b'Unique Accommodationssfrom page 20 RoverPass Brings on New Hires to Shelter Structures AmericaAccelerate Growth, Expansion EffortsKeithKrzeminski,thevicepresidentofShelter Structures America, told WCMthat the RoverPass, an online campgroundcompany has three new offerings for 2021. and RV park reservation managementWehaveanewtipi-styletent,abell- system, has made new hires as it contin-shaped tent and wall-style tent that are de- ues growth to meet consumer demand,signed with campgrounds in mind, he said. according to officials at RoverPass. awareness grow and help campgroundThese all feature an engineered steel frame The new team members include Joel ownersgrowtheirbusinessaswell,with a nylon or canvas cover. Berneras a data analyst, MattChamber- said Ravi Parikh, CEO at RoverPass.The company also has a division called lain, asleadrecruiterandhumanre- With the addition of Berner, Cham-Glitz Campthat concentrates primarily on ge- sources business partner,LisaSenecalas berlain, Senecal and Trevino, the Rover-odesicdomesandglampingtentsforthe marketing product manager, and Robby Passteamisoptimisticcompanyglamping and camping industries. Initial investments for a Trevinoas associate product manager. growth will accelerate and continue todome ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the acces- TheyallcometoRoverPasswith shipnewfeaturesthathelpcamp-sories for the initial outlay.years of experience from a variety of ground owners grow and power theirWe have domes that come with flooring packages, but of travel tech companies including Airbnb, business, explained RoverPass officials.course that doubles the price, Krzeminski noted. If you put uShip andMetromile,accordingto The expansion of new hires with expe-your own deck on it then youre spending a couple grand for RoverPass. These new hires will work to rience from other tech travel companiesthe deck.increase the organizations focus on en- will be vital to scale the organization.(424) 254 9172www.shelterstructuresamerica.com hancing its reservation and manage- Throughtheremainderof2020,ment system so it can be tailored to the RoverPasswillreleasefeaturesthatTree Wise Designs needs of campground owners. make booking and managing reserva-Reid Burland, the founder and owner of Tree RoverPass will continue to grow as a tions easier than ever, as well as beginWise Designs, started off building fully tree- leader in this space and these new hires international expansion, noted Rover-supported tree houses and now has added willbekeytohelpourproductand Pass officials. WCMwalkways, platforms and even zip lines to hiscollection of canopy-bound lodging options. All the work is custom and done project to Sun Communities Reports 2Q Revenue Decrease, Revenue Up for Year project.We have added ground-based options and Sun Communities Inc., a real estate investment trust that owns and operates or has an interest in manufacturedyurts with trees growing through the living housing and RV communities, reported its second-quarter results for 2020.space, he told WCM. I am working more on For the quarter ended June 30, total revenues decreased $9.2 million, or 2.9%, to $303.3 million compared toturnkey installations for 2021. I have been doing $312.4 million for the same period in 2019. For the six months ended June 30, total revenues increased $13.8 million,a lot of kits where we ship them to camp- or 2.3%, to $613.6 million compared to $599.8 million for the same period in 2019. grounds and the owners install the units. Revenue-producing sites increased by 851 sites for the second quarter, bringing total portfolio occupancy to 97.3%.Burland is now offering more service-ori- Annual RV rent collections for the second quarter were approximately 98%, in line with the corresponding pe-ented solutions to campground owners where riod in 2019.he sends the kit and offers to come and provide the install, deal with all the contractors down We are pleased to report, despite the ongoing uncertainty, all of our communities and resorts are open, saidto furniture providers and prepare it for the parks guests. Gary Shiffman, CEO of Sun Communities. In the second quarter, our portfolio performed better than our expec-(281) 481-8733www.treewisedesigns.com WCM tations as expense containment efforts helped to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. WCMWOODALLSCM.com September 2020-23'