b'Unique Accommodationssfrom page 17 has also become a popular option for owners, Loffler noted. We have more floorplans andpackages for customers that want to go that route.pedestal sink, toilet and a little kitchenette area with a bar sink, with room for a countertop The customer can install cartridge toilets or plumbing. fridge and microwave on the countertop. We do not sell the toilet, she stated. We give you the plan on how to do it.Typically, they ship in multiples of two to help split shipping cost.She stated the company has also produced two videos to showcase both the campgroundHe said the Mega Pod retails in the $15,500 to $16,500 range. The pods are delivered fully and traditional models that are on her website.built with plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems in place and ready to hook up at the site.The cost per tipi is about $3,500 to $6,500. (417) 385-1664www.glampingpodsofamerica.com (541) 389-3980www.tipi.comMontana Canvas Outstanding TentsMontana Canvas has introduced specific Netherlands-basedOutstandingpackages for its glamping tents designed for Tents entered the U.S. marketplacecampgrounds.around 2019 when entrepreneur JasonThese packages help campground owners Higbee toured Europe with his familyget into our products at a turnkey level, Dinges in search of unique glamping accom-said. What we found was that campground modations. He is the exclusive salesowners didnt know what they wanted out of a agent of Outstanding Tents in Northtent. The packages include a 12-foot by 14-foot America. The company specializes inluxurymodel both safari and luxury glamping tents.andanother Our biggest goal is to help peopletent thats a 14- figure out how to get their glamping operations up and running, he told WCM. We have afoot by 20-foot suite model.lot of very interested clients who dont know where to start. Our 2020 goal is to work withOwners wanted accommodations with a queen-sized bed clients to actually get installations going thatfor two adults and then a package to accommodate a family can serve as references for others. of four, he said. Package A has everything you need. In Pack- The company also makes furniture specifi-age B owners have to build a fly area and for Package C the cally for its tents and believes a campgroundowners have to build out the entire frame. should be able to get an affordable glampingHe said the tent packages start at about $2,600 and go all tent that can comfortably sleep a family of fourthe way up to $3,800. With owners adding full floor platforms, that lasts 8-10 years without any major main-porches and furnishings, campgrounds can end up with an ultimate glamping tent for between tenance. Their tents sell for $10,000 to $15,000,$15,000 to $20,000.not including freight, and include decking ma-(406) 388-1225www.montanacanvas.com terials.The companys most popular model is theNomadics Tipi Makers Classic Wood Safari Tent. The Classic safari tent has two bedrooms, one with a full-size bedNomadics Tipi Makers is celebrating 50 years in business and the other with a triple bunk for the kids. It features a small dinette-style kitchen with ain 2020.room for eight to dine and has an optional full bath as well and comes in three sizes.We have a new enlarged door entrance that allows (503) 754-0160www.outstandingtent.comcampers to enter the tipis more easily, said Nicole Loffler,owner of the company. Pacific YurtsShe also stated that the 24-foot size tipi introduced last year Pacific Yurts has been offering owners ahas grown in popularity with campground owners. variety of different sizes and models of yurtsIt is a size large enough to integrate a bathroom, which for over 40 years. Glamping is one of the hottest trends inoutdoor recreation right now because peo-ple want a camping experience that doesntrequire the loss of personal comfort, saidBair. The Pacific Yurt provides year-roundcomfort and a unique, memorable experi-ence where you can hear the comfortingsounds of nature and view the stars frombed at night while remaining warm and cozyinside. Pacific Yurts are suitable for any climate, with in-sulation options that include wall liners and windowcovers. The units come with quality roofing fabricavailable in multiple colors to blend into any sur-rounding seamlessly. That option comes with a 15-year manufacturers warranty. Base prices for the standard yurts range from$5,475 to $10,995 depending on size. (541) 942-9435www.yurts.comPlainsCraft Covered WagonsWerebusy,saidDennisSteinman,founder of PlainsCraft Covered Wagons, fromhis new, larger LeCompton, Kan., manufactur-ing facility in late July. It looks like we aregoing to have a good year. We are way aheadof last year. Theyoungcompanythatcameonthescene in 2018 offers a 25-foot by 10-and-a-half-foot ready-to-occupy space. He said the prod-uct usually ships in pairs on a flatbed truck.The majority of his wagons now ship with theoptional bath and heat pump he added in 2019.Its a full bath basically with a shower, avanity, a sink and a toilet, said Steinman, not-ing that some customization is possible withthe order. Our approach is to do these theway our clients want them. We have an interiordesigner and furniture makers here that canreally work directly with the customer to cus-tomize what they need.The wagons range in price from $24,000 to$35,000 apiece depending on different options.(785) 748-4588www.plainscraftconestogawagon.comUnique Accommodationscontinued on page 2320 -September 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'