b'Virtual Hospitality Conference, Sept. 15-17, to Host Open ForumsThe Virtual Hospitality Expo is gearing up for a Sept. 15-17 run.than being lecturedProduced by Art Lieberman, founder of MCPS for Campgrounds, a credit card to in a seminar for-provider, along with Deanne Bower, the event is designed to mat,openforumsconnect vendors with park owners or other individuals in the arediscussionoutdoor hospitality industry.groupswheretheA similar event hosted by Lieberman in 2011 attracted host introduces each3,371 people, 1,400 of whom were hospitality business own- panelist.Thentheers, according to Lieberman.discussionontheBesides giving vendors the opportunity to spotlight their title of the forum be-wares in front of customers, the show will also be hosting gins,andafteraOpen Forums designed to provide an opportunity for par- short discussion, theticipants to engage with each other.host throws the floorArt Leiberman Here are the titles and brief explanations of the subject opentoquestionsmatter of each open forum in this years Expo: and comments from The ABCsAlways Be Creating (and Listening) the attendees. How to get non-RVers to come to your campground Eachforumwill Make Your Computer Work for You also be recorded and Franchises and Branded Networks: Are They Worth It?availabletoatten- Joining an Association: Why You Should!dees until the end of A view of a vendor booth at the expo. Millennials: Are They Your Future?the year. I have produced half a dozen trade shows in various industries and have come To learn more about the Virtual Hospitality Expo and to register, head toto realize the effectiveness of the open forum method of presentations at confer- www.virtualhospitalityexpo.com, email virtualhospitalityexpo@yahoo.com or callences, noted Lieberman. The primary reason is audience participation. Rather (855) 666-6277. WCMGlamping Show USA Moves to Virtual Format, Scheduled for Oct. 13-14The Glamping Show USA scheduled for Oct. 13-14 at ing is currently being used by the State of Colorado as anthe Arapahoe County Fairgrounds Event Center in Aurora, emergency overflow health care facility for COVID-19. RightColo.is moving to a virtual format, according to David now, it doesnt look as if the building will be available by Oc-Korse, the organizer of the event. tober.As you know, we have been monitoring the status of the Still, Korse explained that they are making lemonade out ofpandemic in Colorado for several months, he noted to lemons by holding the conference virtually over the same dates.Woodalls Campground Management in an email. The ques- "The Virtual Glamping Show USA opened registration for itstion for us has been whether we could produce our event in conference in late July.a safe/healthy manner in October. We have been hopeful, trending, the odds were not favorable. But before we could If you have any questions or want to register you can headbut we have also recognized that the way things have been decide, the venue made make the decision for us. The build- to www.glampingshow.us." CampCALNOWfrom page 3 Kelley said.campgrounds open to accommodate leisure about not having sufficient healthcare re-While Newsom allowed all of Californias travelers. sources to accommodate people who got sickalso tried to remain closed, but was eventually campgrounds to open after June 12, Kelley We still had to work with county supervi- if travelers brought COVID-19 into the county.forced to open its campgrounds on June 5 said he still enabled each county to make the sors and try to convince the county health of- Things finally settled down in Californiaafter the rescheduled opening of fishing sea- final call as to what they wanted to do. This ficers that we could open safely and be the after the Fourth of July. By late July, Kelleyson on June 1.created a huge workload for Kelley, who con- voice of the county, Kelley said. said, Everybody is extremely busy and tryingIt was a challenge to open High Sierra tinued to work for several weeks to persuade The challenges were greatest in Califor- to survive an unprecedented summer.Jefffishing but have no place for anyone to stay, roughly20Californiacountiestolettheir nias smallest communities, which worried Crider WCMCampCalNOW Reschedules itsAnnual Summit to April 21-22TheCampCalNOWRVParkandCampground Alliance(CampCalNOW) isnow planning to host its annual summitfrom April 21-22, 2021, at Launch Pointe.The conference had been resched-uled from this last spring to take placefrom Sept. 29-30 but was rescheduledagain until next year due to the currentCOVID crisis.We are concerned for the health andwell-being of our vendors and owners/operators, and while we hoped for a bet-ter outcome by this fall, California is stillsubject to large gathering restrictionsuntil there is a change in the number ofCOVID-19 cases in the state. Sadly, theoverall circumstances have made thepossibility of conventions illogical thisyear, CampCalNOW noted to membersin early July. It is our hope that RV parksand campgrounds in California will re-main busy through the fall, and that ourmembers will be looking forward to gath-ering in person by next spring. We willcontinue to explore additional opportuni-ties to engage our members and vendorsas we all continue to navigate this diffi-cult time together.To learn more, visit their website atcampcalnow.org. WCM4 -September 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'