b'PMRV Manufacturersfrom page 18business that at this point we are working to ensure that if this crisis continues that business doesnt goaway.He noted that the company has seen a decrease in orders from owners who typically buy one or twoPMRVs a year. The big accounts we have that buy multiple units, theyre still ready to give us the order and moveforward, explained Grymonprez. It was starting to really pick up and go right back to normal up untilabout two weeks ago when everything started going south again. All of a sudden, now theyre startingto get panicked that maybe they shouldnt order units until the pandemic goes away.(903) 677-0108www.athensparkmodelrvs.comwww.skylinepm.comStone Canyon HomesPulliam told WCMthat he expects to see an influx in business this fall as park owners gearup for the 2021 season. There is definitely a new normal that we are going to have to adjust to, he noted. The company offers a variety of lines to choose from, including Caney Creek, Glenwoodand Horseshoe, among others. Stone Canyon Homes also offers owners a variety of choiceswhen it comes to customizing their PMRVs. Pulliam said the company is looking at developing some new models.We are working on being a little more creative than we have been in the past, and a littlemore flexible to change, he explained. Stone Canyons always built, I would say, a rock-solid cabin, but that was just that. It was just a cabin. And now, were just trying to give it alittle more curb appeal, being open to changes that are allowed or allowable, and being a little bit creative. And thats kind of our new attitude.The company is slowly rolling out new floorplans and revising some existing ones. We are just starting this process, but we are excited about the potential of creating a better-looking unit, Pulliam said. (205) 465-8011www.stonecanyonhomes.comWoodland Park HomesWoodland Park continues to build off a great year in 2019 that saw it garner some industry-widerecognition for its new Bryce Canyonmodel, which was named a 2019 Top Debut by RVBusiness. The company currently sells PMRVs under the Timber Ridgeand Essencemonikers in both theUnited States and Canada.Soard said the company is excited to be introducing an outside full pass-thru storage packageto its PMRVs that will allow users to store items inside a locked box on the outside of the unit. I think this is a real gamechanger for the PMRV industry, he added. It will have a slide systemin it that allows you to pull stored wood or outside furniture out on a tray. Its not going to be somethingthats going to fall apart in another six months. We are teaming up with some of the best minds in the industry to get this thing done correctly.Its something thats usable. Its not something thats kind of flaky and its not going to make it worse somewhere else in the unit, Soard con-tinued. This is something that really is useful. Its passed through side to side, and youve got the ability to put a 10-foot kayak in it if you needed to.The outside storage option is designed to be an option for all of the companys PMRVs. Obviously, there will be some limitations on where we can put it, and it does look different depending on the unit, Soard explained. (574) 825-2104www.woodland-park.comWCM22 -September 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'