b'Unique Accommodation Providers Find Waysto Develop Needed Products During CrisisThe growing glamping trend has helped specialty effler. We just recently donated five tipis to the Pineaccommodation manufacturers supplying the camp- Ridge Reservation in South Dakota for their COVID-19ground industry thrive over the past five years. From outbreak. These tipis will be used to quarantine theglamping tents to yurts, tree houses and frontier wag- elderly and homeless during this critical time.ons, campground owners have been keen to discover In addition, she mentioned the company is alsothese unique lodgings. supporting the reservation with donations to its legalSome glamping accommodation providers for their funds, as well as planting 7,000 trees on the reserva-part are also doing what they can to help others during tion.Pacific Yurts has been building specialized shelters to house this period of crisis. They are why I am in business, she said.medical professionals. The folks at Montana Canvas have realized that Shelter Structures America, which offers a varietyopen-air shelters are popular right now, and the Bel- of engineered structures including geodesic domes ingrade,Mont.-basedcompanyhasfoundsuccess solid and glass panels, has been busy producing its se-building conference room tents. ries of first responder tents. In California, the companyI just put a post out on our Facebook and Insta- was deemed essential because of its military and hos-gram accounts about our new outdoor conference pital tent and shelter production and it is still in fullroom tents we built for a company in New York and I production.have been surprised at the number of comments and We are hanging in there and doing fine, said Keithrequests for these products, said Curt Dinges, CEO of Krzeminski, vice president of Shelter Structures Amer-Montana Canvas. This is something that we can do to ica. We have had to pivot in the market and producehelp people get through this and its not that far out- more shelters for individual buyers, and commercialside from our main product lines. facilities, but we are still servicing the campgroundAccording to Nicole Loeffler, owner of Nomadics market as well.Tipi Makers, the company has continued its ties with Alan Bair, the founder of Pacific Yurts, shared thatShelter Structures has remained busy building military and the Sioux tribe during these tough times. the companys yurts are being purchased and used hospital tents. One of its glamping tents is shown above.We have always worked with the Native American as isolation habitats for front-line doctors during theculture and we have great relationships there, said Lo- crisis.Ron Barger WCMKOA CEO TobyORourke andhusband, DJ Clark, Welcome Baby BoyApparently, little Dalton JamesClark didnt want to miss a minuteof summer, so he decided to ar-rive a bit early. KOA President &CEO Toby ORourke and husband,DJ Clark, were blessed by the ar-rival of Little DJ on July 7. Heweighedinatfivepounds,14ounces.Allaredoinggreat.(Photo Provided)Custom Glass Solutions, Club YogiAwards Announces New ProgramsCustom Glass Solutions LLC (CGS), aglass manufacturer focused on transporta-tionapplications,hasteamedupwithClub Yogi Rewards to offer a customizedglass repair and replacement program foritsmembers,accordingtoofficialsatLeisureSystemsInc.,thefranchisorofmore than 75 Yogi Bears Jellystone ParkCamp-Resortlocations in North America. The new glass program, which will beavailable to all Club Yogi Rewards members, will include a members-only dedi-cated phone number and a customized web portal to make it easy for Club Yogi Re-wards members to begin the glass repair or replacement process.Similar to Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, we strive to provide the best possibleexperience for our customers, said Matt Eder, general manager of CGSs Trans-portation Glass Network. Our shared commitment to service makes our glass pro-gram for Club Yogi Rewards members an ideal fit. We are excited to be the newestClub Yogi Rewards partner.The new glass program kicked off on July 20 and offers Club Yogi Rewards mem-bers a $25 gas card and up to 200 club points for utilizing CGS for RV glass repair andreplacement services. Anyone who stays at a Jellystone Park location can join theClub Yogi Rewards program at no cost and earn club points, which can be redeemedfor free nights or free Yogi Bear merchandise.CGS is a manufacturer of original equipment, Class-A RV windshields and glassfor fifth-wheels and travel trailers. The company is the only U.S.-based manufacturerof RV glass and has been fabricating glass for transportation applications since 1974.Whether its new or old, a Class-A RV or travel trailer, theres a good chance it hasCGS glass on it, said Eder. We are happy to put our knowledge and expertise towork for Club Yogi Rewards members. WCM6 -September 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'