b'PMRV Manufacturersfrom page 16On our Creekside Cabin vacation rental products, were going to be introducing Bluetooth-enabled cabins, he noted. With Bluetooth technology, people can log onto the Bluetooth in their cabin andlisten to audio without having to worry about Wi-Fi. It doesnt dampen or hinder the campgrounds Wi-Fi because its on the customers data, not the campgrounds. (800) 622-8260www.cavco.comForest River Park Model DivisionGary Duncan noted that Forest River continues to work on new features and decors for its PMRV units. Every day there are new floorplans because of all the customization that is going on, he explained. Forest River has designed its Americas Park Cabins Lodge, Premium and KOA Deluxe Cabin series specifically for use as rental units inparks, Duncan noted.The companys flagship PMRV line is the Quailridge series, with its Summit series catering to entry-level customers. The Quailridge andSummit series are also available in the Canadian market. Some of the things consumers are looking for, according to Duncan, are new color schemes and other features. Grays are still real strong, just all sorts of different grays, he noted. New lighting and furniture styles are also what we focus on. The retailcustomer is looking for more of a higher-end feel. (574) 254-7163www.forestriverinc.com/parkmodelsKropf IndustriesThe dealers Kropf works with are looking for more product as their inventories are low, accordingto Curt Yoder, but that getting supplies, like furnaces, water heaters and other essentials has been dif-ficult. Traffic has been great at the dealerships and they are being patient with us, he explained.KropfsIsland Seriescontinues to sell well, according to Yoder, while it also sells PMRVs under theLakesideand Lakeside LEbanners. In business since 1946, Yoder said the company continues to focus on just staying on top of everythinggoing on in the industry. We always keep a very close eye on whats going on in the residential side of things, he explained.We did make some significant changes last year, and so this year were just kind of fine tuning andtweaking what we have on some exterior looks and some color schemes and that type of thing. (574) 533-2171www.kropfind.comLancaster Log CabinsLancaster Log Cabins continues to work on construction of a new facility that will allow the com-pany to ramp production up even more, according to Smucker. He hopes to be able to get into thefacility later this fall. While it doesnt offer different lines of PMRVs, the company keeps things basic at first and thencan perform modifications on its units to match what the customer is looking for. We just focus on making a bunch of small changes to make the cabin a little bit nicer everysingle year, he explained. We dont change things too dramatically with cabins, like a new designor stuff like that. They are pretty set with that. But we give the customer options, they can changestuff if they need to, but we just like to focus on making every little thing a little bit better every single year, so they keep getting better and better.Smucker said he is hoping that the park owners who havent ordered their units so far are going to be doing so later in the year. We are hoping it doesnt impact us for next season and it looks like it wont, he explained. (717) 445-5522www.lancasterlogcabins.comPinnacle Park HomesPinnacle Park is still getting calls from campground owners looking to buy new units, accordingto Stewart. The companys Rental Readyline is geared specifically toward RV park and campground owners.The companys Montana line also sells extremely well, including the Montana 8, which comes withsolid surface countertops, hardwood flooring and an exposed beam ceiling. The price range for theMontana series sits in the upper $30,000 range. We have not really changed up a lot as far as the floorplans, she explained. What were doingseems to be working for people. People just want a good rental unit thats going to last them awhileand make them a lot of money.Every year were just edging out the year before, Stewart added.She did note that lofted models, which had been a hot seller, are down a little this year as moreowners look for models that are easier to clean. (229) 574-5159www.pinnacleparkhomes.comSkyline ChampionDick Grymonprez told WCMthat they con-tinue to add new features to their units on acontinual basis. Were seeing an uptick in wheelchair-friendlyparkmodelRVs,heexplained.Were adding a cou-plenewwheelchair-friendly park models inthe lineup in some ofthe plants where theyhave a larger demandfor them.Thecompanyalsobuildsmanufacturedhousing, which allows it to incorporate someof those designs into its PMRVs. We are constantly changing and upgrad-ing, Grymonprez said. We get so muchPMRV Manufacturerscontinued on page 2218 -September 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'