted to think that Sam, Google, Trip Advisoror a plethora however, offer a pay as you go SMS com-yourexperiencethatourunique once your guests pull out of your park of other review sites.ponent that could prove valuable.brand of outdoor hospitality has topped your work with them is done. But in Trust me, your park is being bandiedthe 2020 travel list. And no wonder: RV fact, its just begun. Understanding your aboutonline.Knowingwhenacus- Spend time online parks and campgrounds offer fresh air guests experience with your business, tomer mentions their experience is im- Simply being present can nurture re-and open space plus the opportunity to paying attention to how its portrayed portant, allowing you to respond to the lationships.IsyourparksFacebooksee new places and try new things at and earning the right to communicate poster (and those following their social page active or abandoned? Are thereones own pace while making memories with them can help you build relation- media post or review), be it praise or a signs of life on your business Insta-with loved ones. This isnt news to us, ships and your bottom line.problem.gram, Twitter, or YouTubeaccounts? Itsbut it certainly is to many.From social listening to staying in There are several tools available to okay if youre too busy to tend to theseWith proper care and handling, new touch to building a recognizable brand, help you listen to the online landscape. platforms during season but a brief notecampers and RVers have the potential to the smart modern marketer will put to- Hootsuite, Awario, and BuzzSumooffer in the bio letting visitors know yourehelp grow our businesses for years to gether a plan and take action. free, trial and paid plans. Google Alerts, making fun happen on the ground andcome. This influx of first-time guests though less robust, is a free tool and that youll be back soon is useful. brings a plethora of fresh ideas and de- Listen upthere is no reason you should not be Its also advantageous to pay speciallivers insight into how we can shape our Social listening, the act of tracking taking advantage of it. attention to branding across your entireindustry for the future. social media mentions and conversa- As you become more attuned to what online landscape. When a visitor looksWith a summer like weve never seen tions about your business (or your in- the camping public thinks of your park at your website, social media accounts,coming to a close, take some time to re- dustry or competitors) offers you an and what it has to offer, youll be in a email newsletters and online surveys doflect. How did you do? Did you thrill opportunity to become part of the con- strong position to truly know how to bet- they recognize them as connected at ater attract and satisfy your target market.glance? Are your parks logo and colorsconsistent? Are the contact and generalAsk for opinionsbioinformationconsistent?AretheSurveys are a slightly different animal fonts,tagline,andlogorecognizablethan online reviews and social media from printed collateral or signage?mentions. While the latter two are free-thoughtopinionpieces,surveysare Dont drop the ball pointedquestionnairesdesignedto Thatoldchestnutofcostingfiveprovide you with operational insight. times more to acquire a customer thanThey can be as simple as asking a ques- to retain one may not apply in todaystion and directing the guest to press one modernmarketingworld.Customerof five facial expression buttons corre- lifetime value (CLV) is a much more ac-sponding to their satisfaction. You may curate measure. Listening to and under-have seen this at highway rest stop rest- standing a guests experience at yourrooms asking, how clean did you find park, making adjustments to please thethis facility? The answers range from a marketyouareeagertoattractandfrowning red face to a smiling green buildingrelationshipstokeepthemface. Simple? Perhaps. Effective? Indeed.coming back is what matters. And whatFor detailed feedback, send a survey matters to them matters to you. A littleto your guests via email or SMS. While it care, curiosity, and communication canmight be tempting to send a long, in- go a long way. depth survey, only the most ardent fanswill take the time to complete it. In- Want to know more about mar-stead,honeyoursurveytonomore keting your RV park or campgroundthan 10 questions. If you need feedback online? Evanne Schmarder, princi-on multiple areas of your operation cre- pal and founder of the RV industry-ate different, topical surveys and send specificdigitalmarketingfirmthem out randomly.Roadabode Production, has a newSurveyMonkey continues to be the book to help you do just that. Mar-leader in self-designed surveys. If youre keting YourRVPark/Campgroundunsure what to ask or how to ask it, work Online is available as an ebook atwith an industry consultant to formu- your favorite online bookseller or inlate actionable questions. print at Amazon.com. WCMKeep in touch Ifyouhadthemodernmarketingforesight to collect email addresses this Were more than just the leadingsummer,developaplantokeepin campground industry trade touch with guests via regular email up- publication. Check us out Online!dates.ThismightbeaquarterlyThe latest industry newsnewsletter, a short monthly message totouch base, or a free camping resourcesCampground-related videosguide three times a year, two pre-seasonDigital editionsand one post-season.Sign up to get daily breaking news!Relevancy is the key. What you arecommunicating must appeal to youremail recipients. If you have a diverseclientele, say summer guests and snow- Give Us A Click Today!birds, segment your list and deliver con- woodallscm.comtent accordingly. Beware when choosing a plan, each10 -September 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'